Red Bottom, Red Face, Red Lion


public spankingYesterday I began the epic task of cataloguing my picture collection to make finding illustrations easier to find. As I suspected, this was a task that was long overdue, a fact confirmed when I found the picture above. I don’t remember ever seeing it before or where it came from.

It may have come in a batch sent to me last year of real life pictures that were so numerous I only glanced at them before filing them away. So thanks again if that is the case.

Otherwise it was taken off someone else’s blog at some point prior to 2011 and I will get an email.

It is obviously a genuine real life event taken in an English (or possibly Irish) pub, hence the reference to Red Lion in the title (It’s the single most popular pub name in the UK).

Now it is anybody’s guess as to what is going on.

Did Daddy catch his grown-up daughter in the pub or is it a vengeful husband?

The regulars obviously think it is hilarious. Although, even with the pixilation, you can see that much of the laughter may be from embarrassment, suggesting that this may not have been just a prank.

Anyway, feel free to send in your caption and maybe we’ll mock-up a postcard with the best one on it.

4 Responses to “Red Bottom, Red Face, Red Lion”

  1. 1 Raffe

    Two other women have turned their faces, and there is a man whom looks like he is rushing out to see what is going on, the other man sitting with a hand covering his face and other man turing to enjoy the view. From all the above looks I beleive this is a real spanking. In addition it looks like there is a big table with food on it, people siitting around enjoying dinner. The person taking the picture must be a member of the dinner party (or lunch), has he or she has taken steps to include the seen with the people in the picture, as compare to just the spanking. I also bet the person taking the picture is a woman, because of the number of male vs. female and the fact that she wanted to document the spanking. Usually men relay on memory when discussing such matters plus its not norm to take picture of other men’s female friends. Where as women don’t have that problem, and like to show others.

    Anyway just my opinion.

  2. Looks like someone got far more than she bargained for.

  3. The spanker is from Fetlife and out of respect I won’t say who the spanking enthusiast spankee is.

    This pic was taken at a spanking brunch for members of the old spanking memories group. The spankee agreed that a couple of pics could be shared for the members of that group to accompany the spanking story with express notion that they didn’t leave the group.

    Unfortunately this is the Internet and her wish was broken the very next day, it was something that she was very upset over and regretted.

    Because it was so long ago (circa 2004) the people who agreed that the pic could be shared were unaware of the potential that posting a simple few pics could have. Because they were posted in various MSN groups and the yahoo public spanking group the very next day, the people in the pic said that would never have allowed them to be posted.

    The only non spanko in the pic is the guy walking in the door, that is why people are looking shocked and laughing as he stumbled in during the action. Which, in itself, I suppose makes it a real public spanking.

  4. 4 DJ

    Richard, as ever knows what’s what. Thanks for the back story.

    Thanks Raffe and Ana for being quick of the mark. 🙂

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