Alfresco spanking


alfresco punishmentalfresco punishmentalfresco punishmentalfresco punishmentalfresco punishmentalfresco punishmentalfresco punishmentalfresco punishment“You wouldn’t dare,” she said.

A much younger DJ Black had broken of a thin swishy branch and was busy peeling it at this point. We were miles from anywhere in a wood up the side of a mountain.

The switch got swiped through the air a couple of times and she baulked.

Deciding to make a run for it, she chose some heavy undergrowth by a mountain stream with a sharp drop. Dead end.

She was made to remove her jeans under a threat of having them confiscated and adopted a position on all fours. Then knickers down at her thighs, she took sharp slices across her up-thrust exposed white bottom until she was somewhat moist-eyed and very contrite.

Suddenly somewhere there were children yelling, they had found the stream in the rocks below and were diving in.

“Don’t mind them,” she said huskily, “When you’re finished with me I have another idea.”

That was on a rather hot day some 20 years ago.

No such luck this year; or not so far anyway. The summer is definitely missing in the UK. Someone should mount a search party.

However the pictures above put one in mind of one the joys of summer, or for some, one of the pitfalls.

Kelly J wrote:

“I hate summer, they put me in mind of barbecues. I always seem to get spanked at barbecues. It’s embarrassing.”

The mind boggles as to what happened to Miss Kelly, but we can perhaps imagine.

There was a post about garden spankings in England a while back and we compared and contrasted the deliberate humiliation of being spanked in the back yard as a punishment with the woodshed tradition which may have evolved to take Miss Mischief away from the rest of the family to avoid embarrassment.

Some of the pictures above definitely capture the woodshed moment and others just take the theme a bit further.

The cowboy spanking is taken from the 1949 movie the Stagecoach Kid and features Tim Holt spanking Miss Jeff Donnell who has ironically fled into the just desert dressed as a boy to escape her just deserts.

The colour F/F drawing of two on two is by the Belgium artist Jean-Philippe.

The others are largely unknown and range from vintage fun to rather harsh judicial examples, but all you would agree, are alfresco.

11 Responses to “Alfresco spanking”

  1. 1 tiptopper

    Fourth from the top looks like Ed Lee of Nu-West. Nu-West is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, spanking film producers still in business. They started out making 8 mm black & white films with no sound before there were any video players. I have their first VHS compilation tape that has some of those first 8 mm films on it.

  2. 2 charlie

    Do u have the one with Debby in it?

    • 3 tiptopper

      Yes. It has no sound and I think it is in b&w because it was copied from their earlier 8 mm films. It is Nu-West VHS Preview #3. The Debby section is called “Debby’s Fantasys”. Since it is labeled #3 there were apparently earlier Previews.

  3. 4 kaki

    Holey moley that first picture is kinda scary. 😯 If I saw someone caned like that I would be good the rest of my life.

    • Kaki, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

      I think girls should only be spanked indoors. Alfresco is for sunbathing and drinks with little umbrellas in them.

  4. The second pic is from my personal collection, here is the unedited version of it

    I have actually scanned it as well but I forget where I posted the scanned version 🙂

  5. 7 DJ

    Hi Peeps,

    a lot of interest here – thanks.

    Charlie and TT thanks for the walk down memory lane (for some) VHS and 8mm is even before my time!

    Kaki – I’m with Scarlet here – one really good caning like that and you woul dbehave forever? Not sure I believe that. Hey why don’t we try it and see? 😉

    Thanks Richard – we might have known you had it first. Any idea what the original source was?

    Thanks everyone DJ

  6. That Alfresco caning scene is a good one. Makes for a sizzling hot bare bottom. The naughty damsel tied to the whipping post is excellent, And the naughty woman in the stocks, given a military leather belting, has merit.

  7. DJ,

    I bought it off of Ebay, unfortunately there is nothing written on the back of the pic so sadly there is no data to share.

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    information, thanks for providing such statistics.

  9. 11 markiee

    My wife and I go camping from time to time and I usually wind up naked across her knees at least one time getting a spanking in the great outdoors. One time we went skinny dipping and she got out first as she was getting cold. When I got out I walked up to her as she sitting on some sun warmed rocks.
    You look cold dear, come her so I can warm you up.
    The next thing I knew she pulled me over her knee and proceeded to light a fire under me. Just then we heard some cat calling and applauding coming from the lake. As I looked back over my shoulder I saw 2 women around 60ish paddling a canoe, who stopped to take in the view presented before then and yelling encouragement to my wife. My wife called back to them thanking them and said this is how she keeps her husband in line.
    Then my wife flipped me over bending me backwards over her lap, reached for the sunscreen and proceeded to give me a handjob in front of these 2 strangers and didn’t stop until I lost control. The ladies went nuts with applause and told my wife to keep it up. My wife then got up and put me over her shoulder as she walked me back to our campsite.

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