What Great-great grandfather’s butler saw (part 1 of 3)


Vintage eroticaVintage eroticaVintage eroticaVintage eroticaVintage eroticaVintage eroticaVintage eroticaDigging around on an old hard drive under what appeared to be 100 years of dust and grime some interesting old pictures turned up. It is pretty certain that Great-great grandfather didn’t actually take them (although who knows?) so they were not bequeathed in a will. In fact the exact origins are unknown. A good many were found on a Brazilian vintage erotica blog about two or three years back and the rest have been there even longer. Some of these have been seen before, although as with the ones above, appear to be from a series.

The quality is very variable and some pains have been taken to clean them up. At least eight were somebody’s scans (several were over a thousand pixels across and far too large for usual web publication).

One or two have archive marks denoting a museum collection from about 70 years ago, but most are un-watermarked. No identifying information has been deleted.

Most of the pictures are Edwardian, although some may date from the late Victorian period and one or two are perhaps as recent as the 1920s. Whether or not they were ever included in a ‘what-the-butler-saw’ machine is open to doubt although the first two appear to be consecutive.

Make of them what you will. They will be published in three parts during this coming week.

6 Responses to “What Great-great grandfather’s butler saw (part 1 of 3)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    interesting Pictures.

  2. Yes, in grandfather’s days, He protected his female family, but not often their bottoms. For if any of them misbehaved. Up would go their skirts, he split their bloomer’s to bare them, and would use his hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, cane, or whip, on his womenfolk. And with fervant gusto.Namely a good spanking.

  3. 3 Scarlet

    My favorite is the fifth photo, with the two smirking ladies seen through the window. The one being spanked, who wasn’t even given a moment to remove her hat, must have been a real pistol.

    • 4 Joseph

      Probably those smirking ladies had gone over his knee themselves at some time.

  4. 5 Old Tom

    The Russian film “Of Freaks and Men” is shot in sepia and with written commentary as if a silent film of the past. It begins with a pornographer who makes pictures and films like these for women! Several women become his semi-willing victims. It is a strange but really watch-able film and you often see stills from it. Well worth buying for the birching scenes alone but the plot is fascinating.

  5. 6 DJ

    Thanks everyone – glad you liked them.

    Scarlet – I think its a calender not a window – but the effect is good. 😉

    Old Tom – I have seen that movie. Very strange and packed with spanking. very unusual in a mainstream movie. I might review it some time.

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