Choices (5 of 6)



Our story began here.

Carol-Anne couldn’t believe how mean Patsy had been, but it had been fun watching Lucy taken down a peg or two nonetheless. She was beginning to find her time at the Cornwall Institute not as grim as she had first thought. Ever since Vernon had first spanked her she felt for the first time in her life that not only did people care about her, but unlike her aunt, actually required something of her.

The other thing that had surprised her was not missing her freedom. At home she had a choice between watching TV with auntie or going out with dull ordinary boys who occasionally persuaded her to have dull ordinary sex. True there was none of that here, but at least she could say it was never dull. After watching Lucy or one of the women caned or spanked, she spent a better time alone in bed than she ever had with the hometown boys, especially when she overlay the scenes with the spanking she had received from Vernon. Even watching TV was better here. Here she could watch anything she wanted and all on a widescreen HD.

Then one day she was making a rare trip to the vegetable garden beyond the main compound when she saw Mike.

Mike was Karl’s assistant and she had only seen him once or twice as he spent most of his time out in the grounds. He was a big guy like Karl, although darker-haired and nearer 30 to Karl’s 35 or so. He wasn’t as tall either, but that made him seem less scary, especially as he had a more smiley face that Karl.

He had been there on one of the occasions she had been caned by Karl. She had been horrified at first to have another man witness her shame, but afterwards there had been something thrilling about it. When she saw him watching her approach, she blushed furiously to her hairline.

“You after kitchen vegetables?” Mike unexpectedly talking to her made her flustered. His accent pegged him as coming from somewhere in the North West, an accent she had always hated. But on him it sounded poetic; more like Gary Barlow.

“I…” Was all she managed before she giggled.

“Would you prefer a geography question?” Mike snorted and folded his arms.

But there was a twinkle to his eye and when she began her next sentence with a giggle, he grinned back.

“They are in those two baskets there,” he chuckled, pointing to where the baskets were by the greenhouse door.

Carol-Anne blushed and ducked her head as she scurried over to pick them up.

While her back was turned she racked her brains for something intelligent to say. The best she could think of was to ask him how got into his line of work, but when she turned to face him he was gone.

That night in bed she reran her first spanking through her mind. Only this time it was Mike who had put her over his knee. Then as she squirmed she upped the ante and remembered one of her canings. This time she changed the actors with Mike for Karl.


Lucy was due to see Vernon in his office that morning and ever since she had awoken she had be assailed by butterflies in her stomach. It was ridiculous, she supposed, he never spanked her or even sent her to Karl following one of their sessions. They just talked. So why was she so nervous? She paused mid-thought as she inspected herself in the toilet mirror. The girls were permitted make-up in moderation and hers was a mess. She licked the corner of a paper towel and dabbed at her face, cursing the fact that fresh lippy was upstairs in her room and therefor out of bounds until after the evening meal.

She wondered if any of the other girls were ever spanked in private by Vernon. The thought irritated her somehow and she supressed a feeling that she had once had when she was 19 when a boy she liked danced with another girl.

Deciding that she dare not dawdle any longer, she hurried out to the yard to catch-up with her chores. The thought occurred to her that Patsy might take her brief absence as an opportunity to suggest to Karl that she had been slacking. Only a few days before she had overheard Patsy offering excuses on her behalf as to why she was not around. On the face of it a kind thing to do, but Lucy was certain that until Patsy brought it to his attention, he had been unaware she wasn’t there. Fortunately she got back within the five minutes allowed for a break.

At the bottom of the stairs leading to Vernon’s office she paused. Had she heard the sound of a spanking? She felt a little sick at the idea. No doubt out of sympathy for the girl. She strained to listen a moment longer before deciding she had misheard.

Out in the yard she found Patsy and another girl peeking in on Karl in the stable. The sound of a steady caning was coming from inside and they were both jostling for a better view. After hesitating for a moment, Lucy strolled over to join them. On seeing it wasn’t Carol-Anne, but one of the older women near her own age she relaxed. It was good to see someone else on the receiving end for a change.

Suddenly less cautious than the others she stepped halfway into the room and leaned on the doorframe. The woman had a magnificent figure and was bent over the trestle to offer her bottom to Karl’s full advantage. It was full and round and the only blemishes were the dark swollen lines neatly spaced across both cheeks.

The woman took her caning well and although she was panting hard by the end of it, when she stood up her sanguine expression conveyed an attitude of one who had just had a work-out not a punishment. More than that, for a second Lucy fancied she saw a look of adoration on the woman’s face. Then Karl barked something she didn’t catch and the woman trotted towards her audience with a heavy blush and passed the out to the yard.

Lucy and her fellow voyeurs quickly returned to work while the caned woman risked a glance in their direction and glowered with embarrassment. Then she sighed and turned to face the outside wall with her bare bottom still on show as was the custom.


The day dragged on and it took forever for three o’clock to come around for Lucy’s appointment. She told herself that she wanted to get it over with and that it would be a break from her chores, but then why was she so nervous?

Her apprehension lasted all the way to the door of his office and then as she knocked her anger flared. What did he want with her? Why did he spank Carol-Anne and not her?

“Come in,” Vernon said casually.

Lucy broke through the door so that even Vernon noticed her anger.

“Something wrong?” He put his pen down and looked her up and down.

Lucy stood gaping at him for a moment, her mouth working without sound.

