Honey I shrank the car


hairbrush spankingHere is another spruced up anecdote from the usually vanilla Life Forum.

This from Jane of Wisconsin.

“Okay I get now why you were confused. I suppose I better tell you that back when I was growing up I got spanked a lot. It was no biggy, it’s just the way it was back then. I remember one time when I was still in high school, but in my last year. We boosted my mother’s TV for a party. I mean we borrowed it and smuggled it in the back of my boyfriend’s car so that he and the boys could watch some dumb sports thing in the back room while the party was going on.”

“Everything was okay until we tried to take it back. I don’t know if Mom had noticed it missing, but she sure as hell noticed it hit the sidewalk out in front of our house. My boyfriend, my friend Pauline and her boyfriend, who I don’t remember now, ran for the hills and left me standing next to wrecked TV in the street.”

“Mom yelled the place down and marched me up to my room and spanked by bare bottom with the back of her hairbrush. I was out past curfew anyway, so even my blisters got blisters. I got grounded, chores, the whole shebang. I would say the worst part was when my little brother came to my bedroom door and saw me howling over mom’s knee with my bottom on show, but the spanking kind of trumped that at the time. It didn’t stop him telling all his little friends what he saw and high school was a little piece of hell after that.”

“I told all this and other stories to my husband and we kind of got to kidding around about and sometimes when I did something like burn dinner he would spank me in fun. So that is the context for what I was saying.”

An earlier post was heavily flamed ran thus:

“Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I ran the family car into a wall last week, then this jerk ran into the back of it and now it’s a lot shorter. My husband blamed me, which is kind of fair, and we had a row. Not content just to give me a spanking for it, ouch, I still have the bruises as he used a hairbrush this time; he grounded me from the Internet as well.”

One Response to “Honey I shrank the car”

  1. 1 bodack

    that picture is my favorite from the old Nu-west photo sets.

    As far as the women in the bottom post getting flamed, it is her relationship, not theirs.

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