Agony Aunt


agony auntAmy was apprehensive all the way back from work. It began as small tug in her tummy, which had grown to full-scale clawing by the time she had got home.

Home was a four bedroom semi in a rural suburb of London that she lived in with three other girls. Girls, there was that word again.

“When are you going to grow up?” She could hear her mother saying. “Twenty-eight is not a girl; it is time you got married.”

The trouble was Amy didn’t want to grow up. Grown-ups had pensions and mortgages and they had to make all the decisions themselves. Look what happened when she made her own decisions, she thought anxiously as she put the key in the lock, but she didn’t want to think of that. The knot in her stomach tightened as she stepped through the door.

The door closed behind her with a tock-clunk and the frame of the house rattled. God, she would have hated a door like that when she was a teen. Come to think of it, she hated it now. Why couldn’t she just slink in unannounced?

Amy caught sight of herself in the mirror and pulled a face. Her red-haired bob was frazzled, the fringe far too long. Her bright blue eyes were obscured by it. The trouble was the whole effect never lasted more than one night’s sleep after the hairdressers.

The hair wasn’t the worst of it, she thought gloomily. She was too short, but someone had given her the hips of a tall woman. Billiard-ball hips on top of short legs that made her bottom look big, she thought ruefully.

“Every woman thinks her bottom’s too big, it’s the law.” She heard her mother’s words again.

At least her breasts were alright; big enough for a cleavage when she wanted one, but small enough not to get in the way when she didn’t.

“Amy? Is that you?” It was Janet’s voice, sounding as if it was coming from the conservatory. “Lillian is here.”

Amy’s heart leapt as if she had fallen from a great height.

“Shit,” Amy spat.

Aunt Lillian had adopted her some years before. They had met in Benidorm of all places. It had been great to be fussed over, by a slightly older woman, especially one as mysterious and beautiful as Lillian and they had become firm friends.

“I am going to take you in hand,” Lillian had purred.

It had sounded like a threat on her lips and all the more thrilling for that. Their two week affair had been thrilling and dangerous. Amy had learned things about herself way beyond the fact that she was just bi.

Lillian was a tallish elegant woman who shared Amy’s red hair. But on her it was thick, sleek and never out of place, cut long with a fringe that framed a face graced with aristocratic high-cheek bones. She also had the kind of deep blue eyes that always carried a hint of a smile and yet seemed to be forever appraising.

Exactly how old Lillian was, she never said, but she had to be nearer 30 than 40. That or she had several paintings in attics.

Amy’s first spanking at Lillian’s hands had been a revelation. It had started when Amy had been embarrassed about being seen with a woman on her arm.

“I am not like this usually,” Amy had blushed.

“Let’s see how embarrassed you are by this,” Lillian had replied.

Then she had been taken over her new friend’s knee for five minute application of a hairbrush on her bare bottom. Amy had been mortified. There was no way the people on the next balcony couldn’t have heard.

Throughout the five-minute erotic ordeal Amy had bawled and protested, but to no avail. And then later as she was made to stand in the corner, instead of anger, Amy had discovered submission.

“Since you are so embarrassed to be seen with me, you can tell everyone I am your Aunt,” Lillian had purred.

“But you’re not older enough,” Amy had replied lamely.

“Pish,” Lillian dismissed her. “In fact from now on you can call me Aunt Lillian.”

“I can’t, that’s even more embarrassing…”

Amy had got no further. Lillian had just seized her again and spanked her into a slump of sobbing.

“Please Aunt Lillian,” Amy had finally surrendered.

“Better,” Lillian had purred, “See that you don’t forget again.”

Lillian’s words had been a promise of a continued relationship after the holiday and so it proved. Shortly after Amy returned home, she had learned that Lillian had an open marriage with Stephen. ‘Sir Stephen’ she called him. Amy hadn’t got the reference at the time. Their first threesome had blown Amy’s mind.

