Weekly Round-up


fastner and larson spankingspanking Poppy in the woodsAmelia Jane RutherfordThe first picture is a Fastner and Larson comic strip posted by Cherry Red last Tuesday. I did some searching for more of their work and found some of the rest of this strip on F&L’s own website.

The next picture is from Poppy Submissions and illustrated her Life with the Big Top short story.

The third is from a series featured on the Spanking Spot.

For more original pictures, Richard Windsor has his next finds and also a post on some of the pitfalls of buying material unseen. Also the Spanking Blog has a great snippet from a 1950s magazine.

There have been a run of good articles as well this week. Less Than Three have an article on mouth-soaping which references the mouth-soaping scene in the series here, These Lands Beyond and Pink has an article on asking for a spanking, real pain and real tears. There is also a feature on the Truro terror over at Devlin O’Neil’s blog.

It is worth mentioning here that several blogs have not been updating. British Spanking Magazines has not updated since June and the Spank Statement is suspiciously quiet and hasn’t posted for nearly a month.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. That is one large paddle and I can almost feel the breeze. Since things are a little slow here and there I have decided to pick up the slack.



  2. Thank you for including me in your weekly round-up! This is a great feature. 🙂

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