Choices (6 of 6)



Our story began here.

Patsy sidled into the stable room carefully putting one foot in front of the other like a cat. Karl was stripped to the waist and washing himself at a small hand basin in the corner.

He couldn’t fail to notice her sexy sway as she walked but he showed no outward reaction as he dried himself and waited for what poison she might whisper this time. It had stuck in his gullet to pretend to have been taken in by her up to now, but Vernon Cornwall had told him to indulge her. Something to do with the other woman, his special case Lucy, he imagined.

“I hope you don’t mind, but we haven’t quite finished the dining room floor yet,” she said in hushed tones her teeth gently and coyly worrying her bottom lip.

“Why the hell not, you have had long enough, besides if it’s not done then why aren’t you doing it now?” Karl let his irritation show for once.

“Oh I have been helping in the laundry, Lucy was supposed to see to the floor, but we’re a team and well, you know, she always gets upset after seeing Mr Cornwall, so you can hardly blame her for being late back.” Lucy let her eyes go wide in what she imagined was a look of trepidation.

It wasn’t a bad effort, Karl had to admit. Only this time it didn’t wash.

“So you’re all a team are you?” Karl appeared to weigh this up.

“Absolutely,” Patsy gushed.

“I am glad you see it that way. After all the tasks were assigned to you all this morning, however you decided to divide them up was up to you,” Karl folded his arms and considered the woman standing in front of him.

“That’s right, and Lucy was supposed to…”

“The dining room isn’t cleaned until after lunch,” Karl said carefully.

“No but…” Patsy’s eyes tightened a little. Was she missing something?

“So with the morning chores all done, the afternoon jobs should have been handled by the available team,” Karl reached for a strap and a cane, weighing them in each hand as if trying to reach a decision.

“Yes and eh… well Lucy was up for the dining room floor,” Patsy said, suddenly a little nervous.

“Couldn’t be,” Karl said with a shrug as he swished the cane through the air a couple of times as if consider its worth, his eyes never leaving its tip as if Patsy was beneath notice. “Lucy was signed off by Mr Cornwall after lunch and she hasn’t be signed back on duty yet.”

“But…” Patsy blanched and pointed impotently in the general direction of either the dining room or Vernon’s office; away from herself at any rate.

“Tell me Patsy, do you have any skills other than skiving and telling-tales?” Karl had switched his attention to the strap; running a bored eye down one leathery side of it.

“I was only…” Patsy licked her lips nervously and suddenly looked more gauche than Karl had ever seen her.

“Lucy is excused duty this afternoon, but you on the other hand, are not,” Karl lifted his head and stared right at Patsy with hard cold eyes. Then he smiled. “So you have failed to clean the dining room then?”

“Only the floor,” Pasty squeaked.

Karl placed the cane and the strap carefully side by side near the trestle and then crooked his finger at her.

“I want you over the trestle, pretty little bottom pointing at the ceiling,” Karl said quietly. “It is time you and I got to understand one another.”

“Ooh, must we,” Patsy winced.

“We must.”


Patsy was bent bare-bottomed over the trestle her tail end beyond red now and heading in a decidedly purple direction. She was panting hard and with each impact of the strap she grunted.

“I trust you can feel that now,” Karl said lining up the strap for another heavy swat.

Patsy gathered herself and said, “Feel what?”

Karl shrugged and then rolling into the blow he struck again.

Patsy took in a short sharp breath and clenched her fists.

“Look at me,” Karl said quietly.

Patsy glanced back at him and tried to look defiant. Her face was drenched with tears her eyes pooled with them and red.

“I can do this all afternoon,” Karl growled.

“If that’s what it takes,” Patsy said quietly.

“Takes for what?” Karl was curious. What was she trying to prove?

“For you to tame me,” Patsy said defiantly as she turned back to fix her gaze on a single point ready to withstand the next lick of the leather strap.

“You think I won’t?” Karl was incredulous.

“I think you will,” Patsy said close to breaking.

Karl nodded and smiled behind her back. Now he understood.

“And what should I do once I’ve broken you,” Karl asked.

“Anything you like,” Patsy said huskily, “But if I were you, I would start-over on my arse to make sure it takes.”

