The Hemswell Programme


Hemswell spanking“Okay let me see if I have got this right,” Laura Carmichael said after a very deep breath, “My uncle, Dean Latimer, my late uncle… I mean he is dead and this not some joke?”

Laura frowned and paused to gather her thoughts again before continuing, as the lawyer leaned forward linked his hands in front of him, signalling his almost infinite patience.

“Uncle Dean has left all his money to his two daughters, my cousins Emma and Lucy, but they don’t get a penny until they are at least 30 years-old? And I… I have control of his estate until then. Is that about the size of it?”

Laura barely knew her uncle, but his two daughters had been a thorn in her side ever since they had been put in the custody of their mother; a stupid feckless woman who had drunk herself to death, but not before spoiling them rotten.

“There is generous compensation in this for you,” the lawyer explained, as if suddenly afraid she might refuse. “As well as enjoyment of Latimer Hall, you will receive £100,000 a year and one million pounds once your duties are discharged.”

“But in effect I will be their legal guardian,” Laura gaped.

At 28, she was only two years older than Emma and barely five years older than Lucy; was no way they would mind her. Looking up she glanced at the mirror on the opposite wall that framed the scene of the dour pin-striped lawyer and a petite woman with thick dark bobbed hair. The dark brown eyes staring back were wide with shock.

“Well that is a matter of interpretation,” the lawyer continued. “I mean in essence you will only have to sign paperwork every month and help me make an annual assessment of their suitability to inherit.”

“We are talking about the wild child of the west and her dippy little sister here. Believe me I know. The summers I spent with them…” Laura broke off and looked skyward in horror.

“Ah yes,” the lawyer said as if this was old news to him, which it was. “That is rather why your uncle left the matter in your hands.”

“But they are… ‘It girls’ and socialites these days, I am a… librarian,” Laura said with an exasperated sigh and went to the window.

It was raining and the grey light under a heavy crowd was heavy with change. There was no way she could refuse. She had been made redundant the week before.

“I rather think their wild days are about to be curtailed,” the lawyer said with a cough, “I mean the will clearly states…”

“Yes I see,” Laura said wearily.

“Look. There is adequate provision for… expenses and I know a man who might help…” the lawyer said carefully as if he had just thought of it. “His name is Charles Hemswell.”


“Is this actually legal?” Laura asked, unable to hide her astonishment as she studied the man standing at the mantelpiece with a cognac in his hand.

Charles Hemswell had turned out to be a man of indeterminate age with tight grizzled curls and eyes that Laura couldn’t quite meet. Back in the day, he had been the head of an old-fashioned private school, but a change in teaching philosophy had led to his early retirement. He studied her now, giving her the impression that she had said something completely stupid.

“It is not illegal,” Charles said smoothly. “My programme relies on consent and under the circumstances I think I can get it.”

“Yes but…” Laura felt foolish again. There had been some daunting wording in the small print of the contract that she wished to clarify. “What if this doesn’t work out?”

“It always works out, even if my… clients don’t always see it that way at first. Hence the £20,000 premature cancellation fee,” Charles said taking another sip of cognac.

“But these methods of yours… how will… I mean what if…?”

“If you agree, then that will be my problem,” Charles said with a casual shrug.

“But… you really mean to spank them if…” Laura was suddenly thrilled at the idea. “And other measures, what are they?”

“Spank, cane, whatever it takes,” Charles shrugged. “As for other measures, well some young women think it is rather amusing to be spanked; they don’t always take it too seriously at first. Sometimes they need to be taken down a peg or two.”

“Yes,” Laura whispered. She was almost envious.


Laura did not know how Emma and Lucy would take it and picked a seat as far away from the centre of the room as she could. The old leather chair had been her uncle’s favourite, she seemed to recall, and now that she was the lady of the house it seemed appropriate somehow.

Emma had entered the room as poised as ever and tossing her long blonde hair dismissively when she saw Laura sitting there and then took a place opposite on the sofa. She eyed Charles Hemswell suspiciously, but there was nonetheless something seductive in the outwardly demure way she took her seat.

