These Lands Beyond (Part 5 of 8)


switchingOur story started here.

Collecting the switches was hardly uneventful, but for the most part those that saw the two bare-bottomed girls in the lane just chuckled and went on by. It would have been so much worse if it had of been a weekend.

“I think I am going to die,” Alice wailed as she put all of her focus on finding the last switch. “That man over there is watching us.”

Chelsea just glowered as she worked angrily with the knife.

“I know, you would think he had something better to do,” she spat.

“Are you done yet?” Alice had never sounded so miserable.

“Just about,” Chelsea conceded.

“Let’s run,” Alice said eagerly.

Chelsea almost grinned at the mischief, but Alice didn’t wait.

Soon two bobbing bare bottoms were dashing down the lane back towards the Baxter compound.

“Look at us, running to our own executions,” Chelsea said breathlessly after they had got well out of sight of their unwelcome audience.

“I know but…” Alice shrugged, not bothering to finish her sentence.

“Alice, it won’t be so bad,” Chelsea reassured her.

“Not today maybe, but you will have to sort the Stephan situation out soon. You know that even if Candida backs up the lie and takes her licks without complaint, sooner or later you will be caught out.” Alice kept her eyes on the road ahead as she spoke, fearful that Chelsea was too far lost in love to be rational.

“Poor Candida, it is so unfair, I have well and truly dropped her right in it,” Chelsea wailed. “Why, why, why didn’t I just tell one bloody lie and take the…”

It was so childish, she knew. How could she contemplate marriage when here she was acting like a kid with cookie crumbs dusting her mouth?

“It was a shitty thing to do to Candida, but if you hadn’t have implied that you were with her then Uncle Sedge would never have believed you. Once Candida knows what’s going on, she will want to help, I know she will.”

“You don’t understand, Candida really hates the whole punishment thing. She has a thing about her dignity,” Chelsea groaned.

“She is supposed to hate it; that is the whole point. That is why they call it punishment. Maybe it will do her good?” Alice said sounding unconvinced. “Anyway, Uncle Sedge has sent for her and her father, so I guess we will find out soon enough.”

“Brilliant, let’s blame the victim, how mature of us?”

“Oh don’t be so melodramatic, it’s only a licking after all,” Alice threw back. She was annoyed now, after all it was Chelsea who had got them all into this mess and she was the one being self-righteous.

“Listen to you,” Chelsea gaped, “Little Miss ‘I’m never spanked’ Goody-two-shoes.”

“Don’t.” Alice felt ready to cry again.

Chelsea sighed and stopped in her tracks. “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. You have been a brick, you really have.”

Alice nodded and offered a placating smile. “Come on, time to face the music.”


Three Elders’ wives and old Mr Greengage, one of the most vocal and least active of the Elders were sitting in the outer entrance hall when the girls arrived back.

Chelsea and Alice immediately clasped their bundles of switches behind their backs under their bottoms and dipped their heads demurely.

“Such a picture of contrition, how edifying,” Elder Greengage said piously.

“Indeed,” young Mrs Barrow agreed.

But she was blushing. Having only been married for a year or two, no doubt she still suffered a similar fate from time to time and even if not, it would not have been so very long since she had.

The audience was entirely unexpected, at least this one was by chance and did not consist of grinning youths or fellow students, Chelsea thought ruefully. As it was, most of her attention was taken up by the chair that Uncle Sedge had spanked them on. It was still in the centre of the room but it had been turned so that anyone bending over the back of it would have their bottoms facing the lane.

“Let me see,” Aunt Sarah said as she emerged from inside the house with a tray of lemonade.

Alice and Chelsea immediately held out their hands to show her the fruits of their labours.

“They look firm and stingy,” Mrs Almond, the eldest of the three women said enthusiastically. “Apple switches. Your guardian favoured them did he not Mrs Barrow? I remember, last year? No, the year before, you made a similar trip didn’t you? Most edifying I believe.”

The 26-year-old Mrs Barrow went puce and began to stutter.

