Weekly Round-up


F/F OTKFor various reasons, Blog of the Week has lapsed a little in recent weeks, and guess what? Nobody noticed. The reason for its (possibly temporary) demise is that it became increasingly difficult to read enough blogs and single any one out.

Well today here is a short list of blogs who have caught the eye this week. If it works then maybe it will become a regular feature.

This week a new link appeared on the right: Graphic Spanking, well worth a look. Also old favourites Woody Woodettes, British Spanking Magazines and Season and Michael, who have name checked some other great posts, have all started posting again.

The Spanking Spot has some great pictures and a rant about religion and free speech, which makes for interesting reading even if it does misunderstand and somewhat blur the European stance on the issues mentioned.

Erica has hit her 400th post and the Cranky Spanker (now with its own domain) has published some great pictures of F/F OTK, but only if you like that sort of thing.

7 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 George

    Nobody noticed.
    If I knew the responsible girl for such fault, a bratty young lady I bet, this photo would be already story…

  2. 2 bodack

    You know, it looks like that hair brush landed just right. Not too hard and not too soft.

    As far as “The spanking spot” his rants are just that. Very little information in them and not very well thought out. Reminds me too much of the Shock Jocks on the radio.

    I will give him a break though. I know from his posts that he has been unemployed for a while. Having been unemployed for eight months to a year a couple of times in my working like I understand how much that affects the way you think.

    • 3 DJ

      I thought much of what he said was ‘spot’ on (pardon the pun) although I didn’t agree with everything – his point is – he can say it. We should probably avoid personal comments – but thanks for the feedback and your obvious interest in good blogs.

  3. Thank you for the mention! 🙂

  4. 5 tiptopper

    bodack on May 25, 2012 said:
    You know, it looks like that hair brush landed just right. Not too hard and not too soft.

    Too hard? I have never heard of such a thing.

    • 6 bodack

      No you can hit too hard. Too hard drives the impact into the muscle where there are fewer nerve endings. While it bruises more it hurts less than one that keeps the impact on the surface where all of the nerve endings are.

  5. 7 tiptopper


    So if that is true then the proper technique is to hit both hard and moderate so she feels it when you are giving to her and also hurts later because of the deep soreness.

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