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This picture has little do with the LAM, but photography is not allowed at the market or the after-party

I first went to the London Alternative Market (the LAM) about three years ago, shortly after launching this blog. In those days it was still held all the way across London south of the river and was bit of a trek to get there.

At first glance it was rather like a flea market with dozens of stalls arranged around a bar area. On closer inspection it became clear that nearly all of the merchandise was BDSM-related and they had so many fetishes covered that it even included stuff I hadn’t heard about.

It was then, as it is now, a fairly laid back affair and it is usually very easy to fall into conversations with complete strangers. You can go in jeans and T-shirt (as do most people) and no one will stare.

Occasionally an elaborate procession of masters or a mistress and their slaves will pass by and there is a healthy representation of gimps and the rubber brigade. You will also see one or two people who are not shy about how much flesh they reveal when trying clothes on.

Nowadays the LAM is held at America One near the Tower of London, a large club venue which in my view is even more accessible, although one or two of the old regulars miss the old place.

At the last market I attended back in the Spring I met a bare-bottomed market trader who was paid in spanks. She was enthusiastic to say the least. The same girl was latter seen being flogged on a St Andrew’s cross at the after party.

The after-market party is also easy going and accessible. But be warned the bias at the parties I attended was on female submission (no complaints here) and there will be nudity and spanking.

The Market is held on the first Sunday of the month (last admission 5.30pm) and the part straight after. So if you are in London the October market is today.

Sadly I won’t be there, but I hope to be at a market day soon, so maybe I’ll see you there.

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