Dotes: college spankings, rumours and truth


college spankingcollege spankingcollege spankingcollege spankingMaybe you didn’t go to college. The chances are that if you hail from the 1970s or 80s when those of a certain age were expected follow the scholar’s path then you didn’t. Back then, in the UK anyway, college was an elitist pursuit, dominated for the most part by the privately educated and grammar school kids.

Back in the late 1980s when these hallowed halls first began to really open for the rest of us, you might have been forgiven for thinking that sole occupation of universities was sex and gossip. This was the age of AIDS and casual penetration was frowned upon (not avoided you’ll note). For some it was a climate of experimentation, which in those days included, kidding you not, yogurt, political lesbianism and occasionally (much whispered about) BDSM.

Now if you went to college outside of Europe (most especially the US) then maybe you had a paddle tradition and spanking activities could be readily disguised. But in Britain once you crossed the line the word went out.

The trouble was: what word? As before mentioned, the other obsession was gossip and in short order the most ludicrous rumours got around about one. Yours truly, apparently, set-up a pizza business from the halls of residence and the guy across the hall was in MI5. Now you’re getting the idea.

Now actually this was useful because most rational people discounted the pizza myth and were therefore more inclined to place other (more credible rumours) into the same category; colleges are small places and sound carries.

Something has already been said on this blog about college spanking episodes and if the rumours were true (so a big if) much of the public college spanking in the UK was limited to sports hazing.

Nonetheless, if experience is anything to go by, some of the rumours must have been true.

A girlfriend had two spanking lesbians in the next room. They could be heard through the wall. There were also spanking lesbians on the next landing back at the graduate student block, where some of us were billeted on account of overcrowding and having independent student status (that is not living at home with parents).

Lesbian spanking (sorry you straight girls) was a huge element in the rumours too. One history lecturer reportedly had a rather robust and colourful way of handling her favourite girls. This seems unlikely, but it was a fun story nonetheless.

A senior lecturer in English (who all looked like the guy in the first picture in those days) was reportedly having an affair with a third year student, which may have been true; it wasn’t that unusual in those days. The spicy bit was that he spanked her. Apparently they were overheard by another student who was waiting outside for her tutorial to begin.

Another girl, who drank in the student bar, on hearing the rumour above told us that she had moved from another university in the North West (England). There, she said, one of the older tutors used to spank his female students at tutorials if they didn’t reach his standard. It was an open secret, she said, and had been going on for years.

No one credited it much at the time (or now) but it was a great story. The inclusion of the picture above in the illustrations is a bit of fun for how it might have been.

The truth is, most of the spanking took place between students, either as horseplay, sex or in a semi-serious alternative to handling the wilder brats on campus. Well on at least one occasion anyway.

Philly was a pretty girl. The product of a private education, although not a public school one, which perhaps explains her lack of respect for her peers when it came to high jinks. One imagines that if she had been to a public school they were would have eaten her alive long before.

She tended towards partying even on a ‘school night,’ finding the most gullible young man with unspoken offers of her favours and then drinking herself to oblivion at their expense and falling asleep on them.

Yours truly did not actually fall for it, but was once called upon to carry the girl from a rather distraught guy’s room, her in her underwear, as she had got herself in a bit of a state and he didn’t know how to handle it.

She was a friend of sorts and on her better days we used to hang out in a dorm room with a few friends and a bottle of wine.

On one occasion at one of these gatherings she got a little drunk and began slopping water all over the shop. The shop, not being of the pizza kind, had a guy’s bed in it, which she managed to drench.

After much remonstrating, she was playful threatened with a spanking and then not so playfully. She thought this was hilarious and all-but said the classic line ‘you wouldn’t dare.’ What was a guy to do but to take her over a lap for a few firm swats to the jean-clad behind?

Her sole comment on the affair was, “Gosh, you’re strong.”

If this were to happen nowadays, then one can imagine that someone would be on hand with a camera phone and it might result in something like the last picture above, but in those days discretion was still possible.

On another occasion, a few days after spanking a girlfriend in the dorm, a student socialist newspaper seller stopped to offer up her wares. As it happened she lived the room next door. Realising who it was she blushed and said, “I don’t suppose left-wing politics is your kind of thing.”

