Something hot


something hotTime just runs away from us sometime and is suddenly in short supply. Given the sudden arrival of summer more than two weeks early (it’s 28c here in London) everything feels like it has slowed down and all you want to do go down the pub.

Just in time improvements are being made in the bathroom and this picture seemed apt. After one of the coldest May’s on record, (soon to also be one of the warmest) let’s hope the weather is as clement where you are.

6 Responses to “Something hot”

  1. I hope that’s your new shower, because it looks wonderful. I had to google 28c and I found that that’s 82.4 degrees farenheit, which is quite warm. Enjoy your walk to the pub!

  2. 2 Old Tom

    Only 80 F in my back garden today…I feel cheated….but the lovely photo has cheered me up

  3. 3 DJ

    Quite warm? No believe me that passes for hot in the summer in England. To get it in May is a bonus.

    Tom – oh to be that cool – you must be from the provinces where they can’t afford the full 82.4 😉

    • 4 Old Tom

      Quite right…Lancashire and very gald I no longer live in London whatever the temperature.

  4. 5 Emilio

    It could be corner time…

    • 6 Old Tom

      What you allow a naughty girl to stand in a shower during corner time…too soft Emilio…toughen up man.

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