Corner time: case studies


corner-time case studyA random link from a people’s anecdote site led me to several other blogs of supposed true life accounts of corner time. Most are domestic and most are relationship-based, with one or two being from some unusual late parenting arrangements; if that is they are to be believed.

These have amended and edited from various sources.

Case Study number one

I’m 21 and I’m still spanked by mom, by my older sister and my boyfriend.

I am in the same college as my boyfriend and he spanks me since the 1st year in college, because I almost was thrown out.

He knew that I’m spanked by mom, once he witnessed a spanking and told mom that he spanked me, and he also told her why (sometimes he is too honest). I was embarrassed that my Mom went along with it and explained him how my punishments are delivered.

First of all spankings are given on the bare at any place even if in public.

I once asked mom if she doesn’t think that I’m too old for spankings but her answer solved all my questions. She said that she knows that with 18 legally I am an adult, but if I behave myself like a child I am treated like a child, she also added that she would spank me even at 30 or 40 or 50 if I won’t change my comportment, and I won’t become a “responsible adult”.

She also said that she don’t mind that I’m spanked by my boyfriend.

Case Study number two

Corner time is and always has been a part of my punishment. After I have been spanked I am made to stand or kneel in the corner with my red bottom exposed. I have to stay like this until my husband tells me and that means even if company comes over.

My husband is not ashamed of the fact that he disciplines me and frankly anyone who knows me can’t really blame him.

It’s always embarrassing to be seen like that. It is impossible to walk into a house and see a woman with a bright red bottom standing in the corner and not ask “so what did she do?”

Sometimes he tells them and sometimes he makes me tell them. His friends always have a good laugh. The worst though is when it’s my friends who come over. They all seem to think this is hysterical. He always makes me tell them in detail what I did wrong while they laugh and tell my husband that he let me off light.

My husband has been spanking me and making me stand naked in the corner with my bright red bottom on display since before we were married. And it is worse when your friends or relatives show up and see you like this. It is humiliating but i would not have our marriage any other way.

corner timeCase study number three

Just the other day my husband and I were out at a restaurant having dinner. I had been in a horrible mood the whole day, and I was still being bratty while we were having our dinner. My husband kept telling me, you need to adjust your attitude before I have to do it for you. I would just role my eyes and continue the attitude. I guess he had enough of it because he said to me in a voice loud enough for everyone around us to hear, “when we get home you are going to be punished for your behaviour.”

Everyone just minded their own business but I knew that they knew what was going to happen.

When we were finished eating my husband paid and we left the restaurant. The car ride home was silent. I just stared out the window. I was scared because I knew what was in store for me. As we turned onto our street my husband gave me some instructions.

“When we get in the house I want you to go straight up to our bedroom and stand in the corner. I’ll be there shortly.”

As soon as we got in the door I did as I was told. I went up to our room and stuck my nose in the corner. Then after what seemed like forever, I heard my husband’s footsteps coming down the hallway. Then the door opened and my husband came in the room. I could hear him undo his belt and take it off. I stood in the corner until he told me to come to him. He was sitting on the bed when I turned around. I walked over and stood in front of him. He hugged me and told me that he loved me. Then he told me to pull my pants and panties down below my knees. Slowly but surely I did as I was told. Then he told me to bend over his lap, and I did. He then placed the doubled over belt on my bare bottom and he asked me why I was getting a spanking. I told him because I was acting like a brat at dinner.

“What do you say?”

I replied, “May I please have a spanking Daddy,” then I felt the belt lift off of my bottom and then it fell. I let out a small cry of pain.

Then the spanking just kept going. There was about three seconds between each lick. And they were hard. I was kicking and squealing and begging him to stop. I kept saying I was sorry an I wouldn’t do it again, but he just kept spanking.

After about 15 my husband sat the belt down and just sat there looking at his work on my now red bare bottom. I just cried and cried. After a few minutes he told me to go stand back in the corner with my hands on my head.

I stood in the corner with my red bottom on display for about 10 minutes. Then my husband called me from the corner to him. He gathered me up in his lap and held me. I was still crying a little and he kept telling me it was all over and it was okay. He kept assuring me that all was forgiven and that he loved me. He held me and rocked me until I stopped crying and was asleep.

Case Study number four

Back in college I had a boyfriend who was much older than me. I was 22 and studying for a master’s and he was 53! He picked me up in a bar actually and when I was cheeky about his age he told me I was not too old for a spanking. I was hooked.

That night he gave me a workout that had me bawling. It was kind of kinky, but he made me call him Uncle Jim and after about a month I moved in.

Spanking was a big thing with us and as well as play spankings he would set me straight on a few things and definitely put me in my place by taking me down a couple of pegs.

The worst thing (certainly the most intense) was the corner time. When I had pissed him off he would put me in the corner in nothing but a shortie or a t-shirt where I had to wait until he was ready to spank me.

Sometimes we would make up afterwards, or else he would just have me back in the corner. It was pretty wild and at his insistence we certainly made no secret about it. He would even spank me in front of friends (mine and his) and he wasn’t shy about telling people I couldn’t come to the phone because I was in the corner. Sometimes when we were out he would tell me I had a spanking coming where other people could hear.

Lots of times I was in the corner before and after a spanking with visitors having a good ogle and laugh at my expense. I mean I am talking pizza boys, repair men and one time a girl I hardly knew who had just stopped by to drop off some course work. I could have died, but she couldn’t leave fast enough.

The worst time was after I gave him some lip when he had some friends round to play poker. I had to stand with my butt hanging out until he was ready to spank me. These old guys didn’t even seem to care, I was just a naughty girl learning my place.

We were together for three years and now I have another boyfriend. I still get corner time and spankings, but they are more private.

Oddly I sometimes miss the intensity of the old days.

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