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The pink Cadillac was ostentatious enough, or would have been if any of the folks here on the farm had known the word. ‘Show off’ were the words that came to Ma’s mind. Becky-Sue had finally come home from her world tour. Not that’s how her fans knew her; even the family name wasn’t good […]

Recently two women have sent in emails about their experiences with sororities and spanking. One woman gave a rather full account of some of her sorority spanking encounters, but has not given permission for publication. The other account as reported here has been cobbled together from a couple of emails and edited with permission into […]

During the 20th century following the Second World War, there was an interesting series of experiments in much of the United States concerning the rehabilitation and reform of juvenile delinquents. The idea was to get young urban men, and later women, onto a tradition western ranch to learn good old fashioned American values. Initially this […]

The observant among you may have noticed that there was no blog of the week on Friday. It is doubtful that anyone was waiting with baited breath to see if their blog had been nominated, so why mention it? Well it was just one of those examples of real life getting in the way. Like […]

(Part one) Jim saw Caroline watching him and tipped his hat. The new girl was pretty even by Big Muddy standards, but there was only one girl he wanted to see today. Clementine hung back from the window of her front parlour, even though there was no chance Jim could see her watching through the […]

Came across this publicity still for McLintock! For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, the spanking in question was instigated by Patrick Wayne with a coal shovel provided by an on looking father played by John Wayne. Most people focus on the prolonged Maureen O’Hara spanking at the climax of the film, but Stephanie Powers […]

Caroline Humble was down to her last 20 dollars with nowhere left to go. The teaching position at the school here in Bixby Montana had fallen through. It seems they hadn’t expected a youthful 26-year-old to teach school and they had “wanted someone older.” Any other woman might have looked at the distant mountains and […]

Still catching up from the May Day weekend. Meanwhile here is a pictorial interlude. It is a colourised ‘dirty’ postcard picture, which probably hails from the Edwardian era.

Here’s a little anecdote that was picked up on some time ago and almost passed over. According to an outfit called Marital Sex, communication is the most important thing when it comes to sex with a partner. One young wife complained to some girl friends that her sex life after marriage was a bit boring. […]

British Spanking Magazines is back with a vengeance, with not just one story but several.