These Lands Beyond (part 3 of 8)


otk spanking

Our story started here.

By lunch time in the refractory life at college had almost returned to normal. True, there were three bare-bottomed girls facing the wall, but it was hardly a rare state of affairs and whereas Chelsea herself had never actually been given a school punishment, she had spent some time with a bared paddled bottom facing the wall outside her tutor’s study. Not to mention a fair few visits to the Dean. Still the three students did have astonishingly red behinds and Chelsea wondered if the collective noun for red bottoms might not be an astonishment. She giggled out loud at the thought until Candida and Alice looked up from their food to give her a puzzled stare.

“Hey Maddy, looks like you caught it twice already, I never heard of a pre-paddling spanking before,” someone teased. “I expect you got more to come.”

It was a dorky thing to say and no one joined in. But instead of ignoring the joshing, without moving her nose from the wall Maddy yelled back, “You can bet on that, Uncle Damon is an elder here, I can expect a licking a week for the rest of the semester. Jeepers, I ain’t gonna sit down until founder’s day.”

Everyone laughed and Chelsea had to admit that nothing much could keep Maddy down. Then she noticed Candida was staring mournfully at Tammy’s behind.

“Poor kid, my father will put blisters on those welts when he gets her home,” Candida sighed. “It’s a switching for sure.”

“Looks like Maddy’s got her back though, I mean taking the heat of the joshing,” Chelsea put in.

“She’s a sport,” Candida agreed.

“Won’t help those buns though,” Alice said with a whistle.

“Not after a switching,” Candida agreed, “And she won’t wear much but that gown forever. I expect Mom will have another made on account of the laundry. I would die, I know it.”

“If she didn’t want to make a spectacle of herself, then why did she go skinny dipping?” Alice said with a shrug.

“She has a bit of a crush on Maddy, poor kid,” Candida rolled her eyes up.

“Hey, we have to go,” Chelsea said suddenly seeing the time. “Your favourite.”

Candida pursed her lips and blushed.

“Leave her alone,” Alice laughed. “I like Mr Mansfield too.”

“You would,” Chelsea said, punching her fellow ward in the arm.


“Alright, settle down ladies,” Greg Mansfield said as the last of the stragglers for his lecture filed in and took their seats.

Chelsea, Alice and Candida had already grabbed the best seats up near front and were waiting with pens in hand to take notes.

Greg was a young man as faculty went. Most of his colleagues were well over 40 and it was unusual to have such a young teacher at a ladies college. The reason for this lay in the fact that he was an expert on heresy and alternative ideas, which being progressive, the college had allowed in order to better fore-arm their students.

Candida in particular was drawn to him, although Chelsea could not quite place why. He was handsome enough with an athletic build, but his boyish rough cut hair and restless darting eyes made him look like the geeky radical he was.

“Now who can tell me the creationist theory as expounded by the Church of Night and Day?” Greg dived right in.

They could all answer that question of course, but no one dared say anything that might get back to the elders in case they misspoke or did anything to suggest that they had not learned their catechism.

“No one,” Greg frowned. Then he added with a wink, “I hope the elders don’t find out or it will be spankings all round.”

Everyone laughed at this.

“Alright, let me remind you,” he continued quickly before he lost the class. “As you should know, according to the faithful, the universe was created in a single instant by something theologists sometimes call the Big Bang. That is, as the book of the First puts it, ‘In the beginning all was darkness…’”

“And God sent light and the world was made whole,” Candida said excitedly.

“Thank you, someone does know their catechism,” Greg smiled.

Candida blushed and there was more laughter.

“So as the early teachings go on to suggest, the universe is a balance of dark and light, which we must not necessarily confuse with good and evil, all things were made by the fusion of… or should I say… Ellen,” Greg pointed at a girl with her arm up.

“The Revisionists believe that dark and light cannot fuse and that the universe is in constant flux between the creative tensions of the two opposing…”

“Yes, quite, but let’s stick to orthodoxy for the moment. We wouldn’t want to confuse anyone more than we have to.” Greg gave her a warning look, Ellen could be trouble sometimes.

Once the muttering died down Greg continued. “So put it simply the universe was created by God in one event where all things came into being. We can discuss the intricacies of this another time. What then?”

“The light and the dark continue to strive for dominance as individuals…” Someone at the back called out without being invited to speak.