“Leave the girl alone Sally, I’m sure knows her place,” Mrs Bateman chuckled. At 30 she was only slightly older than Mrs Barrow. “You sound like an old woman. I saw you last spring. Your husband sent you on much the same journey didn’t he? I know mine has more than once.”

“Yes well,” Mrs Almond bristled.

“Quite right,” Elder Greengage said sternly. “You are less than half my age Mrs Almond; you are not too old to go over my knee.”

None of these revelations did anything to mitigate Mrs Barrow’s embarrassment and she made herself as small as she could as she continued to blush. Only now she was joined by a 36-year-old Mrs Almond in her humility, while Mrs Barrow and Aunt Sarah openly laughed.

Chelsea and Alice exchanged quick glances. Under different circumstances the exchange would have been funny.

It was then that Uncle Sedge emerged from the house.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, but as you can see, we have been… eh… rather busy,” he said.

“Think nothing of it,” Elder Greengage said expansively. “We can wait. Lovely lemonade by the way.”

“Thank you,” Aunt Sarah smiled grimly, all her attention on Alice.

The pleasantries over Uncle Sedge took a switch each from each of the girls and handed a third to Aunt Sarah, an action not missed by Alice.

“Alice I will take you first. Please bend over the back of the chair with your bottom out,” Uncle Sedge said as he sliced the air with the switch.

Alice swallowed and paled a little, but she did not delay. Demurely she stepped forward and elegantly leaned over the back of the chair. I won’t cry, I won’t, she urged herself.

Uncle Sedge moved behind her and lined up for the shot. Then with no regard for the soreness still evident on her bottom he laid on sharp cut across both her cheeks.

Mrs Barrow popped up and leaned forward a little on seat, her eyes wide and her mouth a perfect O. The others were less visibly moved as a neat white line was left crossways on Alice’s bottom bordered by red.

Then even as the second fell the line flooded with pink and slowly rose into a ridge all the while darkening. It was soon joined by others and Alice greeted each with gasps and yips until two dozen slices in, she began to cry.

The switching wasn’t a long one by Uncle Sedge’s standards and although it didn’t seem it to Alice, the whole punishment was over in less than five minutes. By then of course, Alice had taken perhaps over a hundred biting cuts to her bottom, which was now marred by purplish tracings that covered most of her behind like a vivid net.

“Now girl, you have an appointment with Aunt Sarah upstairs,” Uncle Sedge said quietly.

“Yes Sir,” Alice sobbed.

“Come on,” Sarah murmured and led the girl away.


Although Alice knew what to expect she dared not think on it and prayed that it would not be. But every step towards the bathroom confirmed her worst fears. Despite all that she had already been through that day, the butterflies in her belly were worse now.

She was led to wet room that served as the main bathroom and not the intimate room shared with Chelsea and that was worse somehow. Once through the door Aunt Sarah stood to one side and Alice followed her in.

There on the side of the bath tub was a saucer containing a bar of soap and worse; in the tub itself was a coiled tube with a large funnel on the end of it.

“Alice you told a lie,” Aunt Sarah said solemnly.

“Yes Ma’am,” Alice was ashamed. “I am so sorry.”

“When I lived with Uncle Garth, I was a terrible liar, you have no idea.” Aunt Sarah looked crestfallen at the admission. “Finally I was taken in hand. Whenever I lied I had a mouth-soaping for supper until I was sick and then every night after for a whole week I was given a warm enema with a really quite vigorous soap.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I will not be so harsh with you. Not today, but I think a lesson is called for.”

“Yes… Aunt Sarah I…”

“You have had a hard day on account of some mischief of Chelsea’s, I know you are a good girl,” Aunt Sarah interrupted. “I have shown you a consequence, but I will leave it there if you can say you have learned your lesson.”

Alice nodded and whispered, “You always say you are grateful to Uncle Garth for his punishments. Does that include all the… this sort of thing?”

“Alice, the very, very worst punishments are among my most treasured memories.”

