Backstage spanking traditions


horseplay or serious on-set spankingchorus girl spanked for flirting with stage manager circa 19001923 stage spanking prank on studio back lotMuch has been written about stage spankings, but so often little attention has been given to the tradition of backstage spanking traditions and similar escapades at showbiz parties.

Leading ladies and chorus girls were often spanked to bring the production luck, especially if they were new to the cast.

New chorus girls were sometimes hazed and disputes settled with a spanking.

That’s not all.

There are many stories about after production parties where scores were settled and cheeky starlets were put in their place.

Even in recent years Britney Spears was rumoured to have been spanked backstage by Jon Bon Jovi after teasing him.

Back in the 1960s there was a legendary party in Paris attended by no lesser person than Catherine Deneuve and Bridget Bardot. The story goes that one particular new actress tried to stir up trouble between these two screen legends until Ms Deneurve decided to put the girl in her place.

“Come with me little girl,” she said, “I want to show you something.”

Eager for the personal attention of the great actress, the starlet followed he rout of the room. Moments later shrieks were heard and on rushing out, party patrons discovered the former cheeky starlet across Ms Deneurve’s knee for a sound spanking.

The pictures above are a random selection of the moment being captured. The first is unknown and maybe an outtake or publicity still. The second is a ‘staged’ spanking prank of chorus girl caught in a compromising position with the stage manager.

The final one is of horseplay on the back lot of movie stage in 1923.

3 Responses to “Backstage spanking traditions”

  1. Last pic is actually two sisters playing dress up, I just missed out on the auction of that one. Pics two and three were made here.

    I subscribe to this blog on the RSS feed so I get to see all the posts that are made, a courtesy link would be nice. In fact maybe we should just trade links.

    • 2 DJ

      How strange – thanks Richard.

      I hadn’t consciously copied your post – the two pictures shown came out of different folders and were linked (again) by me because of the theme.

      Well all credit to you for finding them first.

      Thanks again DJ

      ps happy to excahnge links – see my mail to you. 🙂

  2. 3 DJ

    Simon Le Bon?

    Not exactly a toppy name – but each to her own. 😉

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