Lucy on the other hand breezed in and threw herself down at the opposite end of the settee like a careless teenager.

“Hi Laur,” she threw out at Laura, tugging the dark blonde ponytail and chewing on the end. “You gonna be holding the purse strings. Cool.”

Emma rolled her eyes up at the last remark. Sometimes her sister could be so stupid.

“Who’s this?” Lucy said rudely, casting a lazy look at Charles.

“He’s a kind of… a guidance counsellor and mentor. He…”

“I will be taking care of household discipline and suggesting better ways to deport yourselves,” Charles cut in.

Lucy giggled at this and Emma tilted her head to one side to take a fresh appraisal at the rather serious-looking man. Her expression seemed to say, ‘are you for real?’

Then Charles had outlined the exact details of his programme to the, at first incredulous and then openly amused sisters.

“You have got to be fucking joking,” Lucy giggled.

“That is an example of the behaviour that will no longer be tolerated,” Charles said sharply.

“Ooh, what you going to do, spank her?” Emma said scornfully.

Lucy put a finger to her lips and offered Charles a mock pout.

“Yes,” Charles said firmly as he crossed the room.

Then Laura and Emma watched open-mouthed as Charles upended Lucy over his knee and struck her sharply on the seat of her short kilt.

Laura noted the way in which Lucy’s ample bottom filled out the tartan pleats of the skirt as it stuck up over Charles’s lap and she blushed. However, her red face was nothing to Lucy’s who’s eyes were wide in astonishment, especially when her skirt was flipped up to reveal her impossibly small knickers and the spill of her slightly pinkened bottom cheeks.

“Please Mr Hemswell… ooch,” she squealed, but Charles took no notice and set about spanking Lucy soundly until she squirmed and gasped across his knee.

The spanking lasted a good 10 minutes until Lucy was panting hard and her bottom was a startling red. Even Emma shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she gazed at her sister’s bottom encased in underwear that had ridden up Lucy’s cleft to become little more than a thong.

“Now go to your room,” Charles growled.

“Yes Sir,” Lucy lisped.

The 23-year-old blonde suddenly looked even younger and with a pout and a wipe of her eye scurried from the room as she rubbed at her bottom.

“I trust you don’t need the same?” Charles said looking at Emma.

Emma sucked in her cheeks and blinked. Laura couldn’t help smirking at the hint of apprehension she saw there.


Things settled down after that, although Laura felt that she was no longer running things. After the first week Charles Hemswell moved in and as it seemed the most suitable, he requested and was given the master bedroom that had formerly been occupied by Uncle Dean.

At mealtimes Laura noticed that Charles occupied the head of the table and whenever she was late he had a habit of giving her a disapproving look that unsettled her. Also at every opportunity he made suggestions about changes to the running of the house and the three women’s personal lives. Although Laura knew he was only being helpful in her case, she had wanted to set an example so reluctantly at first fell in with his ideas. Furthermore, any doubts that Laura had about his disciplinary methods were soon dispelled.

Three days after he moved in a commotion downstairs brought Laura onto the landing to see Emma with her shoes in hand being confronted by Charles. She had evidently been out for the evening and had been trying to sneak back in two hours after the time that had been set for her.

“Miss Latimer,” Charles said as he stood glaring at her with the air of a schoolmaster, “I will see you in the library before you creep upstairs.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” Emma said in a somewhat surly manner.

Then trying to retain a cool dignity, she breezed past Charles and into the library.

By the time Laura came down she was surprised to see a rather sheepish Emma bending over the desk with her little black dress rolled up to her hips and her matching black thong dangling at her ankles.

“Look she doesn’t have to be here,” Emma complained.

“Oh I think a little humility will serve you well,” Charles said dryly.

It was then that Laura noticed he held a cane.

“Oh my gosh,” Laura gasped clapping her hand to her mouth at the sight of Emma’s neat round high-set bottom bared to ex-headmaster.

“I found Emma’s underwear somewhat inadequate,” Charles remarked, “So from now on she can forfeit it when such unpleasantaries are called for.”

