Weekly Round-up


Supergirl spanked by Supermanspanked flapperThe pictures above were taken from Less Than Three and Chross respectively.

Chross has a nice little find about spanking flappers, a topic oft written about here and a strange little movie snippet where a deranged top is trying to teach nonsense to a girl while spanking her.

Just for the record speed and accuracy do not equal precision and what is it with the man dressed as a toad?

The movie does not seem to play in Firefox at the moment and nor does the nice little movie clip on the Spank Statement, which is also well worth checking out, so you might want to view it in MS Internet Explorer.

The post from yesterday attracted the attention of no lesser person than Richard Windsor, who has been added to the blog list on the right. It seems great minds think alike and he might well have been the original source of the two older pictures posted. Good find Richard.

Just to prove a point there are several more stage spanking pictures on his blog this week so check them out.

Just scraping under the wire is a new post from Imagine the Stories, which posted the next instalment of the Picket Family just after we went to press last Friday.

Another lady who has had a busy week is Poppy St Vincent over at Poppy’s Submissions. She has a post today that poses some interesting questions.

Devlin O’Neil surpassed himself yesterday with two posts in one day. The latest on pervertables is well worth a look.

Last but not least, Chicago Spanking Review has several retro magazine toons similar to those often published here.

More next week.

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  1. 1 Poppy

    Thank you, DJ!

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