This sporting life, let the games begin


sportThis is a curious anecdote from an off-topic forum. It all sounds a bit fanciful, but stranger things have happened. It concerns the spanking of a women’s football (soccer) team by a male coach. It seems that on pitch fouls and other offences, including losing a game was dealt with by spanking the offenders (including the whole team) in the locker room after the game.

Such things are not unknown, but are rare, and tend to be associated with one-on-one coaching. Although, similar anecdotes have been offered about the spanking of a cheerleader squad by a male coach, but these tales are equally incredulous.

In response to a thread now lost.

Louise: “Yeah we had that. Back in junior college we used to get paddle swats for gross breaches on and off the pitch.”

Jasmine: “That’s nothing. We agreed with Mike our coach, that if we lost a game then we had to get a spanking over his knee with a sneaker and if we lost three games in a row the spankings were given on the bare. We also got spanked for screwing around and getting carded on the pitch. One girl got it for an own goal.”

Jimbo: “You got spanked by a male-coach or was Mike a girl?”

Louise: “What sport was this? I mean how many were you in the team?

Dingle66: “Was this in college or high school or what?”

Jasmine: “Yeah it was a male coach. It was our college soccer team. Our squad was usually around 15 players, but only those that had played got spanked. We hardly ever lost more than two games in a row, so it was kind of fun. Not that it didn’t hurt.”

Several responses not extracted.

Louise: “Who came up with the idea? I mean, it must have been real embarrassing when you did lose three games in a row.”

Jasmine: “Oh sure, it was very embarrassing and it hurt a lot on the bare so some girls cried a bit and there were a lot of red butts in the showers after. It was kind of neat when someone got it for fouls and other stuff as we all got to watch. Except for team spankings, they were all on the bare.”

Jasmine: “Oh. It was a couple of the girls’ idea. We all took a vote on it and agreed that it should be bare. Mike was a bit against it at first. I have to say Mike was more of a father figure and it was all kind of fun and certainly an incentive.”

This discussion was closed shortly after by board moderators in 2003.

Taken from Greek.

7 Responses to “This sporting life, let the games begin”

  1. 1 Old Tom

    I don’t know about girls’ teams as my schools were (sadly) all boys but the master who ran the cricket team certainly used the slipper for mistakes, bad behaviour and “unsportsmanlike” behaviour. Quite a few of those were trousers and pants down. So why not girls’ teams. Why should girls be any different? Of course one may question his motivation these days but at the time he was considered a really good man by us boys.

  2. ah sporty girls have great bottoms

  3. 3 Brigit

    I was abot to react : “why this ‘coaching’ is not used on boys ? sure it would improve their behavior” but Old Tom’s comment get me puzzled !
    so it was (is?) used for boys too ?
    that gives me a lot to think about…

    I would love to read some stories about this… but I know it’s not likely here. Too bad 😉

  4. 4 bodack

    I used to work with former Texas High School players and paddling was used on the boys.

  5. I find this conversation unbelievable (unfortunately) however I have heard and read many very believable stories and accounts of such things happening, especially in womens high school and collegiate athletics. I used to announce womens college soccer and heard hints and had many suspicions.They came just short of saying “Coach beats our butts.” I know on pretty good authority that one of the defenders got it at home for yellow and red cards and poor play.

    When I was a teenager I was reading a newspaper supplement magazine about an ice skater. She mentioned that if she made mistakes her coach whacked her thighs with the rubber skate guard. To a naive teenager obsessed with spanking that was like a porno.

    • 6 DJ

      I have heard of seceral one-on-one situations like this that I think are true – although so far I have not be able to repeat them.

      This was in the public domain and who knows if it is true.

      Truth is often stranger than fiction – we will never know.

      Thanks for your and the other comments here. 🙂

  6. 7 Tony L

    This isn’t the same but our high school girls gymnastics team had a tradition that after you finished a routine that you ran through a gauntlet of teammates who smacked your bum on your leotard as hard as they could — whether you had scored high or low. This was at public meets with hundreds of witnesses. I can only imagine what they did in the locker room!

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