It was an enigmatic statement and Alice knew that Aunt Sarah wanted her to make her own choice.

“I’m sorry I lied. I’ll take the punishment,” Alice agreed.

“Take off your dress and get on your knees in the tub,” Aunt Sarah commanded.

Alice suddenly felt better, as if the loss of control was a freedom and not a curse.

Alice nodded and they said no more until Alice was naked. Then she stepped over the edge of the tub and got on her knees.

Sarah had placed a folded towel for Alice to kneel on and the girl felt oddly affectionate towards her aunt for the gesture.

“Aunt Sarah, was this your worst punishment?”

Sarah shuddered, but a faraway smile sneaked across her eyes and onto her lips.

“Heavens no, Uncle Garth was really quite robust. You have no idea how kind and gentle Uncle Sedge is by contrast.”

“And you miss that don’t you? Sometimes I mean.” Alice found a coy smile she did not know she had left.

“I believe Alice that you are learning. I think Chelsea is a long way ahead of you in that regard.”

“Perhaps,” Alice considered, “Aunt Sarah…”

Alice just had to tell the whole truth. Suddenly she knew that it was the right thing to do.

“Alice,” Aunt Sarah shoved a wet bar of soap into Alice’s mouth, “Shut up.”

Alice spluttered and choked as he struggled with the assault to her nostrils and taste buds. Then no sooner had she got a purchase on it with her mouth, then Aunt Sarah seized her around the waist and began to lambast her bottom with the switch she had retrieved.

It was inevitably harsh on an already well-whipped bottom, but Alice’s cries were muffled by the bar of soap.

“You are going to feel this.” Aunt Sarah, not only emulated Sedge, but surpassed him and in short order Alice’s bottom was on fire.

The worst part for Alice, or the second worst part, she quickly amended, was the struggle to breath and pant with a bar of soap in her mouth. Bubbles kept growing on its surface until the foam trickled back onto her lips.

So soundly was she switched that Alice didn’t realise it was over until she felt the nozzle pressing at her anus. There was uncomfortable tightness that begun badly and got decidedly worse.

Then Aunt Sarah picked up the funnel end and gently poured soapy water into it from a yellow stoneware jug. The disconcerting assault made Alice buck a little and her eyes rolled like untamed pony as Aunt Sarah held her. However, the truth was she was well and truly tamed.

“I won’t have lies,” Aunt Sarah whispered. “So there will be several rounds of this, switching included.”

The only mercy was that the bar of soap was removed so that Alice could breathe.

“Aunt Sarah, I have to tell you something,” Alice sobbed.

“I know,” Sarah soothed. “Afterwards, once you have taken your punishment or do you want to cry off?”

“Yes Aunt Sarah,” Alice moaned, “I mean no Aunt Sarah.”

Then she gasped like a bear as the enema truly took effect.


Chelsea was enduring rather longer switching than Alice had been given. If she had been capable of coherent thought, she might have supposed that Uncle Sedge realised that she was the most culpable, after all Alice had only lied to protect her. She wasn’t, however, so lost in her discomfort to be oblivious to the small audience watching.

Even out of the corner of her eye Chelsea could see that Mrs Almond was regarding her copious tears with a smug satisfaction, while the two younger women were openly amused. Only Elder Greengage sat impassively as if he had seen it all before.

“I’m sorry Sir, I’m sorry,” Chelsea wailed as Uncle Sedge used up the last of the second switch.

By now her bottom was streaked with every shade of red and a good portion of the welts stood out hard against out thrust globes of her behind.

“I should hope you are,” Uncle Sedge said quietly as he tossed away the switch. “Now go and face the wall.”

Chelsea risked a woe-filled and red-faced glance at the witnesses to her shame and then moved quickly to obey.

“More lemonade anyone? Uncle Sedge said matter-of-factly once Chelsea was in her place.

“Not for me thank you,” Elder Greengage said, “I have had an ample sufficiency.”

“Anyone else?” Sedge asked again.