“Eh yes… quite,” Laura spluttered, flushing.

The cane sliced the air in a blur, cutting a sharp white line across Emma’s pale bottom like a slash mark in the snow.

“Jeez,” Emma yelped half rising.

“I believe you remember what happened last time,” Charles said sternly.

Last time, Laura realised; then this is not the first. No wonder she is so compliant. When, I wonder?

“Yes,” Emma spat, still a little surly. Then seeing Charles’s warning look, hastily added, “Yes Sir.”

Emma rocked her bottom as she settled back onto her elbows with her stark bare bottom thrust upwards. The line of white on white was by now flooded with red and was rapidly welting.

The next stroke took her below the first and she dipped at the knees for a moment before straightening. Laura licked her lips at the posture and the sharp hiss through Emma’s nose.

“Please Sir, how… how many?” Emma had trouble getting out the words.

“It would have been only six last time, if not for your rebellion. This time as promised it will be eight. Unless…?”

“Unless I’m a baaad girl,” Emma supplied bitterly.

“You are learning,” Charles said as he laid on a third stroke under the two vivid lines marking her bottom.

Laura hugged herself as Emma took five more and then watched as her cousin extended her arm for a handshake and with tear-brimmed eyes said almost humbly, “Thank you Sir.”

Laura noticed that Emma made no attempt to repair her dress and instead held the hem of her eveningwear up off her hips to expose her bare bottom.

“May I get dressed Sir?” Emma asked, thoroughly mortified, her face strawberry red framed by her cream-coloured hair.

“You may,” Charles said putting down the cane. “Good night Emma.”

“Good night Sir,” Emma said meekly.


A week later the sound of a vigorous spanking brought Laura out of her room to find Emma standing in just her pyjama tops facing the wall beside her own door. Her small but well-defined bottom was bare beneath the hem of her jacket and it was an even startling red all-over. Her cousin shot her an angry look over her shoulder, but her indignation was unconvincing, especially since the face surrounding her watery blue eyes was puce with embarrassment. Laura smirked when Emma couldn’t quite meet her gaze and hastily turned her nose back to the wall.

Lucy’s spanking was still underway and Laura couldn’t help strolling up to the open door of her bedroom for a peek. She too was wearing only her pyjama tops as she lay wailing for England across Charles’s lap, her bare bottom well on the way to matching her sister’s. In Lucy’s case, Charles had his work cut out for him as the younger girl had a more ample and expressive bottom.

“Even on a weekend, I expect you both out of bed by 8.30, do you understand me?” Charles was scolding her.

“Yes Sir, please Sir, oh… ouch,” Lucy wailed.

The spanking lasted a good five minutes more before Charles was satisfied and a sniffing Lucy was allowed to stand next to her sister.

“Now you will both remain there until dismissed, do you hear me?” Charles growled.

“Yes Sir,” Lucy said quickly.


“Yes Sir,” Emma said sulkily. Laura could almost sense her eyes roll-up even from behind.

“Do you wish to visit the library for 10 with the cane?” Charles said sharply.

“No Sir,” Emma said hastily.

“Good. I think you would find corner time somewhere more public rather a trial today.”

Laura stifled a giggled as Emma shuddered in horror. Today the builders would be in and out working on some jaded plaster.


Lucy’s first caning was not a quiet affair. Both Laura and Emma gathered at the door to the library to watch her yell and howl as her pig tails, a recent acquisition by the house’s youngest, danced in time to her weaving hips. Not that Lucy had rebelled like Emma had, but her fuss had earned her a supplementary spanking with the flat of a hairbrush and caused Charles to begin the caning from scratch until the woeful 23-year-old had taken a total of 11 strokes across her epic bottom.

Afterwards Laura watched in amusement as Lucy was sent to the corner in the kitchen where the daily woman and her assistant smirked as they went about their work.

“The way sis follows him about like a puppy dog you would never guess he did this would you?” Emma said scornfully.

“She has a crush on him?” Laura blurted, suddenly a little jealous.

