More Summer Fun


nude table tennisWhat is going on here? Strip ping-pong it would appear and she is losing. One can only imagine what he is going to use that paddle for if she loses another point.

12 Responses to “More Summer Fun”

  1. 1 MargitaLily

    So am I and would love to see that:-)

  2. 2 Dave

    Could be entitled ‘Table tennis with grandad was always fun!’

  3. 3 George

    A man who looks to the ball and to the game deserves a prize…

  4. 4 Tailgunner50

    I am interested in where this pic was found and if there were more pics from the set.

  5. 5 Richard

    Does the loses get a spanking with the paddle Just asking seems like it would make it more intense if there was a penalty

  6. Ping Pong paddles for me are feathers.

  7. 7 Tailgunner50

    After a ping pong paddle paddling I like to send the girl to the corner holding the paddle between her butt cheeks.

  8. 8 JP

    Where in the world do you find all these pictures?

  9. 9 DJB

    No idea where this came from – it was in a folder of quirky files. It was stand alone and not one of a series.

    There will be another in the same quirky style on Monday. 🙂

    • I’ve tried to post this several times, but for some reason nothing shows.
      That is Pablo Picasso. I remember it from a Playboy I saw when I was about 10.

  10. 11 Michael

    The geezer looks like Bob Todd from the old “Benny Hill Show.”
    OMG! What am I doing looking at the codger in the background with the lovely naked gal in the foreground. SHEESH!

  11. 12 DJ

    I thought so Michael.

    OHM – thanks for that -it adds up – so not from the Benny Hill show then 🙂

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