Back in the present Amy’s heart was racing. A visit from Lillian was what she had been afraid of; ever since the cryptic message left at work.

“Amy, we are out here,” came a voice from within. It was unmistakably Lillian and Amy fancied her voice had an impatient edge to it.

With a deep breath and pushing away her fears, Amy walked out back to the conservatory to face any possible music.

Janet beamed at her and proffered a mug of tea.

“Thanks,” Amy mouthed as she took it.

Lillian was sitting in pride of place in the best chair holding her own mug.

“There you are,” Lillian purred, “Heavy day at work?”

“Hello Aunt Lillian,” Amy said with a blush. She hated calling Lillian ‘aunt’ when there were others around, but she didn’t dare do otherwise.

Janet had always seemed puzzled by the title and Amy’s relationship with Lillian, but had never commented. Arroba, who was also present, had a Nigerian background and constantly referred to this aunt or that, given that she was a year or two older than Amy, she obviously wasn’t so curious.

Then there was Zoe. Zoe was the same age as Amy and had only moved into the house recently to replace Jane who had moved in with her boyfriend. She was a quiet one, petite with short dark pixie-cut hair. She now sat in the wicker chair hugging a mug of tea and blinking at everyone with her startling clear brown eyes. She was beautiful and in other circumstances Amy could easily have a crush on her.

“Aren’t you going to say hello to your friends?” Lillian chided her.

“Hello, Arroba, hello Zoe,” Amy chirruped, then with a sigh added “Janet.”

Arroba rolled her eyes up in sympathy. She knew the drill only too well.

“What side of the family are you on Lillian?” Janet asked between sips of tea.

The Lesbos side, Amy thought bitterly.

“Oh the distaff side, in a manner of speaking, although I am not strictly her aunt, just a very distant cousin.” Lillian spoke easily. She couldn’t abide lies, Amy knew, but Lillian was a mistress of smooth evasion.

Oh very good, Amy thought, after all everyone on the planet is technically a very distant cousin. And the oblique reference to the distaff was cute.

“I wish I had a cousin like you,” Zoe said quietly.

No one but Lillian and Amy caught it and they both ignored her.

“It’s nice to see you again anyway,” Janet said politely.

“Oh thank you, so charming,” Lillian said silkily. “I only wish this was a social visit.”

“Oh?” Janet said quizzically.

“Yes, rather embarrassing really,” Lillian explained, “You see Amy missed an appointment with me last week. Just shopping you know, but it quite slipped her mind. Her mother was sick, she said.”

“Her mother?” Janet frowned. “But I thought…”

“On a six week tour of European capitals, yes so I found out,” Lillian fixed Amy with a withering stare. “Nice to be retired, I’m sure.”

“I meant to call you but I was…” Amy stretched her mind for a good lie until Lillian broke in to save her.

“On a date with a young man from your office,” Lillian supplied, “Yes I know, we had such an enlightening chat on the phone; he’s awfully keen on you darling.”

Amy blanched.

“Amy,” Janet joshed her, “Such a naughty girl.”

“Indeed,” Lillian said, putting down her mug and adding, “Delightful cup of tea, complete with a teabag, how… novel. Saves on teapots and the like I expect.”

“Oh sorry, did I leave it in? What am I like?” Janet sounded apologetic.

“Lucky for you I am not your aunt,” Lillian said pointedly, the smile never leaving her face.

Janet smiled back blankly.

Then Lillian turned her attention back to Amy.

“Aunt Lillian, I can explain,” Amy said apprehensively.

“No need dear, now come here,” Lillian ordered as she reached into her handbag.

“Aunt Lillian, not now please,” Amy was wringing her hands and all eyes were suddenly on her.

Amy threw a look of horror at Janet who stood confused in the middle of the room, an unasked question dying on her lips.

“Amy, don’t make me ask you again,” Lillian said sternly.

“Please Aunt Lillian you can’t,” Amy was wringing her hands and shaking her head in denial even as she took a couple of hesitant steps towards her strange friend.

