Weekly Round-up


sitting prettyspanked cutieRobin spanksIt has been a fun week, despite the rain or the blistering unbearable sun (depending where you are in the world).

The pictures above were taken from Poppy’s Submissions, Cutie Pie Spanking and finally Chicago Spankings (click on the coloured pic for the full cartoon strip). It seems that when it comes to superheroes and villains, being a liberated woman is no protection against being spanked.

My Bottom Smarts has come up with a list of new spanking blogs again already, so check out the new kids in town.

The Spank Statement has a spanking fairy tale. This one wouldn’t play in Firefox so if you have the same version you might want to run it in MS IE or some other browser.

If its tales you are after, the Pink Report has a short story about shoelaces that might tickle your fancy. It certainly tickled the fancy of the girl in the story. If you aren’t tired of stories or ‘that’ story, there is another review of 50 Shades of Grey over at Less Than Three blog.

If you prefer pictures, then the Cranky Spanker has a few Czech cartoons that you will have seen before, but always fun.

On the subject of pictures, has anyone noticed the non-standard ways in which blogs are delivering images when you click on them? Sometimes you have to hit the back button to continue and other times that takes you off the page altogether. You even have to ‘click off’ to continue browsing on the same blog. How does he do it, you ask? The world economy is in a mess, it hasn’t stopped raining since May and yet picture browsing makes whinge of the week.

To end on some good news, Loki Renard has started blogging again after a brief hiatus.

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