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Pony girls are always fascinating, if straining the topic a little, but this would be extreme indeed if it wasn’t for one thing; the dog. Is that her dog? If it is she should sell it because he isn’t protecting her too well. He is looking up as if to say ‘hey that looks like […]

Maybe you didn’t go to college. The chances are that if you hail from the 1970s or 80s when those of a certain age were expected follow the scholar’s path then you didn’t. Back then, in the UK anyway, college was an elitist pursuit, dominated for the most part by the privately educated and grammar […]

“Amanda, you are required in the library.” The words clawed at her stomach and her jaw tightened. She knew everyone was watching her, but she dare not remove her gaze from a fixed point next to the clock on the mantelpiece lest their eyes meet. “Amanda, did you hear me?” Sir John’s voice was insistent […]

The pictures above are scans from TipTopper taken from a 1949 magazine, Flirt. Flirt was the creation of US publisher Robert Harrison who is more famous for outing Liberace and Rock Hudson as a ‘Lavender Boys’ and Robert Mitchum as having a criminal record (later quashed) for taking drugs in another publication of his, Confidential. […]

The images above touch upon various spanking fantasies, although not necessarily those that the artist intended. For instance, the first, a story illustration by Paula Meadows, may suggest a common fantasy of submitting to more than one man at a time, or it may appeal to men (and women) who like judicial scenarios or military […]

Weekly Round-up


It’s that time again and in the words of Stephen Fry, “It’s going awfully well.” The pictures above were taken from About Spanking, which among other things are promoting offerings from CalStar. On the subject of pictures, the Spanking Spot has some good images this week; all that plus satire and some sad industry news. […]

“I hope you girls have your rent ready, it falls due tomorrow,” Alice said in a mumbled tone brought on by the act of putting on her lipstick. John peered at the woman over the top of his newspaper, admiring the curve of her hips where her ample bottom met the stool she sat on. […]

Our story started here. The Ad Astra hung in space like a fly suspended in amber. If anyone had been standing on the outer hull, the stars would have seemed so close to them that they might have reached out and touched them. To even mortal eyes, which could only perceive a fraction of the […]