Little did she know that one of her male colleagues wasn’t above spanking his girlfriend either. It just goes to show how naïve some people are.

That was college in the 1980s; a small village where gossip overran the truth and much was hidden the smoke it generated.

11 Responses to “Dotes: college spankings, rumours and truth”

  1. 1 Old Tom

    Well I went to college decades before your 80s experience and no lecturer, tutor, professor or anyone would have laid a hand on a student and I never heard a rumour otherwise. Sexual affairs to be sure (and meaty gossip they were too) and tutors getting drunk with students but sadly spanking not in there.

    • 2 DJ

      And I am sure that was the norm where lecturers were concerned. But it is interesting what rumours people were ready to perpetuate and even believe.

      But if you missed out on student on student action – then you were in the wrong time and place. ;).

  2. I’m surprised and disappointed that this entry only got two messages. I would love to recall personal experiences, but unfortunately I have none in this regard.

    • I take that back. One sunny Saturday afternoon I was driving down Main St. in my little college town and saw one girl bent over a bench while four others were spanking her. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stop.

  3. 5 Abel

    Such a lovely collection of anecdotes (and photos!)

  4. 6 DJ

    OHM, It is often the way with annecdotes – people don’t like to say you’re bullshitting or otherwise he stories are often tamer than the stories. Soz

    Thanks Abel. 😉

  5. 7 PDBB

    The Alternative Learning Program
    In (a belated) reply to Old Tom; There were (or was, at least one I know of -believe me) institutions of *higher learning in the sixties that catered to students who were *removed* from their school that they were first accept to (for one reason or another) that catered to the individual needs of the these students and it was made clear (at least to the parents) of these enrollees that *traditional* if not down right old fashioned methods would be employed in achieving the *desired* results and getting the student either reinstated or placed into another college.
    It was a step back in time (Ten years at least). The curriculum and *required* rules of deportment were both rather intense and strict and enforced! And the instruction designed to be in line with a primary school format and feel (young adults could be sent to a corner for inattention)
    Failure to achieve demanded levels of either academic or behavior got you called on the carpet and have your parents called and informed of your poor scholastic effort or misbehavior. If you were one of the unlucky ones to have your parents sign the punishment permission form (in loco parentis) the administrator was free to precede with *taking care of it on the spot*.
    Rumor has it, that these embarrassing *corrections* were very effective in impressing the recipient of such rumored efforts, to conform and buckle down and return visits were rare. But that may not have been the last you heard of it, especially if it was a major breaking of the rules, as your house mother was apprised of any breach of discipline and it was not unheard of to have the school rules *reviewed* and additional restrictions applied.
    Emerging adult or not the structure was designed to *bring down* the rebel and many were reduced to tears on just being told a *review* was scheduled.

    • 8 DJ

      PDBB – not entirely sure where you are coming from but always interesting. Thanks 🙂

      • 9 PDBB

        For DJ
        I had/have a rebellious (not any more, she grew up) cousin who had gotten into *trouble* at her college in the mid to late sixties and her parents found a disciplinary program for her, under the guise of an educational structured environment. It was listed as *a college* but resembled a foreign *finishing school*.
        Discipline was the foremost facet that was stressed and they [the instructors and administrators] referred to any breach in the many school rules, was said to be acting in a *childish way* and was handled *accordingly*. Embarrassment/humiliation and yes, spankings were authorized and used *excessively* (my cousin’s word).
        I, being an unrepentant spankophile have always had a different take (perspective) on it.
        Anyhow, she did get into another school and was/is quite successful, although she never did have a warm relationship with her parents, even though they sent her there *for her own good*

        • 10 DJ

          No fond memories for her then. I have heard that such places used to exist – one wonders if…

  6. 11 PDBB

    In the twenty first century there were “schools”/programs for *teen* discipline (though they accepted refrrals right up to the (old) age of majority of twenty one. Discipline included everything from extended *quiet* time or corner time, denuding (called *sheeting*), to embarrassing spankings to severe switchings or canings.
    The *authorities* have closed many of these Programs down but many under the protection and guise of religious freedom are still functioning today

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