“What…? What’s going on?” Janet asked tentatively.

“As the honourable aunt to a very dishonourable and very naughty girl, I am taking her in hand,” Lillian explained.

As Lillian spoke she patted the palm of her hand menacingly with a hairbrush she had retrieved from the bag.

“Are you going to spank her?” Arroba asked excitedly.

Zoe gaped at this and leaned forward in her chair.

“I most certainly am,” Lillian said sharply. “I am going to put her over my knee, take her knickers down and spank her precious little behind until it is a bright and shiny red.”

“It’s not that little,” Janet pointed out; words to mask her disbelief.

“Oh Lillian,” Amy wailed, “Please…”

“I beg your pardon?” Lillian snapped.

“Aunt Lillian, please don’t,” Amy quickly amended.

“That’s better,” Lillian said darkly, then more brightly, “As I was saying, I am going to give this precious miss a sound spanking on her bare behind and when I think her bottom is sore enough and I am quite confident she won’t sit down for a while, then I am going to put her in the corner.”

Lillian glanced about for a second and then she pointed to an unencumbered corner of the conservatory and added, “That corner.”

Amy baulked. It was not only a point in the room in full view of everyone, but it could easily be seen from at least two of the neighbouring houses.

“My father used his hand or sometimes a belt,” Arroba said conversationally, her usually slight accent suddenly more pronounced, “It’s not so unusual to spank big girls back home, but I didn’t know you did it here.”

Zoe snatched a glance at Arroba’s ample bottom and then back at the action unfolding.

“Of course my grandmother made me fetch a switch from the yard. She used to make me bare my bottom first so that I was already stripped for it. My God it was shameful, but the sting of it was worse,” Arroba continued. “I got my last switching during my gap year when I went out there for a visit.”

Janet was blushing, her eyes darting from the unlikely scene with Lillian and Amy and her other friend’s strange and out of place reminiscences.

By now Amy had closed the gap between her and her fate sufficiently for Lillian to reach out and pull her in.

“Silly girl,” Lillian scolded.

“Lillian, Aunt Lillian, you can’t,” Amy wailed, “Please, please not here.”

Despite her many protests, Amy did not struggle over much as Lillian settled her across her lap and began working at the side sip of her grey pencil working skirt.

“Amy’s been a bad girl,” Arroba drawled, covering her giggle with a hand.

Zoe could hardly draw breath and sucked in her cheeks as she watched. Instinctively she both leaned forward and made herself small in case anyone noticed her intense interest.

“Should you? I mean perhaps you should, eh… go to Amy’s room for that,” Janet suggested tentatively.

“You could always leave,” Lillian replied pointedly, her fingers had loosened Amy’s skirt now and it was heading south.

“No way,” Arroba squealed.

Janet was dumbfounded and certainly not sure what to think, but she said nothing more. She just dropped into a chair to watch Amy’s impending spanking in the same spirit as one might have watching a train crash.

By now Lillian had slipped down Amy’s skirt and had started on her brief high-cut knickers.

“Such scandalous attire,” Lillian scolded.

By way of response to that and all that was happening Amy’s eyes started in her head and every part of her face was a full-flushed red. By contrast her bottom was pale and smooth; whiter than her lightly tanned thighs, but there was no heavy tan-line, just a smooth transition from the sun-kissed skin of her legs to the smooth white globes of her bottom.

Arroba gasped; never having seen white girl in such exposed proximity before. She certainly had never seen one about to be spanked.

Janet shifted in her seat and looked around the room to see if she was alone in her discomfort. Zoe sat rapt at the scene, her eyes wide in astonishment.

“Go away, don’t watch,” Amy wailed.

“No way girlfriend, this is way too much fun,” Arroba teased.

“Hush now,” Lillian chided her humbled charge, patting her bare bottom with the flat side of the brush she had retrieved earlier.

“Please Aunt Lillian,” Amy sounded frantic and tried to put her free hand in front of her face.

