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Our story began here. The order had been like a slap in the face. Lucy’s head was spinning and she could not reconcile his words with any actual reality. She walked in a daze back to her room where sure enough a short grey cotton smock-dress had been laid out on her bed together with […]

Agony Aunt


Amy was apprehensive all the way back from work. It began as small tug in her tummy, which had grown to full-scale clawing by the time she had got home. Home was a four bedroom semi in a rural suburb of London that she lived in with three other girls. Girls, there was that word […]

Our story began here. Lucy sat on her bed in her brand new pyjamas and gave a heavy sigh. Before setting out she had pictured a grim prison set-up and her delicate silk nightgowns had seemed ridiculously inadequate somehow. But the room had turned out to be a passing standard for one of those modest […]

This picture puts me in mind of an unusual Victorian tradition I once read about. You might have seen those instructive woodcuts and engravings of naughty girls and boys and sometimes errant wives that were sometimes put on the wall during the 19th century. The might depict a spanking or a birching of a miscreant […]

The Honourable Lucy Beverage looked at the various pieces of paper laid out on the antique Queen Anne table. Each sheet scattered carelessly next to the envelope that had brought them to her door; each as careless as the choices she had made and had yet to make. Her slender elegant fingers plucked unconsciously at […]

Weekly Round-up


The first picture is a great find from Richard Windsor. It has been taken from a play called Men are Like Streetcars. He has had a lot of great pictures lately, with more to come. The second picture comes from Cherry Red. Cherry has a lot of cute and funny graphics including one made up […]

The Mentor


“You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you?” The old man had a friendly jocular manner. Tracy giggled by way of reply, not knowing what else to say as she placed the rest of the tea things on the table in front of him. Instead of the usual ‘dip’ at the knees, she bent right forward […]

It’s interesting what you can find on a trip to the southern hemisphere isn’t it? Brazil seems to have much more interesting TV than we do. The actress pictured above is Regiane Alves. In the clip bellow she is spanked in the Latin soap Modern Times (Tempos Modernos) I wonder if this featured on the […]

Okay so its just padding, but with the Olympics and Paralympics over, we should keep the momentum up consider the benefits of exercise. A proper post tomorrow.  

Is called a switch. That’s what the letter accompanying these pictures supplied by TipTopper suggested anyway. The correspondent was particularly keen on the utility of the thorns. A tad too cruel perhaps although wasn’t there once a BDSM book entitled Keep the Roses, I’ll take the Thorns?