Emma regarded her older cousin for a moment and then smiled, murmuring, “As if you wouldn’t know.”

Laura blushed and then rushed off to busy herself with coffee, which she took at her leisure as she contemplated Lucy’s fate and hoped the ordeal, if that’s what it was, did not soon end.

She was not disappointed. Lucy was left bare-bottomed in the corner for the rest of the morning, until long after the staff had gone home and had to take her lunch standing at the breakfast counter still exposed.


Charles Hemswell was irritated. One of the perks as set out in his contract was that he had the run of the impressive library. However, he was not responsible for its management or good order, as that was Laura’s province. According to her arrangement, she was in charge of all things pertaining to the house. Now after an evening spent looking for certain philosophy and psychology books, they finally turned up in the history section. Furthermore, he noticed that some of his disciplinary manuals along with certain erotic works, were either missing or had been misfiled.

Charles considered for a moment that one of the Latimer girls might have been responsible for the latter faux pas, but he had seen how Laura was always on hand when he was dealing with disciplinary matters and he had a hunch that she was the culprit. In any case, as a former librarian she should have known better when it came to books.

He couldn’t abide things being out of place and had learnt from long experience that overlooking the small things often led to trouble. After all standards were standards and rules were most definitely rules. Then he caught a reflection of himself in the bookshelf glass, his heavy visage and menacing frown reminding him of his father.

“How pompous you have become,” he said aloud, his face cracking so that suddenly to any who might have been watching he appeared much younger. Still, it is a waste of a perfectly good evening on account of someone else’s carelessness, he thought.

If Laura had been on hand he might have confronted her, but she had gone out for the evening to meet a friend.

“When will you return?” He had asked her earlier.

“Oh,” Laura paused for a moment at the door and frowned, “Why? Does it matter?”

“We have responsibility to the girls, setting a good example and all that,” Charles had countered, mildly irritated by her attitude even then, he remembered now that he thought about it.

“Yes, yes of course,” Laura had offered him a tight smile, “I shouldn’t be too late.”

Charles had thought it vague and had held her gaze for a moment with a sterner one of his own.

“Oh, 11.30 say, twelve at the latest,” Laura said casually as she turned to go, adding, “Not much later than that.”

Pondering the memory he glanced again around the library and spied one of the missing books on a chair.

Educational and Disciplinary Approaches for Young Women,” he read aloud. “Now what are you doing there? I am pretty damn sure that Emma and Lucy didn’t take you off the shelf.”

It took several more hours, but finally Charles had located all but two of the books; both spanking erotica he noted, wondering which of the girls had it in their room, when he noticed the time. It was fast approaching two in the morning. The Latimer girls had been in bed for almost four hours, a week time bedtime that he had insisted upon much to their reluctance.

Just then there was the rattle of a key in the door and Charles went into the hall.

“Oh Mr Hemswell, you startled me,” Laura said, feeling faintly like she had been caught by teacher playing truant.

Charles frowned, by any vague time she had given, she was over an hour late; not the best of examples. Also she appeared to be somewhat dishevelled with drink.

“Oh is that the time,” Laura giggled as she saw the grandfather clock by the door, “We went on somewhere.”

“You… drove home?” Charles raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“Oh don’t worry, the roads are quiet around here and anyway I only had two or was it three…?” Laura waved dismissively at him. “I am well under the limit.”

“That, Miss Carmichael, is debateable, but in any event, you are clearly not safe to drive,” Charles said trying not to sound pompous again. “What about the girls? We did discuss before you went out about setting an example.”

“Oh, that,” Laura pulled a wincey face and mouthed the word ‘sorry.’ “I lost track of time.”

Charles remembered that he too had done the same thing and softened a little. Then he remembered the books and his wasted evening. That too had been Laura’s fault.

“The library was a mess and I am missing two books,” Charles challenged, “Frank and I and the Russell Corner.”

Laura blushed and looked at the floor.

“You have them?” Charles cocked an eye.

“I… I’m not sure, maybe they were among some books I meant to sort out…” Laura appeared shifty and looked away at the wall pretending to be interested in a snow scene by a minor artist that was close to.

