The good old bad old days


1970s corner time waitOne suspects this picture is a recent fake, but it is well done nevertheless. If it is not a construct then it is something of a mystery as it does not look or feel like 1970s or 80s porn and one hardly supposes it is a documentary.

It captures the sense of a 1970s miss meeting an elderly relative from an earlier era and conjures up an image of a time that probably never was.

8 Responses to “The good old bad old days”

  1. It’s my opinion that somebody used Photoshop or a similar program to combine a more recent photo of a nude model (including the chair) with the older photo of the woman in the kitchen. The paddle in the woman’s hand was added as well. Both women are in black and white and in soft focus but the younger nude woman image has a different kind of distortion added. I would give the image manipulator a B+ grade for this one.

    • 2 DJ

      I agree – except for the paddle, which is a butter paddle and could easily have a vanilla use.

      Thanks for the expert analysis Tony.

  2. DJ, she could have been holding a butter paddle and perhaps she is, but I just did a Google image search on butter paddles and none of them have those rounded edges, they’re either square or ovals. I say that’s a specific butt-beater she’s holding and the wood grain we can see tells me it’s a fancy spanking toy as well. Real butter paddles are very plain wood.

    • 4 DJ

      funny enough I saw a Victorian kitchen yesterday and they had every conceivable size and shape of paddle in the kitchen – not just for butter. But that does not disprove what you’re saying – I bet you know more about spanking paddles than I know about kitchen paddles. 😉

      we can agree that the picture is a fake. 🙂

  3. 5 George

    Fake or true, imho is anyway an evergreen pic. Something that daughters of her age badly deserve and need very often.

  4. 6 Tiptopper

    The picture does seem to be a composite as the girl and the chair don’t have the same texture as the rest of the kitchen. With the paddle it is hard to tell. The woman was obviously holding something in her hand in the original but whether it was that paddle or something else is open to debate. Those kitchen appliances date from the 1920’s or even earlier. Also the girl’s hairstyle is wrong for that era.

    In spite of all that the picture is still great.

  5. Another thing about that paddle. The contrast between the high and low tones in the wood grain are not comparable to those of the woman and the kitchen appliances in the original image. This is a very subtle thing but I see it.

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