The Fugitives (2 of 3)


all washed up

The first part is here.

He found them sitting by a fire just feet away from the waves. A small brook bubbled out of sandstone that had been worn away by the waves. An old wrecked boat also lay nearby; no doubt it was that which had provided the means and the fuel for the little camp fire.

Looking out to sea, he could see the sun suspended over the horizon like a molten ball of iron about to be quelled in the water. In a few minutes the light would go like a switch. There was no rush, watered and rested prisoners might be easier to handle. He could wait. Until then, Carlton dropped to a cross-legged position where he could watch and not be seen.

Earlier Alex and Gaynor had hit the ocean at a run and despite their predicament, they had giggled like children as the crashed into the waves. Once or twice Alex had tumbled over into the waves, dragging Gaynor with her until they had both floundered to their feet.

“What are we going to do about these chains?” Alex groaned.

Gaynor had grinned and then winked.

“Now that I have a little lubrication to hand, I’ll show you,” she said.

Alex had frowned, puzzled, but had followed the wet Gaynor back to the beach, where her companion had fallen backward and dragged her cuffed hands over her ample wet bare bottom. A few deft moves later the cuffs, which had pinned her hands behind her back, were now in front of her.

“Now you try,” Gaynor had insisted.

Alex was far less supple, but nonetheless after a struggle she came up panting for breath holding her still cuffed wrists out in front of her.

“Today the ocean, tomorrow the world, you have nothing to lose but your chains,” Alex quipped.

Gaynor grinned again and executed a small curtsy, nearly dragging them both down again on account of the chain still firmly linking them at the neck.

The next morning they had found the wreck of the boat and near it a small stream.

“You see, salvation,” Gaynor said, gloating. “There may even be some food in the boat. In any case I know how to light a fire. We should be able to sleep tonight.”

Alex nodded. What with the thirst, hot days and cold nights, she was exhausted and hadn’t slept properly since the crash, two nights and a day before.

As they settled down to watch the sunset, the two girls were unaware that Carlton was watching them. Just as he was unaware that high above them, William J Bonham’s eye in the sky hovered there adjusting its optics to allow for the fall of night.


Alex blinked hard at the morning light. The fire was out and the sun had only just nudged the horizon so it had yet to get truly warm. The weariness and thirst that had assailed her during the previous two days was gone, but now there was a new attack; hunger.

“Do you think there are any edible shellfish around here?” She asked Gaynor.

“I’m afraid not. The few molluscs to be found are inedible,” a deep male voice answered.

Alex sat up with a start, her heart racing as she tried to locate the owner of the voice.

The man was huge. Twice as big as any she was used to and he had the face of someone who was serious about what he did.

“Good morning,” he rumbled, regarding the two women appreciatively with hard calculating eyes. “Going anywhere special?”

Even Gaynor looked phased and moved her arms to cover her breasts. Realising her nakedness, Alex hugged her knees to her chest, strategically placing her knees to cover her sex.

“We kind of hoped some freebooters or traders would take pity on us,” Gaynor said recovering herself.

She gave Carlton a lopsided grin and looked him up and down with eyes that were full of promise.

“Good job I happened along then. It’s a pitiless world and the freebooters are the pitiless of all,” Carlton snorted.

“Oh I don’t think you happened along at all,” Gaynor replied, “You’re a bounty hunter aren’t you?”

Carlton shrugged. “Ex-prisoner with nowhere else to go,” he said.

Alex didn’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved; Gaynor’s plan hadn’t been such a great one whichever way you looked at it and least this way her people knew where to find her.

Just then Gaynor threw two great handfuls of sand at Carlton and then flew at him. The momentum might have knocked him down if Alex’s weight pulling on her chain hadn’t slowed her. Nevertheless for a moment Carlton was fully occupied with the struggling girl.

Following Gaynor’s lead, Alex made a double-fist with her cuffed hands and dropped a punch onto the back of Carlton’s neck. She had seen the move in a vid-show once. In it a petite blonde had dropped a man far bigger than Carlton and had then made a smug quip about it.

“Hey cut that out,” Carlton said in mild irritation as he finally maneuvered the struggling Gaynor across one knee. “Or you’ll be next.”

The undignified position Gaynor found herself in caused Alex to be dragged to the ground by the chain that still joined them so that she was close to her companion’s upturned exposed bottom.

The spanking Carlton delivered to her friend was uncompromising and Alex was astounded at how rapidly Gaynor’s bottom went red.

“Hey, ow, ouch, ‘kay, I get it,” Gaynor spluttered.

Alex gulped as Carlton ignored her and just let his great arm rise and fall imparting loud ringing slaps to Gaynor’s bare bottom. She could feel the impacts where she knelt.

“You’re gonna get it alright,” Carlton growled, “Am I going to have any more trouble from you?”

“No Sir, you’re the boss, ah, yesss, ooh,” Gaynor spluttered as the spanking continued.

“What about you?” Carlton shot at the cowed Alex.

Alex shook her head rapidly and bit her lip lest she say something stupid.

“Now if no one has anything else to say we had better get moving,” Carlton said wearily, his eyes turning to the growing sun.

“Well actually, I have one or two things that might interest you,” a voice behind him said, adding, “William J Bonham at your service.”

They all turned to look at a more usually proportioned man in a silvered tech-suit standing there. Carlton considered drawing his hand-cannon held in the small of his back, but this Bonham character was holding a hyper-stun, which although not actually pointing at him, was certainly the top trump in this game.

“I want the girl,” Bonham said easily and then seeing an incredulous Carlton glance at Gaynor, he added, “The other one.”

“Head office send you,” Alex asked, suddenly she was thought about slavers.

Bonham inclined his head in an affirmative reply.

“At freaking last,” Alex sighed. “Well you have to make room for one more; I am not leaving without her.”

William J Bonham appeared to consider this for a moment and then he said, “Will head office pay my fee?”

“Damn right,” Alex shot back.

“Hey just a minute, these are my prisoners,” Carlton growled.

“Hey, you just said you were an ex-prisoner, what do you care? You could always say you couldn’t find us.” Gaynor said as she regained her feet and rubbed at her smouldering bottom.

“Ten thousand credits, a job with the company and a ticket out of here,” Alex was back in her world, and even if she was still naked, she knew how to make a deal.

“Twenty thousand and a free ticket anywhere I want,” Carlton said without a moment’s pause. Shrugging he added, “I might not like the job.”

“Oh you’ll like the job,” Alex smiled, “But you’ve got a deal.”

To be concluded.

3 Responses to “The Fugitives (2 of 3)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    you never fail to deliver, at least one spanking an episode. 😀

  2. 2 Mark

    I like it that your girl out of her element can learn from her spanking and is not stupid. She could still be spanked more though, that would be fun. Nicely done.

  3. 3 DJ

    There is at least one per episode and Mark you’re right it is an ‘out-of-element story’

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