Karl lay on a quick volley that rang around the yard. He wasn’t quite sure if she were mocking him, but moments after his latest assault she began to shake and then slowly like a woodpecker in spring, she let out slow tapping sobs. By now her bottom was marbled every shade of red and blue through purple to maroon.

“I am going to give you two dozen with the cane to finish you off and after each stroke you will say in a nice clear voice, the number of the stroke and add, ‘thank you Sir, may I have another.’”

“Make it three dozen or you can go to hell wimp,” Patsy challenged.

Karl put down the cane and began another round of strapping until Patsy was sobbing uncontrollably.

“How many did I say?” Karl roared.

“Two dozen Sir,” Patsy wailed.

“Good girl,” Karl stopped strapping her. “Now remember to count. Oh and in three days, you can report to me again for another 24 strokes for arguing. I’ll address the wimp crack more fully another time.”

“Yes Sir,” Patsy sobbed.

Outside the door, Carol-Anne leaned into the doorpost breathing almost as heavily as Patsy was within. She couldn’t believe how red and swollen the woman’s bottom was and how defiant she was being. Carol-Anne was in awe. And something else, she was dizzy with excitement, her fist wrapped under her short smock kneading her sex in time to the strokes laid across Patsy exposed bottom.

The cane landed with a tighter harder sound and Patsy yelped as it bit home.

“One thank you Sir, may I have another,” she wailed once she had got her breath back.

Karl waited until she felt the full affect and then added a second stroke.

“Jeeze,” Patsy hissed and then after a bit of rocking up and down managed to groan, “Two thank you Sir, may I have another.”

Outside the door, Carol-Anne had sunk to her knees and it was all she could do to focus on the scene within.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” Some shouted behind her.

Carol-Anne was too far gone to be afraid and she snatched a glance of her shoulder with glazed-over eyes. Mike was standing there with his arms folded staring down at her.

“So you think that is fun do you?” He growled.

“Yes Sir,” Carol-Anne breathed.

Mike nodded and then helped the girl to her feet.

“Let’s see about that,” he chuckled.

“What are you going to do?” Carol-Anne resisted his pull, reluctant as she was to be taken away from watching Patsy caning.

“I think I am going to take you over to the potting shed and put you over my knee for a sound spanking,” Mike told her casually.

“Oh,” Carol-Anne blushed. “Aren’t you going to cane me?”

“Not authorised,” Mike shrugged, “But I can spank you without limits with the flat side of anything reasonable for the best part of the afternoon.”

“Will it hurt? I mean… will I… will I cry?” Carol-Anne couldn’t believe what she was saying.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Mike said with a grin. “In any case, you can report to Karl later for skiving and if I can’t make you sorry, he will.”

“Oh please, Mike, can’t you do it?” Carol-Anne blushed. “You can spank me as long and hard as you want, I know I deserve it.”

“I’ll see if I can get permission to deal with,” Mike said with a wink, But I warn you, you won’t like it.”

“No Sir,” she said coyly.

As they walked away, from inside the stable they heard, “Six thank you Sir, may I have another.”

By now Patsy was sobbing hard and unrestrained.


Carol-Anne stood in the corner of the greenhouse with her skirt rolled up so that her perfectly red bottom was exposed. Somewhere behind her Mike went about his usual tasks amused at the view that greeted him whenever he looked around.

She had never been so embarrassed and never so happy.

“Please, I have other jobs to do,” Carol-Anne said meekly, hoping that he would take no notice.

“That’s not my problem,” Mike said with a shrug.

“But I’ll get into dreadful trouble,” she squeaked taking a peek over her shoulder, “I might even get the cane from Karl.”

The idea terrified her and she struggled to get her breath. If Karl caned her because Mike wouldn’t let her go and do her chores, then it would be like Mike punishing her all over again. She did a little shimmy where she stood so that her thighs rubbed together.

“Like I said, not my problem,” Mike said with a wink.

Carol-Anne hid her smile with a bite of her lower lip and then with small pert gesture turned back to face the wall in surrender.

Back at the main building Lucy had been given leave to go to her room. Despite being told to leave her behind exposed to the breeze, all the way back, her new life rushed through her head in endless waves of possibilities. It was a long slow walk, her steps being hindered by two sizzling leather-like patches that used to be her bottom and now tormented her as they tightened in dull throbbing ache.

