Weekly Round-up


bound-martinet-whippedspankedwhippedmclintock-john-wayne-maureen-oharaThe first of the pictures above was taken from the Spanking Blog, which published this vintage snap.

The next picture was taken from Poppy’s Submissions. Having recently given useful tips for tops, she has followed up with another piece about reading the body language of girls taking a spanking.

The next is a cruder more overt exploitation screenshot taken from a movie excerpt over on Chross’s blog. It won’t be your cup of tea. Lots of girls chased, strung up, whipped and then turning the tables, more whipping and lots of nude women… hello where did you go?

Finally here is a screen capture from McKlintock! that has an unusual angle on the action. It was taken from  Season and Michael who have a retrospective on Maureen O’Hara and that and other spankings, which includes more pictures of that movie.

Sticking with movie spankings, the Spank Statement has a backstage view of what making a 1940s movie was like with hundreds of actresses all fighting for screen time. As an example there is an excerpt from Falcon and the Co-eds, which was seen recently over on BBC2 (here in the UK), which included the spanking scene shown.

If its stories you are after then Loki has a new book out about two naughty girls and their men.

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  1. Thank you for the mention. 🙂

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