“Individuals, you mean us, mankind? Well yes… we will come on to free will and choice and the dark versus light in that sense but… what happens first?”

“God intervenes, shining light where he wishes and allowing shadow to fall so as to shape the world. In this way he guides but does not determine as such,” someone else put in.

“Better, but please do put up your hand. What do we call this process?”

The same girl put up her hand eagerly.

“Someone else?”

“Evolution Sir,” Candida said eagerly.

“Hands please, but yes, very good,” Greg winked at her.

The class was getting bored now. This was pre-high school stuff.

“Now we get to the good part,” Greg said carefully. “Who did the reading?”

Every hand went up, although Chelsea knew that many like her had done the bare minimum.

“Good. So you can all tell me about the World Beyond,” Greg beamed, “And the theory that our world was based upon nations like Usa by design and created in…”


“Alright, that is it for today,” Greg said, winding up his lecture, “Remember I want your essays in by Monday. Give me five reasons to believe in the Church’s view of creation and five reasons to support the theories of those that advocate the World Beyond.”

As he spoke girls were already tossing books into bags and clambering noisily to their feet.

“Just a moment,” Greg bellowed, “Some of you were late with your essays and will find pink slips in their pigeon holes. Two of you did not turn in essays at all. Candida and Alice see me after.”

With that he ostentatiously waved them goodbye and swept from the room via the teacher’s exit.

Chelsea turned to gape at her friends. After all that Candida had said about loving the subject and scolding her about her failings in that regard, she had failed to turn in an essay. And goody-two-shoes Alice; what was the world coming to?

The three of them moved into the hallway with the mob pushing passed them as Chelsea tried to get the attention to ask.

Candida shrugged and blushed, a smirk dancing on her lips. Any excuse to be alone with Greg Chelsea supposed. Alice on the other hand did not look so sanguine.

“Darn it,” she cursed, “I haven’t had a single demerit this semester, I was sure I could turn it in late and get away with it.”

“Late yes, but you skipped,” Chelsea said, somewhat puzzled.

“The Gates little visit last night and that little drama you starred in… it… it kind of slipped my mind,” Alice said pulling a face.

“You’re not going to blame…”

“No… No of course not,” Alice reassured Chelsea, “Mea definitely culpa.”

“Oh well, time to face the music,” Candida said with a smirk.

“It’s your bee-hind on the line as well you know,” Chelsea said incredulously. “I thought you hated all that.”

Just then they passed an open classroom and inside were two girls facing the wall with their skirts turned up and there panties well down at their ankles. A third girl was bending over a desk while a male teacher paddled her rear end with a thin blade of wood not unlike the one the Dean had used that morning.

“I hate all that,” Candida said with a jerk of her head. “It is so undignified.”

“I don’t know, it’s kind of neat,” Chelsea grinned pausing to watch.

“Exactly my point,” Candida rolled her eyes up. “You would think that, as does every other barbarian in this school.”

The girl over the desk made an O with her mouth as the paddle cracked across her behind.

“Three thank you Sir, sorry Sir,” she squeaked.

Chelsea made sure that the girl knew she had an audience before moving on. An awareness signalled by a horrified side-glance with a whole step-gain in blushing and the appearance of a single tear drizzled from one eye.

“How do you know that you both won’t be up for some of that?” Chelsea asked once her attention was hers to give once more and they had moved on.

“It’s not really Greg’s style is it,” Alice said dismissively.

“You think he won’t blister your bare bottom?” Chelsea challenged her fellow ward.

“I’m not saying that,” Alice said uncomfortably, “But… well I deserve a good spanking, I have one coming. A spanking will be good for me. The Church is right about that. And if I had done what the stupid skinny-dippers had done then I would deserve what they are getting. But I forgot to hand in a darn essay. The first time I screwed up all term. I bet those girls back there did nothing worse, so why the bloody drama?”

Both of her friends looked surprised at Alice’s rare cussing, the Chelsea said, “How do you know what they did? They might equally deserve what they are getting.”

“Okay, maybe that’s true, but we could walk around campus and see a dozen other dramas and most of them would be for trivial offences,” Alice argued.

“Skipping an essay is fairly trivial and yet you agree you deserve a spanking for that,” Chelsea countered.

“A spanking yes, but not a production like that.” Alice was beginning to think they were arguing in circles.