The two younger women looked as if they might have indulged but after a quick exchange of glances they followed the Elder’s lead.

A movement in the lane beyond the open door was followed by a short sweet tinkle of the small bell that had been placed outside.

“Elder Sedge,” a deep voice called out.

Uncle Sedge recognised it at once.

“Come in Tom,” he said wearily.

Tom Bailey came in quickly followed by his daughter Candida.

“You sent for me Elder Sedge,” Tom spoke with a deep voice for a fairly young man. “Something to do with Candida here?”

“Yes Tom, thank you for coming.”

Tom looked around and took in the three women with Elder Greengage sitting in the entrance way. Although Candida’s eyes were drawn to Chelsea’s predicament on the other side of the room and her buttocks clenched.

“Nothing serious, not really,” Sedge sighed, “At least I hope not.”

“Serious enough for us to be summoned.” Tom sounded slightly resentful.

“Chelsea was out alone on the beach last night and she won’t tell me who she was with,” Uncle Sedge said pointedly, looking at Candida. “Obviously, if she was with Candida then… well it is beyond a prank but…”

“Yes I see,” Tom’s eyes narrowed and he tried to meet his daughter’s averted gaze. “If she was with Candida then Chelsea was adequately chaperoned and it need not concern anyone else.”

With his last remark he threw a resentful glance towards the women and Elder Greengage.

“Quite right,” the Elder said in agreement. “We just happened to be here on another matter.”

Candida was in a blind panic now. She wished she knew what was going on. If only she could talk to Chelsea. Running through her mind were the words ‘she won’t say’ and ‘adequately chaperoned.’ But she couldn’t lie to her father. Oh God Chelsea, what have you done?

“I am sorry about this but given that Chelsea and Candida…” Uncle Sedge was saying.

“Are friends, yes I quite see, you have to ask,” Tom nodded, somewhat mollified now.

“Candida, were you with Chelsea last night?” Sedge asked.

Candida blanched.

Her father was watching her impassively. He knew damn well, or thought he did, that Candida had been in. He also knew that with Elder Greengage in the room, words spoken now could have very serious consequences for Chelsea. He almost hoped Candida lied. Damn if only these busybodies weren’t here then Sedge and I could talk this out.

Candida’s eyes went wide and she blanched, looking desperately at her father. ‘Help me Daddy please,’ she wanted to say. Then she saw Chelsea, realising that her fate was about to be shared and she quailed. Damn that girl.

“We weren’t doing anything wrong,” Candida said in a whisper.

Elder Greengage nodded in satisfaction and Uncle Sedge visibly relaxed. Only Candida’s father’s expression remained unchanged.

“Are you sure?” He said firmly.

Candida looked up to meet his eyes.

“Yes Father,” she said firmly.

Tom drew his mouth into a sharp line and shook his head ever so slightly.

“Do you have a cane I can borrow?” He said sadly.

To be continued

15 Responses to “These Lands Beyond (Part 5 of 8)”

  1. 1 bahamagirl1996

    Oh , what you would do for a friend . Ouch

  2. 2 paul1510

    oh dear, poor girls.

  3. One of the most beautiful sights in the world, is a well caned female, that has been given ‘six or more of the best strokes of this painful spanking implement.

  4. *Shivers* Cannot get past the picture to read the rest of the story. I will try later tonight and read it at bed time when I am snuggled in bed and safe.

    Side Note: I find your stories very intriguing, DJ. Thank you. You are like a tour guide for spanking enthusiasts. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind visiting some of these places you create for a lovely vacation. 😉

  5. 5 paul

    nice picture of a well switched/caned bottom my bottom is clenching in sympathy for the naughty girls !!!!

  6. 6 DJ

    BG and Pauls – well quite
    Bree – I hope you weren’t squicked – thanks for that

    Six – are you sure you don’t prefer roses or a good Van Gough? I’m surprised. 😉

    Again a lot of feedback – and positive too 🙂

    The picture has drawn as much comment as the story.

