Are you sick of sororities yet?


sorority hazingsorority phone picsorority girls lined up to be paddledsorority initiationThe issue that just won’t go away it seems. A sassy sorority girl revelling in the name of Blister Sister, saw the top picture, posted here some time ago and sent the next three pictures in.

The last two have been seen before somewhere, but they do illustrate that paddling does go on, as if we didn’t already get that. The second is a phone pic with what appears to be a bare bottom on the edge of the picture, so thanks Blister.

SB says that she has many others of a personal nature, some with herself getting and receiving, but doesn’t have permission from her sisters to release them. She says that she has no idea if the top picture is genuine but it was typical of the hazing she had and handed out in her sorority days.

She claims to have once lost a bet with a frat boy and taken 21 swats on the bare from him while some sisters looked on. Did it hurt? She says, “The clue is in the name.”

Will there be more from Blister? She says maybe, so watch this space.

10 Responses to “Are you sick of sororities yet?”

  1. 1 Old Tom

    No not sick at all….keep them coming as far as I am concerned. My college days were nothing like this at all…..sob.

  2. 2 Tailgunner50

    By all means keep them coming. It warms my heart to see these young ladies enjoying themselves so much.

  3. 3 tiptopper

    If you want to see many more sorority paddling pictures go to Michael Masterson’s blog

    Look to the left under Catagories for sororities. Some pictures say “more” under them. Be sure to click those too. This is a good spanking blog but unfortunately it is not updated that often but it has been around for awhile so it has lots of older material. He grew up in Texas and has many real life spanking info too, especially school paddling.

  4. 4 Jake

    No, not sick of sororities. I’m skeptical that there is any such saturation point.

  5. 5 Rollin

    The second picture is actually from the new Clare Fonda site,

    • 6 DJ

      Entirely possible but did you have to be such a Kiljoy? Lol 😉

  6. 7 tiptopper

    If Blister Sister has photos but doesn’t have permission from her sisters you could still post them and blur or pixilate the faces on everyone but Blister. If later she got pemission from her sisters you could repost them. I’m sure your readers would like to see Blister’s photos even without all the faces.

    • 8 DJ

      Unfortunately Blister Sister didn’t send me anymore pictures, the photos she is referring to have not been seen by me or anyone outside her sorority as far as I know. Maybe she will send others at some future date.

      Nice try TT. 😉

      • 9 tiptopper


        If Blister Sister sent those to you then you must have her email address. You could ask her for more pics with the stipulation that you wouldn’t show the faces of anyone that hasn’t given permission.

        (If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again)

        • 10 DJ

          Thanks for the suggestion but I have long since learned not to be pushy. If she has anything she wants to share then she is reading this.

          I enter into correspondence with many people – sometimes it is a one-of other times it is the start of a dialogue.

          It is all about trust.

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