“I don’t know…” Chelsea pondered. “It’s kind of grim at the time but at least I feel I matter and afterwards I feel better if I have a good workout with all the trimmings.”

“What even when you get it like you had last night?” Alice gaped.

Chelsea blushed. “Not right now… but in a month or two, when everyone has forgotten… well I won’t have, will I? That’s what I mean by a good workout that matters.”

“Chelsea,” Candida said archly, her hand going melodramatically to her friend’s shoulder, “You are nuts.”

“We have to go or we will get a production number,” Alice said anxiously.

“Yes, let’s go,” Candida agreed and they both hurried off.


The two girls arrived outside Greg’s study, a pokey affair at the end of a dark corridor lined with cardboard boxes that no one knew where to put. The 34-year-old theology and philosophy lecturer liked being off the beaten track, but he rather suspected that the Dean and college authorities were trying to tell him something about his free thinking ideas. Not that Candida and Alice were complaining. The out of the way study was rather an advantage when one was being summoned for disciplinary reasons.

“You first,” Candida said nervously as she licked her lips.

“Gladly,” Alice bravely agreed.

She was only too happy to get her punishment over with. But it was Candida who knocked on the door.

Greg opened it with a warm smile that encompassed them both.

“Two naughty girls today,” he sighed, “And Alice, I’m surprised at you.”

“I’m sorry Sir, we had visitors and I forgot.” Alice pulled a contrite face.

“Excuses Alice, I am surprised at you,” Greg scowled.

“S-sorry Sir… I-I…”

“Alice. I am joking.” Greg’s face broke into a grin. “Now who is first? Or shall we have a party?”

Candida threw him a dagger with her eyes and he chuckled. Not that there were any limits on what he could do, but he knew Candida expected better of him.

Alice missed the exchange and blanched. She hated being involved in any decision-making; she just wanted to get it over with.

“Isn’t that up to you Sir…? I-I mean…”

“Alice. I am joking again. Will you lighten up? Anyone would think that you had never been spanked.” Greg gave her an easy smile.

“Sorry sir. I’m just not used to this.”

“Well come in and we’ll talk.” Greg beckoned her in.

As he closed the door on Candida he winked as if to say, ‘won’t be long.’ She nodded.

“Now Alice, this is so unlike you. No trouble I hope,” he said easily directing his student to a chair.

“No Sir, none at all. To be honest I had been playing it fast and loose, what with having no demerits and all. I guess I got complacent.” Alice was embarrassed by the admission.

“So you could get me the essay by tomorrow?”

“Yes Sir.”

“So maybe we could overlook it this time. Like you said, it was just a small slip.” Greg looked at her sympathetically.

“I-I… please Sir…” Alice was lost. This wasn’t how the game was played. She had screwed up and now there were consequences. Greg’s misplaced kindness was confusing her.

“So you would be happier if I just spanked you?” Greg didn’t sound surprised. It was a common reaction among the faithful.

“Yes Sir. Alice sounded almost relieved.

“Well I certainly don’t mind,” Greg said casually and got to his feet again.

“Sir?” Alice hated being teased.

“I mean, you are a pretty girl and the prospect of baring your bottom to spank you is no chore for me.” Greg shrugged.

Alice blushed, her eyes racing back and forth in her head as she tried to decide where to look.

“Oh you would prefer the hypocrisy of those pompous pious old men?”

“No Sir. But I think whether or not you enjoy punishing me is beside the point. You are perfectly entitled to enjoy your work, just as I am perfectly entitled to be punished in the appropriate manner. We each have our roles, do we not? After all, it is a time-honoured tradition sanctioned by the Church.”

“Well said, I stand corrected, as no doubt you will soon. I apologise for my levity.” Greg was serious now.

“No Sir, I’m sorry. I am in the wrong and you are just being honest and kind.” Alice blushed.

Greg nodded at this and reached into a draw. Next to a heavy short drilled paddle was a lighter leather leaf-shaped one. The first was for when he really had a point to make and would leave a girl unable to sit down for two or three days and impart a serious crop of blisters. The latter would leave a tender stain for a day or two by way of a reprimand. It was this that he pulled out.

Alice wasn’t looking. Her eyes had already been drawn to the long school paddles hanging on the wall; both quite fearsome articles.

“Alice if you would just slip your things down and lay across the arms of the padded chair…” Greg gained her attention with a cough.

