Comic book spankings and the formative years


The Thing spanks MoondragonDo you remember Saturday mornings and going to the sweet shop with your pocket money and buying sweets and a comic?

In the old days, it was Beano and Dandy, which if you were so inclined sometimes included a spanking following your favourite character’s prank gone wrong. Then later, perhaps you discovered your sister’s comics, with public school spankings or at least hints of them.

Often these offerings were long on hints and short on action. Once a cover of a Mandy (or something similar) there was a picture of a teenaged girl getting whacked on the seat of her shorts by the boom of a small sailing ship and exclaiming, “That must be why they call it a spanker.”

The picture was obvious chosen to excite the interest of teenage girls (the mind boggles) but as you might guess, that was all there was.

Then just as one was growing out of comics, Marvell came to the UK.

The Fantastic Four with Messer’s Reed, Storm and the Thing (pictured above) hardly ever let a week go by without a spanking reference. Often it was Susan Storm, AKA The Invisible Woman, on the receiving end of a threat or even a spanking from her fiancé Dr Read, AKA Mr Fantastic, or the Thing. Other times it was a wayward minor criminal getting her just deserts. This was gold. Gone were the kids, but actually grown up women subject to spankings in between variously saving the world or in the villainess pictured above case, trying to do it down.

Of course, in a liberated age, this kind of sexism could not continue and a good thing too otheriwse it would have been an outrage. We cannot have our fanatsies sullied with… eh… fantasies.

However, this fascination has continued for some, the web is loaded with depictions of spankings that might have been, with DC characters spanking Marvel characters and vice versa.

If you are into comic spankings (or just comics), the Chicago Spanking Review is worth checking out.

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  1. 1 paul1510

    “Ah yes, I remember it well”. 😀

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