A Family Tradition


a family traditionIt had seemed like such a good idea at the time. She wasn’t getting any younger and at almost 37, the prospect of an arranged marriage to the wealthy, handsome and erudite Alec Kingdom had its attractions.

For one thing, he had agreed not only to allow her to continue to follow her career, but had even suggesting funding the research for her latest book and help her find a publisher.

To be sure, it had seemed like an odd proposal at first, but then she had begun to warm to the idea. It had to be better than one more blind date, one more failed internet ‘friendship’ and certainly better than one more night alone in her London flat.

“Okay, let’s say I bite,” she had said weeks before over dinner. “What’s in it for you? I mean, well I’m not bad looking and I keep myself in great shape, even if I say so myself. But then the same could be said for you. With all your money you could get a wife half my age with twice the looks.”

He snorted in amusement and wiped his mouth with the fine cotton napkin to signal the end of his meal, studying her intently with his hard grey eyes. It was true, she thought, he was quite a catch. The only thing that even began to hint at his age was the prematurely thick white hair, which was razor short at the back and sides. His mouth twitched as he cocked his head and continued to regard her appraisingly.

She frowned and confidently stared back at him, tossing the chestnut mane of hair as if to say ‘you have nothing on me.’ But under the table she gripped her thighs and rubbed at them nervously as she wondered if she was missing something.

“Catherine, may I call you Catherine,” he said smoothly, continuing without waiting for her reply, “I have three college-aged daughters, so a younger woman would quite out of the question. As for beauty, I think you underestimate yourself, but in any case I value brains above beauty. The truth is I have been an admirer of your work since you first published the Gender Myth 10 years ago.”

“A rather naïve work,” she said, blushing.

“In many ways yes, but you show signs of maturing,” he said, rocking his hand a little as if his opinion was in the balance.

They had talked a little more before he had suggested the trip; just the five of them under canvas miles from civilisation to get to know one another.

At first it had gone well enough. His daughters were polite and nowhere near as spoilt as they might have been.

At 22 Joanna was the eldest and was certainly the most aloof of the three. Something about her manner suggested that she would rather have not accompanied them, but nothing direct was said. Catherine knew that Joanna was studying for a master’s in Fine Art and she could well believe that hiking a hundred miles from the nearest gallery or museum was not the preferred holiday for her.

Zoe, the middle girl, was two years younger. She was the spit of her eldest sister, although her blonde hair was darker and she was far chattier.

“Daddy loves these little trips of his,” she gushed, before sharing any number of family secrets in total disregard to her sisters’ embarrassment.

“Caitlin wanted to go to Thailand for her gap year,” she had informed Catherine on that first day, “But Daddy said ‘absolutely not.’”

Caitlin was barely 19, petite compared to the other two with reddish hair and face that carried a permanent hint of mischief. Of all the girls, Caitlin had viewed Catherine with the most suspicion since they had set off into the wilds of Scotland.

It had taken half a day to drive on small roads before they had transferred to an off-road vehicle and finally two hours hiking before they reached the camping spot. Even before they left civilisation, Catherine had felt like going back and it had been on the tip of her tongue to complain.

However, Caitlin had moaned from the first, from her opening gambit of, “How far is this dump anyway,” to “I just have to take my make-up bag,” when Alec had taken it from her on account of the sheer weight of it.

Caitlin’s whining had been so irritating that it had been sufficient to give Catherine an insight into how she would have sounded if the girl had not beaten her to it. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help thinking that what Caitlin was saying reflected exactly how she herself felt.

The girl had kept up her complaints all day until finally Alec had snapped.

“She’s for it now,” Joanna had chuckled.

It hadn’t taken long for Catherine to find out what that meant.

As soon as camp was set-up Alec barked at his youngest and all-but took her by the ear to his tent.

“Daddy please, not in front of them,” she had whined.

Catherine was puzzled for a moment, but Caitlin’s sisters were evidentially not and set about exchanging smirks. Then Catherine found out why.

Right there in the tent without bothering with the flap-door he yanked down Caitlin’s shorts and pretty little knickers and began lambasting her small but definitely womanish bottom with his hand as it lay uppermost on one knee.

Catherine watched scene in disbelief for a moment or two and then quickly retreated to her tent in a fit of blushing.

Even there she could not help but listen as Alec’s hand spanked down over and over on the girl’s bare bottom and she whimpered and lisped her apologies. It seemed to go on for ages as Catherine’s mind raced and the vision of Caitlin’s spanking filled her mind. What would it be like to get spanked like that, she wondered and strangely the idea thrilled her.

Just then the flap to her own tent pushed back and Joanna put her around.

“Welcome to the family,” she chuckled. Then casting her eyes in the direction of the on-going spanking added, “Oh don’t pay any mind to her, she be all right. It’s kind of a family tradition. He even used to spank Mummy when she was alive. I expect your turn will come.”

“I really don’t know what you mean,” Catherine bristled. “I think I’ll go for a walk.”

Catherine pushed past the girl, ignoring her words of caution about getting lost and headed out into the trees.