“Sort out? Like you sorted out the library you mean?” Charles frowned again.

“I’m sorry about that, I…” Laura chewed her bottom lip and fell silent.

Charles sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “It’s late,” he said, “Meet me in library tomorrow at 9.30 and we’ll discuss it properly.”

For some reason Laura thought of the girls and blushed.

“Oh and bring those books with you,” Charles added as he reached into the library to turn out the light.

“Eh… if I have them, I’ll look…” Laura said hastening away. She had hoped he had forgotten and she could quietly return them.

“Oh, you have them Miss Carmichael,” Charles growled.


When Laura arrived in the library the next morning, Charles was pouring over his contract with her. She recognised the slightly pinkish paper that she had last seen at the lawyer’s office. She had spent much of the previous night tossing and turning in bed and oscillating between annoyance at his attitude and the feeling that she had screwed up, but now she that she saw him apparently reviewing his position, she was unaccountable afraid that he might want to give up on her as a bad job.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“You tell me,” Charles said putting the paper down and leaning back in his chair.

He glanced at the books in Laura’s hands. It hadn’t taken her long to find them. Seeing where he was looking she blushed and put them down hastily on the desk.

“I’m sorry about last night and the books. I…”

“The books are of no consequence as long as you put them back where you found them.” He glanced at where she had put them on the desk. “However, your prevarication when asked about them borders on… deception.”

Laura opened her mouth to speak but he raised a hand.

“On the other hand your tardiness, untidiness, carelessness and drunkenness are totally unacceptable,” he continued in a tone she had heard him use with Emma and Lucy. “What kind of example is that to set for the girls?”

Red hot blood pumped into her head leaving her lightheaded and she pouted as she looked at her shoes.

“I have a good mind to take this to the Latimer’s lawyers and to question your whole suitability as the girls’ guardian.” His eyes flashed and he was deadly serious.

Laura thought of the lost million pounds, but it seemed unimportant somehow. Instead she was acutely aware of disappointing him and that was far worse.

“Now I have been looking at our contract and there is something here that may help us get beyond this,” he said somewhat more kindly on seeing her quail before him.

Her ears pricked up and she looked at him hopefully.

“Among the legalese and jargon in this contract there is the phrase, ‘to be responsible for mentoring, disciplining, guiding, etc, etc… of female persons under 30 and so forth… Latimer family resident in… blah, blah… all those with an interest in the benefits, provisions thereof… well you get the general idea,” he said emphatically folding the paper.

“Not entirely,” Laura gave him a confused look.

“Well taking a broad view, the stipulations of this contract could just as easily apply to you. And since you did sign them and you have ‘an interest in the benefits, provisions etc’ and you are in a wider sense a member of the Latimer family… well you see where I am going with this?”

Laura frowned and then she began to see where he was going. “You mean… oh no, if you think…”

“I think we are on the same page,” he said firmly, and then looking again at books on the desk added, “It is not as if you aren’t interested in my approach or have been adverse to my methods.”

“This is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way…” Laura could hardly speak for gaping and she wished that at least her blushing would rein in to a dull roar.

“Miss Carmichael, seriously, I am very experienced at this. You know as well as I do about the improvements I have made and you have not only approved of them to date, but you have at times been… entertained. Now I have to put it to you, either I am in charge here or I am not. I believe you have the right to terminate my contract; that is your prerogative. But if you don’t wish to dispense with my services, then I am going to take drastic measures with you.”

Laura thought of the £20,000 cancellation fee and the questions that would be asked by the lawyers. It was going to be embarrassing whichever way you looked at it.

“Now Mr Hemswell, Charles, you can’t just…” Laura said as she backed away to the far side of the desk followed by a determined looking Charles.

“I think Sir would be the appropriate form of address at this time,” Charles supplied, taking off his jacket and beginning to carefully roll up each sleeve.