It was a condition she tried to resent, but her heart wasn’t in it. She had finally got Vernon’s attention and if the way to his heart was through her bottom then she would happily stand up for the rest of her sentence.

Finally she reached her room only to find the door ajar. It would be her damned luck if some maintenance person was there. Keeping her bottom turned away from whoever might be inside, Lucy pushed at the door with a knuckle and took a cautious look inside.

She thought that nothing now could surprise her, but stepping through the door she did a double take. A rather sheepish Patsy was sitting naked in a large bowl of water in the middle of the floor.

“Patsy! What the f…” Lucy said in irritation, she had had enough of this particular pain in the rear.

“Before you get mad I was sent here by Karl,” Patsy remonstrated.

“Karl sent to you to sit naked in a bowl of water in my room? I don’t think so,” Lucy growled.

“Oh that, no I eh… kind of improvised that,” Patsy said ruefully. “No, Karl sent me to apologise for being a bitch. I kind of played a prank too far and he… well, took me in hand, so to speak.”

“Good. So now you’ve apologised, bugger off,” Lucy said angrily.

She was eager to be alone to attend to her own bottom and other matters.

“Oh dear,” Patsy pulled a face. “I was afraid you would take it like that.”

Lucy’s eyes’ narrowed, sensing that she hadn’t yet the whole story.

“Come on, fess up,” Lucy spat.

“Well I… you see it’s like this…,” Patsy took a deep breath; “If you won’t accept my apology then I have to… well, go back for seconds.”

Lucy stood back and folded her arms and then with slow deliberation, fixed Patsy with a grin.

“I know, I know, I have got it coming. I won’t beg,” Patsy sighed. She was biting her lower lip in a bid to look as humble as possible. “Well unless you want me to. I would if I were you. Make me beg, I mean. Make me beg and then still reject my apology. I bet Karl would love that too.”

“You don’t seem as afraid as you might be,” Lucy said suspiciously.

“Well, you know. It’s tough on my behind, but Karl digs it and I… well I dig Karl.” Patsy couldn’t meet Lucy’s gaze.

“And if I do accept?” Lucy said it easily as if holding out a false hope.

“Then you are invited to my next punishment in three days in any case.”

“You know, I think I’ll settle for that,” Lucy said with a shrug. “Now budge up. I could use some of this water.”

Lucy stepped forward and dropped down beside Patsy in the bowl, jiggling her hips until the two women sat side-by-side.

“You aren’t as stuck up as I thought you were,” Patsy laughed, nudging Lucy in the arm.

“Oh, I don’t know about that, but maybe if Vernon spanks me enough, then I will start to learn not to be,” Lucy said dryly.

“You and Vernon…? Oh I see.” It was Patsy’s turn to grin. “Tell you what. If you leave Karl to me, then I’ll use my skills to help you with Vernon.”

“Your skills? Between you and your skills and Vernon’s brush, I think I could be standing up for an awfully long time,” Lucy sighed.

Patsy giggled and flicked some water at Lucy. “That’s a definite possibility.”

The End.


7 Responses to “Choices (6 of 6)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    great series, but I always thought that making the recipient ask for another, is just a little bit over the top. 😀

  2. 2 Loki_Darksong

    I do hope that there will be a sequel to this story. It was very good and I would like to know what eventually becomes of this cast.

  3. 3 Mark

    Well done. This cast and situation has potential for more. I hope you will revisit these three couples.

  4. Great ending. Makes Patsy almost sweet. Being really bitchy during a severe spanking, not stopping until you just cannot stand any more sting in your bottom, finally surrendering to sheer bawling, works magic sometimes. But it is, of course, also very embarrassing and painful, as it should be. Thank you for another lovely experience.

  5. 5 Scarlet

    Paul, thank goodness you said that!

    Great story, DJ.

  6. I like this very much.
    When are the girls going to get cuddles?
    Except not Patsy yet- she needs more of the strict stuff.

  7. 7 DJ

    Well I am glad everyone liked it – it was a month in the making. 🙂

    Patsy knew she could count on Karl so she did. 😉

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