“That’s no way to come into a room, is it?” Vernon’s authoritative air, which was never far from the surface, exerted itself now.

The usually poised Lucy hung in the middle of the room in an uncomfortable stance like a puppet with tangled strings.

“What’s the point of these chats?” Lucy managed; her voice uncertain.

“You know perfectly well what the point is, I want to monitor how you are getting on and that you are not too traumatised by the rather unorthodox regime we have here.” There was a hint of paternal menace to his voice.

Lucy swallowed in response her mind racing a set to burst with conflicting emotions.

Vernon studied her carefully. He knew with Lucy that he had to play a long game. So far she had responded well to his philosophy, but she was conflicted and unable to set aside her pride and overwhelming sense of self and embrace what she needed and wanted. Was she close now?

“But it’s all a front, all you really want to do is spank us,” Lucy blurted. “You said yourself, you are nothing but a pervert.”

Her own words set her blushing and she could not believe she had said them.

“There are less pleasant activities, it’s true, but whenever I spank a woman it is to a purpose,” Vernon suggested carefully, still evaluating her responses. “Anyway, I never said I was nothing but a pervert. Besides, I would have thought a girl like you would recognise self-deprecation when you heard it.”

“So there is a purpose to you spanking Carol-Anne?” Lucy glowered at him.

“Certainly there is,” Vernon agreed.

Lucy paused and licked her lips. Then steeling herself she asked, “Do you ever spank any other girls?”

“Naturally,” Vernon spoke in a lower tone now.

“So how come you have never spanked me?” There, she had said it. “Since that first time I mean.”

“You really want to be spanked by a ‘pervert’?” Vernon let the words hang.

“No, of course not but… since you like doing it then… well, why do you prefer them to me?” Lucy’s face was hot and the blood was pumping in her ears.

“Who said I did?”

Lucy stared back at him, breathing heavily.

“I can see you are ready,” he sighed as he reached for a large flat-sided clothes brush on his desk.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” Lucy baulked a little now.

“Only what you need,” Vernon said. “Now come here.”


“Vernon… Mr Cornwall… please… ow,” Lucy wailed.

Despite her clumsy confrontation with the man, she had been taken completely by surprise and now found herself face down across his lap with her skirts turned up to expose her bare bottom.

“I can’t speak for you, but this will do me good,” Vernon chuckled as he let the flat of the brush sweep down for a second time.

The brush again struck home with a satisfying thwack that echoed back off the ceiling and Lucy yelped for a second time.

“Ooh,” Lucy gave an angry wail, “Too hard. It’s not fair.”

“Oh,” Vernon said, paying more attention to Lucy’s tight round bare bottom. “Why is that?”

“You only used your hand on before,” Lucy said with a pout.

“That was a special introductory offer, besides you have taken worse from Karl,” Vernon countered as he spanked her again.

“Yah, that hurt,” Lucy wailed.

“It’s kind of the point,” Vernon replied, spanking her twice more.

By now her bottom was ravaged by swathes of red that were beginning to blend into two polished red ovals on each of Lucy’s cheeks.

“Oh please,” Lucy gasped, her arms flapping around until they locked on to Vernon’s legs and despite herself she was hugging him.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Vernon said only half teasing as he again brought his arm down with a snap.

“No,” Lucy gritted her teeth, “I mean… not like this.”

“Oh,” Vernon paused, genuinely interested. “How should I spank you?”

“This feels like… punishment,” Lucy felt a tear from on the right side of her nose and she cursed inwardly, “Like you don’t care.”

“This is a punishment. How dare you burst into my room telling me how to do my job,” Vernon scolded. “Don’t you think you deserve this?”

“Yes but… I’m sorry, I… I don’t know…” Lucy crossed her ankles and did a little shimmy in Vernon’s lap.

“Anyway, what makes you think I don’t care?”

“You haven’t spanked me again since… you let that… Karl do it all the time.”

“Well I am spanking you now, so attend,” Vernon sighed, his thumb brushing at the red stain on her bottom as if it might rub away.

Lucy’s eyes darted in her head like a wild pony and she blushed at the indignity of being overt his knee. But she was aware also of the heat that had spread beyond her bottom and the fulfilment of all her… her ears burned blush upon blush as the word would not form even in her mind. Then it did.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I do need this.”

“I know,” he murmured as he resumed the spanking in earnest.

“Ahh,” Lucy’s yell emerged as a sigh and the first real tears began to tumble form her eyes.

She resisted the urge to beg. Not in the name of pride or dignity; he could have that. He could have it all if he wanted. But some part of her feared he might stop if she did.

“You do know that this is going to be on my terms and not yours from now on,” he breathed gently into her ear. “All of it.”

“Yes Sir,” she agreed, then she screamed, “Oh bloody hell,” as a volley of spanks beyond anything she had yet felt really began to bite.

To be continued.

3 Responses to “Choices (5 of 6)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    WoW, hot story. 😉
    Good that Lucy has finally awoken to her need. 😀

  2. I love this story. Admitting you need it is the first step. Then comes the hard part, humbly and politely asking for it. Perhaps Lucy will learn that too.

    One thing got me thinking though. Carol-Anne seems to be a very soft and gentle girl, and handspankings by Vernon enough to make her behave herself. That gives me the feeling that a caning from Karl would be quite traumatising to her, yet the caning is only mentioned briefly when talking about Mike. But I guess she’s braver than she seems.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the minx Patsy will get it good in the last part.

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