    Interestingly the traffic to each part of this story is consistently high. Usually with a story in parts the first part gets a lot and then visits to the following pages rapidly drops off

    • As William Shakespeare may have said. “A rose by any other name would smell so ‘spankably sweet.’ Tinted so painfully Rembrandt Red”.

    • 8 Mark

      Often with a story in parts, the quality falls off in later parts. The author uses up his ideas and it becomes formula. Your story here is getting better. You keep adding more interesting ideas. Good work. That’s why traffic is staying higher.

  7. 9 Raffe


    The last two part were very interesting, but I am still confused as to how much time is spend on spanking. I wonder how do they manage the day to day challenges?

    • 10 DJ

      Thanks Mark – I hope that is true. 🙂

      Raffe normally I would say who cares Lol – but actually you have that question actually answered in this case. 😉

      • 11 Raffe

        You know DJ, most of the time, I become too involved in your stories, I analyis them in detail and try to rethink your logic. I try to expand the images you put on the paper and see how deep I could drill into them. In almost all of your long stories I was able to go deeper and enjoyed the facinating world you created. However, in this story, I have trouble with it. For example, early in second part….., never mind. Lets just say I read a bit too much into them, but I enjoy them.

  8. 12 DJ

    Thanks Raffe 😉

  9. Very intense feelings of anxiety, guilt and solidarity. I think aunt Sarah is a fascinating character, caring, playful and extremely stern from time to time. Soap is very special to me, although the soaping my mouth is a ritual very different from the one described in this story.

  10. 14 Susanne Potsdam

    Dear DJ,

    thanks a lot for this wonderful, lovely Blog, which I have found a few weeks ago. So many stories, so many thoughts about proper discipline, so exciting… And please excuse my poor English, but I was born in the former GDR (Eastern Germany), so English was not important during my youth.

    Once there is a girl, confessing that she was or is under a firm hand, you guys always want to hear, which experience was the most humilating or most embarrasing thing in her life. Reading about Alice in this story, having this bar of soup in her mouth and the enema nozzle in her bum, recalled a memory of my own, which I want to share. I will be glad to answer any question afterwards, but it took me hours to translate this, so please do not be on edge, if I need a few days to answer.

    In my own household it is (and was) predominantly my own backside, which feels the anger of my hubby. But that is another story.

    My grandpa died in 1988, grandma five years later. As I have denoted above, my approach to this issue had changed over the years and I took the ocassion of my grandmas funeral to recall this incident with my mother in an almost relaxed mood. But again I was shocked. Firstly she told me, that among other private things she had saved this awful whip from the flea market dealer, who had overtoken most of the stuff from my grandparents house. And secondly she gave me a very detailed and graphic narration of the many, many times, grandma herself had to kneel on the bench, her bum decorated with angry red welts, the nasty little whip sticking deep in her bottomhole while a few of my grandpas collegues were teasing her. Mum pointed out, that grandma was disciplined by grandpa the most severe way as long as he had the strenght to do it. And then she gave me a whicked smile and suggested, that I should take this whip home for my own purposes.

    The idea of my grandma, this overconfident, strict women being punished and humiliated during her marriage and yes, even in her sixties made my buttocks, and so to say also the spot on the opposite side, itching and tingling with excitement. And so I followed my mums suggestion and took the whip with me. That evening I was a very naughty girl to my husband at the beginning, and a very sore and rueful girl at the end. A very sore and rueful girl with such a cute little tail plugged deep into her 27 years old behind.

    So, that is it. I really hope that my spelling and grammar is not too bad, and you are able to follow my memory at least.

    Yours Susanne

    [Editors note – thank you Susanne for all your hard work in this comment and your kind words about this blog. With very great reluctance I have had to heavily edit your contribution – in part due to its length – but mainly because its subject matter delves too deeply into non-consensual abuse of the young. I am glad that you have had a positive and light-hearted outcome in your life. Many, many thanks for your contribution. DJ]

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