Alec saw Catherine go and he winced. He had been watching her every reaction ever since they had begun this trip. In fact he had been watching her for a very long time. His approach to her, couched as it was in business terms, had been a gamble. He did not think the object of his obsession would prove the mercenary kind and he was almost disappointed when she was prepared to consider his offer.

His biggest fear, or so he now realised, was that she might be disconcerted by his method of punishing his daughters and now he saw that she was.

He let her go for the moment to finish attending to Caitlin, but when she didn’t return he set off in the direction she had headed.

As it was Catherine had not intended to go far, but after wrestling with the strange feelings that had assailed her since witnessing Caitlin’s spanking, she had gone further than she had intended.

The woods were dark on the route she had taken and looking back she could see several routes crossing her path that had not been visible before and most, she suspected, were deer trails and would not lead back to the camp.

Nevertheless, she made a spirited attempt to circle back and hoped that some sound of the Kingdom family would be heard. At one point she heard a hush sound and made for it. But it quickly became clear that it was the sound of running water so she turned back. A dozen paces later she emerged at an opening overlooking the loch.

“At least I’m still in the same valley anyway,” she said aloud in frustration.

“I think you’ll find they call them glens up here and not valleys.”

At the voice she wheeled around and faced Alec.

“I thought I was lost for a minute,” she said uneasily, but never feeling so relieved. “I am sorry, I had to get away, you were busy and I felt like an intruder.”

“It is something you might have to get used to,” he said. “Anyway, you were lost, which is a bit foolish out here. At night it gets cold and you can walk for 100 miles without finding a settlement.”

“I suppose if Caitlin had pulled the same stunt you would have…” Catherine blushed.

“Caitlin or Zoe or even Joanna, anyone I am responsible for,” he said casually, “I am an old fashioned guy.”

Catherine looked away and out at the water below. It was beautiful.

“In a way, you are responsible for me,” she accused, adding, “Joanna said you used to spank your wife.”

“I did.” It was a simple statement.

She blushed and hugged at herself.

“Why do you want to marry me? You hardly know me,” she said, mostly to change the subject. Or so she thought.

“Oh I know you,” he murmured. “I love you.”

Her heart did the impossible and something tingled in her stomach.

There, he thought, I said it.

“I don’t believe you,” she whispered. It was too good to be true, she thought.

Alec returned her coy glances with a long a hard stare and then he said, “Then I will have to prove it.”

He took three strides towards her and tumbled her over his lap as he sat on the steep bank down to the loch. Then he swatted her bottom three times to gauge her response. It was passive and she made little squeaks and squirmed on his lap.

“I generally spank on the bare,” he said assertively.

Catherine’s eyes widened and she blushed.

Taking that as consent, he stripped off first her shorts and then her heavy cotton hiking underwear.

“Will it hurt?” She asked, not knowing what else to say.

“I think so,” he laughed.

The crack of his hand on naked flesh echoed down the glen and in a very short time a woman’s voice could be heard yelping and wailing every bit as energetically as Caitlin had earlier.

“It sounds like Catherine is being introduced to a family tradition,” Zoe giggled.

“Yes, it seems we have a new step-mother,” Joanna agreed.

“Oh phooey,” Caitlin groaned and stamped her foot. “And I have to stay like this.”

The two elder girls turned to regard their younger sister standing with her nose to the ridge pole with her shorts at half-mast. Her bare bottom still stained with Alec’s hand.

“Oh diddums,” Zoe said with a tinkling laugh, “Maybe Daddy will have Catherine join you.”


17 Responses to “A Family Tradition”

  1. Wise families are always welcome.

  2. 2 Old Tom

    An excellent story in every way: crisp, satisfying, almost credible and the ending very well done. We all know Catherine will end up next to Caitlin though I am not sure she deserved her punishment although clearly wanting it.

  3. 3 Karen

    I enjoyed reading your story…Ty x for sharing…

  4. 4 paul1510

    a great story, almost perfect! 😉 😀

  5. I think it’s time that step-mom becomes firmer with the girls.

  6. To me a family tradition concerning spankings is, that a wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, or niece, should be subject to corporal punishment, if they are naughty. So say I.

    • 7 Old Tom

      Absolutely sixofthebest and I am sure you are the man to do it too.

  7. 8 Paul Little

    i belief in firm family disipline naughty females should go over the knee of their mother/stepmother ect for sound hard chastisment wish we had this tradition in the west

  8. sweet story, DJ.

  9. 10 bodack

    Just love that picture

  10. That was neat bit of efficient excellence.

  11. 12 darwinian

    Yet another great tale of tails tormented, and hopefully we’ll be regaled with further tit-bits from this happy family.

  12. 13 Mark

    Did the picture inspire the story? It is a perfect fit.

  13. 14 DJ

    A lot interests here I see, thanks.

    Too many comments for individual replies but in answer to Mark – no – I didn’t see it until the story was written but you are right it does fit. I think it may be Pixie.

    I have occasioanlly written a story around a picture – but not often.


    • 15 Old Tom

      I think because it has a simplicity and a near credibility which with that lovely picture just invites comment

  14. 16 allie

    Great story!

  15. 17 George

    The best father-in-law a serious man should meet asap!
    Any RL father here used to spank his adult daughters?

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