“Oh… yes Sir,” Alice said, relieved when she saw the light paddle in his hand.

Greg looked away as Alice fumbled with the waist of her skirt and in very short order removed it and then stepped out of her panties. It was strange being half nude before this man. He was far too young for her to ignore the sexual dimension. He had been right about that.

What the hell, she thought, it is just a spanking and I deserve it. She lowered herself at a crouch and then half bent and half crawled across the seat arms until the nearest padded side was supporting her hips and elevating her bared-bottom slightly.

Greg looked back, his manhood twitching in his pants as he knew it would. I love this job, he resolved as his heart raced a little.

Hefting the balanced grip in his hand, he brought the paddle down with a satisfying splat. Alice shifted a little and gasped on impact but otherwise didn’t move. There was a dark red patch on her bottom slightly to the right so he struck again, doing his best this time to match the next mark with the first.

Alice responded with a sharp intake of breath and squirmed.

“Good girl,” Greg said brightly as he took her sharply on the underside of her exposed bottom.

Three more like that left Alice breathing heavily, but still she did not complain.

“Tell me, will your guardian spank you again for this… isn’t that how it goes?” Greg was making ideal conversation, but he didn’t want to be too severe nor too rushed.

“Yes Sir,” Alice managed. It was hard to reply when it was all she could do not to cry.

Greg nodded, “15 sounds about right then?”

Fifteen or 150, it was entirely up to him, so Alice didn’t reply.

Greg took his time and spanked down the next six over two minutes until Alice’s bottom was a deep even red all over. The aesthetics of the paddle were superb. Meanwhile, at the other end, Alice’s breathing had become ragged.

Greg remembered a girl he had dated back in college. As a postgrad she had made it to his university with some really quite impressive grades. He remembered that her subject of interest was corporal punishment and more especially the application of kinetic energy to the female bottom. He had thought she was totally nuts, but he had loved some of the practical experimentation they had explored.

She had believed that a spanking should be as prolonged, painful and as humiliating as possible. She also believed that the aesthetic and the submission were equally important. She had insisted that he should spank her in any way he liked, as often as he liked so long as it was sustainable and consistent. He had put her bare-bottomed in the corner in front of their friends until she sobbed with the shame of it. Instead of mitigating her views he only proved her point or so she said. She had continued her research for years after with many other men; a total obsessive in his view. Crazy.

He wondered if Alice had the same beliefs. After all the principle was the same, it was only a difference of degree.

He placed the last three swats evenly across Alice’s bottom just about as hard as he could manage and watched jerk her bottom up at each impact.

“Alright you’re done,” he said reluctantly.

“Thank you Sir,” Alice sniffed, quickly stooping to pull up her panties.

“You are quiet welcome,” Greg said happily.


After Alice had gone Greg did not bother to call Candida in. He just sat at his desk and got on with some work. It didn’t take long. The door opened and she slinked in like a cat and leaned against the doorframe smirking at him like a cheeky belligerent schoolgirl.

“What can I do for you?” Greg grinned.

“You sent for me Sir,” Candida said coyly.

Greg leaned back to appraise her. She was slim with a boyish look. Not the kind of girl who automatically drew stares from the boys who were usually distracted by more obvious charms. But she was more than just pretty and he knew that hidden by her unflattering clothes she had the small bubble bottom of a goddess.

“Did I?” He teased. “I thought you came by an arrangement of your own.”

Candida’s face lit up and she smiled wolfishly.

“What is a girl to do?” She giggled.

“Your essay that the world was not only based upon another universe beyond, but solely created by sexual fantasists who had made a fetish out punishment and spanking was a heresy. It could have gotten you in a lot of hot water if an adjudicated had seen it. That’s why I put you down as a no show and burned it.” Greg was smiling, but some steel behind his eyes suggested that he thought she had been too reckless.

Candida shrugged. “I knew you wouldn’t let that happen, besides I had to get your attention somehow.”

“You get quite enough of my attention as it is,” Greg said with an icy amusement and grinned.

Candida shrugged again.

“I suppose you are going to spank me now. After all, I have been a very naughty girl,” she said.

“You’re not kidding. I ought to send you to the Dean. You could get me the sack.” Greg wasn’t smiling now.

“Sorry.” But she didn’t sound it.

