On summers, magic, writing and jodhpurs


wot no jodhpurs?jodhpursThis summer has been a whirl of rain, travel, more rain, lost lap-tops and poor internet connections. Did I mention the rain?

One of the consequences of this is that not as much writing got done as might have been hoped. Finally catching up and reviewing the situation, I realised that there hasn’t been an instalment of Magic since May. For those who have missed it, never fear; research and plotting have continued on this and the next chapter is almost finished and will appear here soon.

The problem with Magic, as opposed to something like Ad Astra say, which has been plotted out to the end, is that even I do not know where the plot is going and only about half a dozen chapters are planned ahead.

Also plotted is a return to Raw, although the action has shifted again to Severus; as well as Angela and Abraham Heights which are also over the horizon. Some people have expressed their frustration at the multi-stranded nature of the work that appears here and the time that it takes for some things to continue. This is understandable. But my approach is generally to follow the muse rather than labourer on something I don’t feel and new ideas keep forcing their way into my consciousness.

However, as you may have noticed, recently I have refrained from beginning new projects that are not stand alone so as to not be overwhelmed. Even the multi-part novellas like the recent The New Mrs Harris, were written in their entirety before being published. Oh in answer to the question one person asked ‘did I ever finish anything,’ both Lizzie Baines and the epic Academy were both completed.

One of the other tasks not completed is a book review. This is in hand, but before writing it (and indeed reading it) I just wanted to make sure that there was nothing else that had been missed. This brings us to jodhpurs and the rather incongruous pictures above. Well almost.

I was an early adopter of the World Wide Web. Although I never became I dot.com millionaire (well who did) I have been making a reasonable living from the Internet since 1994 and as you might imagine I have been surfing for spanking references for longer than that. Unfortunately there is an inverse relationship between the amount of material collected and my cataloguing of it. In other words I don’t know what I have or where it came from. As a consequence, whenever I start delving into my files I stumble upon forgotten items.

Before I share this snippet it puts me in mind of a rumour I heard way back about the girls that worked at G_ Farm in Berkshire. Girls and young women love horses (in case you didn’t know) oh except you (so don’t write). And there tended to be a waiting list for jobs as stable girls at the horse farm. A friend’s older sister used to be one of the lucky ones. Her brother said that they had other punishments instead of fines for the girls that were late or were careless with the horses. He didn’t say what these punishments were but that his sister, who was around 18 at the time, was always uncharacteristically terrified of being late for work. Of course, in my mind I already knew (or thought I did) so I asked her. Sure enough, she answered the question with a short sharp swish through the air with a riding crop and a lovely little blush. It was so frustrating that she wouldn’t say more, but the subject just couldn’t be dropped. So on finding out that another girl in the upper sixth worked at the same farm on Saturday’s, I asked her if girls were really cropped. She laughed and denied it. But as I went to walk away she added something like, “well you know, not seriously. Sometimes we’re spanked.”

Now if you have read this far and suffered the boring tale of the trials and tribulations of a blogster then maybe this snippet will interest you. It is a little too incredible but it is fun nonetheless and given the vague memory already mentioned you have to wonder if there is a hitherto untapped tradition. There has to be a story in this. Hmmm.

In its entirety:


By Rosemary

I told this story before and got flamed for it, but since this crew seems to be a little more up for it, I’ll try again.

I used to work on a small private stable down in Hampshire. I won’t say where exactly. This would have been from the ages of, well just before I was 18 and still at school until I was 22. Mainly it was when I worked there full-time during my gap year, but I went back and worked every summer when I was at college.

The lady who owned it, who I got to know quite well, used to take swipes at our bottoms with a riding crop when we made mistakes. She was particularly stern about anything that she thought was careless of the horses. Now when I just worked there Saturdays this was no big deal as such, just an occasional swipe on the bum. But I knew even then that there was more going on. The older girls used to say things and once in the shower rooms, one of the senior girls reached up to put something on a shelf and her shirt lifted up off her bottom and I saw a lot of long bruises. We used to get a lot of bruises anyway, especially on the bottom and legs but these were like nothing I had ever seen.

It wasn’t until my gap year that I found out just how enthusiastic the boss was about corporal punishment.

On my first full day there, the first weekday I had worked with just the grown-up staff, the other new girl lost her temper with a horse and swore at it. The boss went straight up to her and began slapping her bottom and told her if she did it again she would feel the crop across her arse.

About a week later the same girl unnecessarily struck a horse with a crop in a fit of anger. She was taken into the tack room and from the noise even then it was pretty obvious what was happening. The girl came out crying and rubbing her bottom and later I saw the kind of welts I had seen months before on the other woman.

My turn came about three weeks later.

I had missed my turn at mucking out on the rota and had been bawled out about it and given double shit-patrol, as we called it. One of these extra duties was early morning and I was late. To make matters worse, in my rush I did a half-arsed job of it.

I got called into the tack room for a good bollocking and this was a woman who could make you cry from just that. Then I was told, ‘get them down.’ I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t argue.

I had to take my jodhpurs and kickers down and bend over the saddle stand. It was embarrassing, but I thought I would just get a few swipes like I got when I was a Saturday girl. Jesus was I wrong. The first stroke was like a sword across the bottom and I got about a dozen or so of them. I balled my eyes out and the welts were big rubbery lines on my bottom that went darker and turned into bruises over a few days. I would say the marks lasted about three weeks. I actually couldn’t sit down for about three days afterwards and I had to swap horse exercising chores (the best job) with yet more extra shit shovelling duty.

I wasn’t the only one and it wasn’t the only time.

I didn’t see a customer once and swore across the yard at another girl. I was spanked over the boss’s knee on the bare bottom with the flat side of horse brush. The customer was within in earshot and I was mortified.

But mostly it was swipes with the crop in the tack room.

In the four years I was there I got about six beatings like this not counting the odd swipe and the spanking, but I saw plenty of others. I have to say that only about two girls ever left because of this treatment and I always got on fine with the boss. Although I have to say that she did live with another woman and I think she had a thing for girls and spanking.

I still ride and I often wonder if the stable girls are nursing sore bottoms under those jodhpurs.

5 Responses to “On summers, magic, writing and jodhpurs”

  1. 1 paul1510


  2. 2 George

    Quite interesting. Effective, I bet!

  3. I ride and have done since my 20s. I have never worked at a stables, but have spent time at them a lot and there’s definitely a bit of a corporal punishment vibe about many of these places – I think it encourages the deeply buried spanko instinct to come to the surface in even the most vanilla of people.
    The women who run riding establishments, and they’re mostly women, are nearly always bossy and authoritarian. Rules have to be strict because there’s always the chance that somebody will get badly injured if there’s an accident. Horses are routinely given a smack if they disobey a command. And, of course, riding whips are part of the kit.
    So, I’ve often heard stable girls and riding pupils being threatened with a touch of the crop. It’s always been in a light-hearted way, but with more than a hint that if the situation demanded a bottom would be striped.

  4. 4 Kia

    Interesting snippets. I am continuously impressed by just how many you have collected.

    So much to look forward to! I love the variety, and hope your Muse continues to take you to fascinating places. Whatever you’re doing is clearly working. 🙂

  5. 5 DJ

    I am always impressed by how much i have – I must be a spanking nerd.

    OFG – I think you have it – or at least it sounds rational. And I thought the woman was just a spanko lesbian who was exploiting young women’s over keenness of horses. 😉

    Thanks guys 😉

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