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Our story begins here. It was two days before the wagons pulled out under the leadership of John West. He was the train captain and he let them know from the start that he meant to set a rapid pace. Charlotte was still adjusting to life in a wagon and since Rosaline’s thrashing she hadn’t […]

Charlotte had expected more. Why the street was little more than a muddy track and the sidewalks were all improvised from junkyard timbers set precariously between hastily constructed wooden buildings and even tents. If this was the so-called ‘edge of civilisation,’ then what would the Wild West look like? Heavens above, this was 1845 for […]

Weekly Round-Up


It has been two weeks since yours truly has managed to check out the web properly let alone report back on it. It wasn’t even possible to say that there would be no round-up given the connection problems. The pictures above were taken from  All Things Spanking, Cutie Pie and Poppy’s Submissions. The latter blog […]

Here is a short stage movie from 1940’s France. At stage film is an American term for the sort of movie men might watch at a stag party thrown for prospective groom. Although in the US, one understands, this sort of thing goes on without the sniff of a wedding. This movie comes from […]

This is a curious anecdote from an off-topic forum. It all sounds a bit fanciful, but stranger things have happened. It concerns the spanking of a women’s football (soccer) team by a male coach. It seems that on pitch fouls and other offences, including losing a game was dealt with by spanking the offenders (including […]

This is one of a set sent by TipTopper. The others have been seen before but this appears to be an original. You can not only feel her pain in this 1940s movie style spanking, but also his frustration. This is a classic spousal spanking from the period. This blog has been a bit long […]

One suspects this picture is a recent fake, but it is well done nevertheless. If it is not a construct then it is something of a mystery as it does not look or feel like 1970s or 80s porn and one hardly supposes it is a documentary. It captures the sense of a 1970s miss […]

Authors note: Poetic licence has been taken with the extent of the content and frequency of correspondence between PoWs and their families. It also important to remember that this is an entertainment and no disrespect is intended to the Allied soldiers of the Second World War, their families, Blitzed Londoners or the people of Putney […]

More Summer Fun


What is going on here? Strip ping-pong it would appear and she is losing. One can only imagine what he is going to use that paddle for if she loses another point.