Weekly Round-up


An OTK spankingcorner time in front of a mirrorcaned-on-a-chairThe pictures above are from Pink, Devlin O’Neil and Poppy St Vincent respectively.

Richard Windsor has another take and some backstory on an old magazine photograph carried here a few months back.

If its stories you are after, Loki has many including three or four flagged up this week. Most of these are M/F, although there is one Lesbian tale on the list. In the same vein, Rollin Hand has an F/F story on Disciplinary Tales.

Now on to a more topical subject; it’s Olympic week here in London, if we are allowed to mention that. Apparently some shops and business have been banned from mentioning the Olympics because they did not sponsor it and have taken to calling it the Greek Games. Those fat cat lawyers are really something.

None of this has stopped the Able over at the Spanking Writers holding his own version with spanking as a sport. Damn, we should have gone to that party.

Not to be out done, Blossom and Thorn have been thinking along the same lines.

If you are looking for something else, the Spanking Library has launched issue nine of Well Red Weekly and My Bottom Smarts has a new list of spanking blogs.

The next two weeks are a bit hectic here and access to the Internet is uncertain so although there are at least three new stories and assorted other goodies on the slate, the Weekly Round-Up may not be possible for the next fortnight.

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  1. Our world would soon become better with frequent fair, effective, balanced domestic discipline. Parents’ and husbands’ duty.

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