Her other hand been pinned in the small of her back.

“Please you say,” Lillian said sharply. “Is that please Aunt Lillian, spank my naughty bare bottom as I deserve?”

The small audience noted that Amy’s eyes were already pooled with tears.

Amy gulped.

“Amy, say it,” Lillian ordered.

Amy gaped like a fish out of water and made a small motion as if she were trying to swim away on Lillian’s lap.

Hearing no reply, Lillian spanked down hard once with the brush so that Amy yelped.

“Say it.” Lillian spanked again.

“Please… Aunt Lillian… oh I can’t,” Amy said miserably.

One of the girls giggled nervously.

Lillian spanked down hard in a short fast flurry.

“This spanking won’t even begin until you say it,” she scolded.

“Ow,” Amy shrieked. “Please Aunt Lillian…”

“Say it.”

Arroba and even Janet leaned forward on tenterhooks.

“Sp-spank my… spank me as I-I deserve,” Amy sobbed.

Lillian began a series of crisp spanks that did not fail to bite hard into their target. Then after a minute or two she said, “I warned you, these are all extras until you say exactly what I told you to say.”

“Please Aunt Lillian, spank my naughty bare bottom as I deserve,” Amy gabbled at once, each word spanked from her mouth in gasps.

Although the tight domes of her bottom held two vivid red ovals by this point, it was the mantra said before the others that brought on the first true tears.

“Finally,” Lillian sighed, “So much bottom to work on, so little time.”

Arroba hooted with laughter at his point, while Janet just clasped at her throat.

“Does that…? Does that hurt her?” An awestruck Zoe whispered.

“Oh yes dear,” Lillian explained, “And needs to, doesn’t it Amy?”

“Yes Aunt Lillian,” Amy panted through her tears, and then added a heartfelt, “I’m sorry.”

Lillian smiled and picked up the pace of the spanking; working the red ovals from the crowns of Amy’s bottom to encompass all of both cheeks, including the undersides where she sat.

“What do you mean by telling me lies, by standing me up?” Lillian said crossly. “I felt such a fool, especially when Stephen found out. Oh believe me my girl, we have hardly got started.”

“I’m sorry,” Amy wailed.

“This is wicked man,” Arroba giggled. “Best fun I’ve had all year.”

“Yes well,” Lillian said reprovingly. “There are one or two other bottoms that could benefit from a good sound spanking I am sure.”

“Not me man,” Arroba grinned.

But Janet blushed at this and shifted uneasily in her seat and Zoe audibly gasped.

“Right young lady, I’m not sure we are quite done yet, but for now you can go and stand in the corner,” Lillian said reluctantly as she brought the spanking to a pause and ran her thumb along the purple line that had formed parallel to the cleft of Amy’s bottom.

Amy got to her feet, struggling with great heaving sobs as she clawed at her behind. Her eyes took in the room as if willing the audience around her to disappear.

“No rubbing, you know the rules,” Lillian snapped.

“Yes Aunt Lillian.”

Lillian watched Amy scurry to the corner and take up a position with her well-spanked bottom pointing into the room and then she studied the faces of the other girls.

“Now young Janet, go and make me a proper cup of tea in a tea pot, before I put you over my knee as well,” Lillian said archly.

Janet blushed again but made no argument and hurried away.

“Perhaps you will help her dear,” Lillian said turning to Arroba.

“Sure,” Arroba said, her eyes not leaving Amy’s spanked behind. Then almost reluctantly she followed Janet.

“Now Zoe, come here and tell me all about yourself,” Lillian said breezily to the wide-eyed Zoe.

Then like a moth to a flame the timid girl crossed the room and knelt at Lillian’s feet.

“There’s nothing much to tell Lillian,” Zoe said shyly.

“Call me Aunt Lillian.”

Zoe looked round and the mortified and still gently tearful Amy and then back at Lillian.