“I ought to blister your behind for real. Don’t think I wouldn’t do it,” Greg said trying to sound stern.

“I am totally at your mercy,” she shrugged. “Anyway, you have been dying to do that for ages.”

He swallowed. It was true. Like his former girlfriend he was obsessed with spanking and the like, only from the other side. That’s why Candida’s essay had struck such a chord with him with her essay. It was a fantasy close to his heart. Just think of it, a whole world designed around young women getting spanked as a central component of their lives. He paused for a moment as if he had forgotten something.

Candida came in and closed the door and now stood coyly rocking on the spot as she chewed at her lower lip. It quite broke Greg’s train of thought.

“Where were we?” He said thickly.

“You were going to spank me, possibly very soundly because I deserve it.” Candida sounded a little scared now.

“I am,” he was stern.

“Listen, it was just a joke. If I really did something bad then take it to the Dean. Punish me in any way you want.” The danger of real punishment and humiliation suddenly excited her strangely.

“You’d hate it. You’re not like that friend of yours… what’s her name? Chelsea. You have more subtle needs.”

“I’d submit to anything you said… really I would.” Candida could hardly draw a breath.

“Let’s not complicate things,” Greg was grinning again.

Candida breathed again, although her relief was touched by a little disappointment.

Greg stood up now and reached into the draw. She was right; he really would have liked to take a strap or long paddle to her, maybe even a cane. It would be sweet to make her beg and submit to him… he closed the thought down. She was special to him and not ready for that. Besides he really should try and be a little professional here. Instead of the hard paddle, he brought out the same short leather paddle he had used on Alice.

“Not the flat of the hand on the seat of my skirt like the first time,” Candida remarked.

“That was over two years ago… why is that what you want?” He knew it wasn’t.

“I want…” Candida didn’t follow the train of thought. She preferred it when it was real and they didn’t play games.

He sat down in the armless chair and she went over his knee easily. He didn’t waste any time rolling the skirt up into the small of her back and drawing down her sensible white panties over the smooth prominent domes of her bottom. Unveiled her small tight buttocks were breath-taking, if some of his more sadistic colleagues realised the treasures she kept hidden then candida would have been doing a lot less sitting down no matter how well behaved she was.

“Greg, I am sorry.” She sounded sad. It was a genuine apology then.

“Don’t play such dangerous games again or I really will put blisters on welts until you can’t down for a month.” He put force into the words. She didn’t need to take such risks to give him an excuse to spank her. It was foolish.

“Yes Sir,” she agreed.

He struck three times slowly, enjoying her squirming and the little gasps that escaped her throat.

“I love this,” he whispered.

“I love you.” It was true, but she had never said it before.

“I know,” he murmured.

Then he spanked her hard and fast for his own satisfaction until she was clawing into his lap and struggling with great rasping breaths. He loved the way she squirmed on his lap and wondered if she could feel his erection.

Her bottom was bright red now, with a thousand fiery little raised pips like goosebumps swelling the red area a little against the smooth white skin.

“Will you cry for me?” He asked.

“Make me, please make me,” she gasped.

It took a while, but finally after several short two-minute volleys of spanks he did.

Even then he didn’t want to stop, but she twisted on his lap and found his mouth with hers.

“Take me,” she cried urgently, “Please Greg.”

He shook his head. “You have no idea, but we can’t, you know we can’t.”

“Other teachers have, everyone knows,” Candida said insistently.

“And what about the girls in those cases, I won’t do that to you,” he growled.

“I could…?” She blushed.

He kissed her. Maybe one day, he thought, but not until he was sure.

“Can I stay a while,” she whispered, pleading.

“I’ll have to put you in the corner; for appearances sake,” he lied.

She nodded eagerly.

“If I have that cute little caboose in my face for any length of time I will just have to spank it again,” he said huskily.

“I’ll risk it,” she grinned.

“Oh it’s no risk, it’s a doggone certainty,” he drawled in a parody of the local accent.

“Poor me,” she whispered and blew him a kiss.

To be continued

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  1. 1 paul1510

    this part really hit the spot, at least for me, very well done. 😀

  2. 2 Mark

    Me too.

  3. 3 Raffe


    The stroy changed direction new story lines came about and it looks like there is a lot more story here. Some of the questions were answered but not fully, more questions have came about and I can’t wait to see where you will take us.

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