“You can’t…” Laura spluttered, “Please I…”

“Neither of us is leaving this room until you either say in a nice clear voice, ‘Mr Hemswell you are dismissed,’ or you call me ‘Sir.’” Charles folded his arms and fixed her with a glare.

“Mr Hemswell… Charles… Look, maybe I…” Laura was frantic.

She knew now that Charles leaving would be a disaster for more reasons than one. Not only would her cousins eat her alive if she had to control them alone, but gone would be any chance of a cushy job and a million pounds. In any case, she was beginning to love her life here. She was even beginning to love… the thought was left incomplete.

Charles pulled her easily towards him and tipped her across his knee. Then as she struggled bitterly pounding at his thighs with her small fists, he reached under her waistband and undid her light cotton trousers. Her bottom was small and tight and jutted-up towards him in two neat spheres. He couldn’t help the tight thrill in his stomach as peeled the cotton down her legs and her bottom was revealed beneath skimpy brief underwear. Unveiled, the pert buttocks were even more appealing and he couldn’t help but admire her.

“What are you doing? Please Charles, you can’t…” she squealed.

“I thought we had agreed that you were to call me Sir,” Charles remarked dryly.

Laura blushed beyond heavy puce until her face purpled like a thunder cloud. She dared not speak and fixed her eyes angrily on the floor close to her nose from her position over his knee.

“No?” Charles said after waiting. “So be it.”

Hooking his thumb in the waistband of her knickers, he pulled the white dainty cotton down and over her thighs.

“Charles,” she shrieked and then bit her tongue in case the girls heard her.

He generally liked bigger bottoms, but her pert domes were a revelation. She had a similar behind to Emma her cousin, but it was more prominent somehow, like Lucy’s, as if she had inherited the best of both bottoms from their common ancestors.

“Now I am going to spank you soundly until you call me Sir and then I am going to cane you,” he explained, “Six tight strokes for each of your failings.”

“You can’t do this,” she wailed, sounding already as if she might cry.

He spanked her hard and sharply enjoying her surprised squeak.

“You were keen enough when I spanked Lucy and Emma,” he retorted as he spanked her several more times.

“It’s not fair I… you…” Laura sobbed.

“I think it is and so do you,” he growled, spanking down in a short hard volley that extracted a corresponding splutter of yelps from her.

“Please Charles, please,” she moaned.

He ignored her and set about spanking her as hard as he ever had anyone. At 28, she was probably the oldest girl he had ever spanked, well outside of a love affair, he amended. But there was absolutely no doubt that she had this coming and furthermore she knew it too, whatever her complaints.

He spanked on until her bottom was a London bus red and his hand had begun to hurt. If she didn’t surrender soon he would fetch a brush from the hall; there was no way he could allow himself to be defeated.

“Please… Sir, please,” Laura sobbed.

He grinned. The sag of her shoulders and the tone of her voice said ‘surrender’ and now she had finally vocalised her submission.

“Alright, stand up and bend over the desk,” he ordered letting her go.

As she stood, she panted and rubbed at her red bottom.

“Okay I get it,” she said miserably, “You’re the boss. I’ll behave from now on.”

“Right on both counts,” he growled, “Now bend over the desk. Bottom out. You saw me cane Emma, you know how this works.”

He took up his middle cane and flexed it as he waited for her to obey.

“Please, the girls will hear us,” she pleaded.

“I am counting on it, now will you obey or will you take another spanking first?”

Laura took a deep breath and turned reluctantly to the desk and assumed the position.

“Legs together, bottom out,” he ordered.

She blushed, but obeyed, if somewhat half-heartedly.

“A little more and push it up a little,” he chided.

“Please,” she breathed, but again she obeyed.

“Six for the library, six for lateness, six for drink-driving and six… well just because,” he barked.

The first line of pain bit hard and set her dancing around the room.

“I won’t count that one and you’ll take one penalty stroke,” he said impatiently.

“Ffff…” she thought better of swearing.

“Or we can make it more if you don’t take your position,” he pressed her as he watched her dance careless of her exposed sex, hands clamped to her bottom.

“Please Sir,” she pleaded, her eyes watery.