“Yes Aunt Lillian.”


agony aunt

42 Responses to “Agony Aunt”

  1. Best story you’ve ever written.I can’t wait to see more, especially more about Amy’s struggle to sit and face her friends and Zoe’s background and turn with Aunt Lillian. Can’t wait for the movie!!

  2. 2 paul1510

    Very nice, would have been better if Aunt Lillian had been Uncle Lambert, but that’s just me. 😉 😀

  3. 3 DJ

    Thanks One Hand – but I hope that’s not true, but I am glad you liked it.

    Sorry Paul and Poppy but not only this one for the F/F fans – I don’t think the scenario would have worked without seeming creepy with a male dom. But maybe that’s just me.

    Strictly M/F tomorrow. 😉

  4. 4 paul1510

    I thought for a moment that you were contradicting Me, yes I understand! 😀

  5. F/F is always appreciated DJ, and you did a great job with this short.

  6. 6 Scarlet

    Oh my. I believe I may be speechless. 🙂

  7. 7 Freddy

    Please, please do chapter 2 with Zoe, then Janet and Arroba in Chapter 3. One of the best stories I’ve ever read

  8. 8 DJ

    Well that seems to be three votes to five 🙂

    That’s two of you who say its the best ever, high praise indeed. I wonder what there was about this to warranty it. Even Scarlett likes it. 😉

  9. 9 susie

    My Auntie still spanks me and I’m 20.

  10. 12 DJ

    Congratulations Susie.

    Part 2 maybe.

  11. 16 DJ

    Yes Susie – I am sure that is the point – but how do you feel about it. Is this something you need in your life?

    • 17 susie

      Well I guess I do. It appears to be working, after I’m punished I do feel better and behave better. It feels a little strange to be spanked at my age but it is something common in my family and even somewhat in our church.


      • 18 DJ

        Thank you for sharing Susie.

        Can I hazard a guess that you are from a particular part of the USA?

  12. 20 DJ

    I guess that you are from the states 😉
    Maybe from where the bible belt has a whole different meaning.

    Are you still in college?

    • 21 susie


      You are correct. I have just started college.

      • 22 DJ

        You said elsewhere that you have to do corner time regardless of who may be around. Do you mean this literally?

        Andy what do others think?

        • 23 susie

          Yes I mean that literally. If I’m standing in the corner either before or after a spanking and someone comes to visit I must remain standing in the corner. If the visitor is unfamiliar with what is going on and looks curisous about it my aunt informs them that I have been a naughty girl and I’m being punished. With people she knows, church and personal friends, she let’s them know that I have been or will be spanked also.


        • 24 DJ

          And this is with a bare bottom?

          Is this the worse part for you?

        • 25 susie

          No luckily I don’t have to stand in the corner with my bare butt on display. But it still is embarrassing standing there like a naughty little girl with other people around especially if they know I’m going to be spanked or that I have beed spanked.

  13. 26 DJ

    Apart from when this is happening – do you think it is good for you?

    • 27 susie

      Yes I do.

      • 28 DJ

        Not to be too nosy, but is this something you would actively seek in a future relationship of any kind?

        • 29 susie

          Never thought about it cause it’s still such a part of my current life.

        • 30 DJ

          Can I ask how often this happens and what you do to deserve it?

        • 31 susie

          I get spanked for not doing my chores, breaking curfew, disobedience, cursing or having a bad attitude. How often varies, sometimes as often as once a week if I’m not careful.

  14. DJ –
    This has been one of my absolute favorite little stories. Read and re-read several times.

    Susie –
    Can I asked what brought you to this site? Are you fascinated by the stories or just curious about this particular theme?

  15. 34 DJ

    Susie – once a week sounds like a lot – I hope you don’t find this too oppressive.

    Since you read this blog – how do you reconcile the punishment (fun?) aspect ie fantasy versus reality.

    Thanks Keri and interesting that you find it so when your interest is mainly M/F

  16. 35 susie


    It’s only once a week if I’m not careful. My aunt is very strict, my parents are very strict too for that matter, but they are very fair with me and I have deserved most of the spankings I have received.

    There is a great bit of excitement and embarrassment being 20 and still having someone take you across their knee, pull your skirt up, pull your panties down and take a hairbrush, paddle or even their bare hand to your backside for a real spanking that they say you deserve for your bad behavior. The fact that it hurts, makes you cry and makes you feel like a naughty little girl is icing on the cake. Even having some of the neighbors, my aunt’s friends and church members knowing about and seeing my spankings, corner time and mouth soap washings adds to the excitement and embarrassment.

    • 36 DJ

      You sound as if the experience is a cleansing one.

      Do you find that the more embarrassing and painful it is the better you feel afterwards?

      • 37 susie


        As a matter of fact I do. I can think of a time when I disobeyed my Auntie and disrespected her longtime friend, our next door neighbor. My Auntie was so embarrassed by my behavior that she wanted to make a point and teach me a lesson. I was given a very hard and long bare bottom hairbrush spanking in front of the neighbor lady and made to stand in the corner with my red bare bottom on display while the two of them had tea. I was grounded for a month and had to do chores at the neighbor lady’s house on the weekends.

        I hadn’t been very happy with my behavior towards the neighbor which added to my avoiding her which only made matters worst. Getting spanked in front of her, the corner time and doing chores for her sort of cleansed things and I could start over, although now she does have more of an upper hand on me.


    • Susie,
      You seem to have a great attitude about all this. Do you know of others in your church or friends of the family who still get spanked?
      I think you hit on all the things that a spanking entails – fear, a little pain, feeling like a naughty little girl. It kind of allows us big girls to let go. Feel small and cared for even when we have responsibilities. It’s nice.
      I went back and re-read all your older posts and at first you seemed to not like the spankings at all but now it seems like maybe there’s a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. How do you feel about that? Would you consider marrying someone who would spank if he thought it was necessary?
      Spanking is also a great stress release and awesome cure for hormone issues. That might be the times Auntie feels your attitude needs adjusting.
      Thanks so much for you openness. Loved your well written insight. Very nice!

      • 39 susie


        Back home it is not uncommon for unmarried girls still living at home to be spanked, members of our church that is. In the larger community spankings of older children isn’t that common.

        In my Auntie’s church, my new church, spanking is approved of although I don’t know any girls my age that are still spanked or at least admit it but I’m still a newcomer and don’t know that many girls that well.

        I don’t think it is uncommon for girls to be spanked in my Auntie’s church because there are church members and church Elders that know my Auntie spanks me, in fact some have seen me standing in the corner and more.

        As you say there is a mixture of excitement and embarrassment in these punishments. I can’t say that there aren’t times I enjoy them maybe not so much when they are happening. It is the mixture of fear, pain, embarrassment and feeling like a little girl. My Auntie seems to have a special talent for making me feel like a naughty little girl when she is disciplining me especial when others are involved.

        As for marrying a man who would spank me I can’t say that I thought much about it. I guess I always thought that I would marry someone around my own age and the though of someone my own age spanking me seems strange. Certainly at this point I don’t think it would feel the same.

        I have always been spanked by someone several years older then I and I think that helps with the little girl feeling as well as the embarrassment of the spanking. I have been spanked by older men, non-family members, so I guess if I were to marry an older man getting spanked by him might be an option.


  17. 40 DJ


    was that the worst and most embarrassing spanking you ever had? Did anyone else know about this?

    You seem to find it satisfying on some level anyway. You obviously felt it was deserved.


    • 41 susie


      I do feel that I deserved that spanking I was disrespectful to the neighbor and I did disobey my Auntie.

      I know that both of them spoke about it to the other women in their church group which added to the embarrassment and it wasn’t the most embarrassing or painful spanking I have received.


      • 42 DJ

        It sounds like satisfactory bit of synchronicity for you. 🙂

        What was the most embarrassing I wonder? 😉

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