“Three extras,” he barked.

“No wait,” she gasped, scrambling to get back in position with her bottom thrust up and at him.

The next stroke made her twist her knees to the right and hug into the desk. But she held.

He waited until she straightened up.

She took three more before again rebelling and dancing to her feet.

“Please Sir, I can’t really I can’t,” she sobbed.

“Six extras and if you do that again I will start from the beginning,” he snapped. “Now bend over.”

Laura boo-hooed through six more until her bottom looked like a pencil rack with red spilling from the welts to dominate her whole bottom. Then at the next she jumped up again and fled across the room.

“Charles please… I mean Sir… I can’t…”

“How many is that?” He said with a sigh.

“Twelve, I think, it’s enough… let me…”

“No its not, it’s zero with 30 more to go, unless you want to try for 36?”

She stood staring at him breathing heavily with tears rolling down her face, she knew she was beaten. She thought about ducking out of the contract, but they had gone too far for that. She nodded and walked painful back to the desk and bent over.

He looked at her welted bottom and wished he hadn’t been so strict, but there was nothing for it. At that moment the door opened and the char lady walked in.

“Oh I didn’t… excuse me,” she said. She had seen it all before, but hadn’t realised that Ms Carmichael was also punished. Then before she left she added, “Oh the builders are here again, they… yes well…”

Then she was gone.

Charles shouldered the cane and considered.

“Alright, this is what we’ll do,” he said, “You can go and stand in the hall facing the corner by the door. You can stay there for the rest of the morning and then you will take your 30 in lieu of lunch.”

Laura gaped back at him over her shoulder and prayed for an earthquake or a fire. “But…”

“If you can take 18 without undue fuss then I will allow you the option of an afternoon in the corner and another 18 tomorrow morning,” he said.

“Please Sir I…”

“Your choice or you can dispense with my services,” he said pointedly.

Laura got carefully to her feet and nodded. Two minutes later she was standing with her trousers and knickers at her ankles with her bare bottom facing anyone entering or leaving the house. Somewhere she could hear her cousins laughing and the builders setting up for the day. It was going to be a long day, she thought miserably.


13 Responses to “The Hemswell Programme”

  1. 1 George

    Wisdom says: Neevr too old!

  2. 3 Old Tom

    I suspected that it would end with Laura being well and truly spanked by Charles but couldn’t see how it was to be achieved, the little unintended catch in the contract was good. She’ll be a lot happier after her caning has settled down and the library will undoubtedly be tidier so a happy ending for all I think.

    • 4 DJ

      predictability doesn’t always get in the way of a good story and lets face it – if it had ended with a kiss and a cup of tea most people would have been disappointed. 😉

  3. I’m really surprised DJ. This theme would have fit right in with the current picture contest at KLSF yet you chose to publish it here. It’s a good story and would have been a contender I think.

    • 6 DJ

      Just a coincidence – I didn’t see the story competition. At 5,000 words it is probably too long anyway for most readers there even if it is allowed. The last one – which did quite well -m was only 2,000 words.

      But thanks. 😉

  4. 7 paul1510

    I note that you haven’t lost your taste for harsh punishment, at least in fiction. (?)
    Well done. 😀

    • 8 DJ

      harshness in fiction is the best place for it – never give what can’t be handled. Anyway it is all relative surely.

      Thanks Paul as ever. 🙂

  5. 9 Scarlet

    Oh, my. Thank goodness for your last comment, “never give what can’t be handled!” Perhaps the 18 will become 9 if Laura waits quietly in the corner…?

  6. I’d give the story an “incomplete” due to the fact that the reader is not treated to a description of Laura getting caned. The whole “build up” should lead to that scene. And its omission is a literary flaw.

  7. 11 distinguisheddago

    I think the story has a huge flaw, by omitting the caning of Laura; the whole build up is one of her being mastered by her “employee”, and the lack of that disciplinary bare bottomed conclusion is disappointing. I’d give the story a “C” for that reason.

  8. 12 Delyan

    I’m waiting for part 2. whith more punishments for the three girls.

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