More spanking art


spanked by the landlordAs followers of this blog we occasionally feature pictures supplied by TipTopper.

This one was in a batch of classics, one of which has been seen before, but the one above is new here.

Nor sure who the artist is, but it has the look of a Fontana. From the clothes and tone of the drawing it has a 1930s feel about it.

We are left wondering what is going on. Has the wife put something down the sink she shouldn’t have? Or is it the plumber dealing with a snotty customer? Maybe it is his daughter and the witness is the wife.

The most interesting scenario is that he is the landlord and it is a tenement building and he has been forced to repair something due to her negligence. The other tenant from downstairs must be wondering if it is her turn next.

4 Responses to “More spanking art”

  1. 1 George

    It seems his daughter

  2. If he is the landlord, I wonder if he finds himself with frequent vacancies…or not.

  3. 3 Old Tom

    Surely too young to be his wife, to me more like a daughter. Or if we go with hime as a landlord and/or plumber then it is some sort of residence for young single women and she is a nuisance.

  4. 4 DJ

    I still like my version the best – but I can now exclusively reveal (roll the drums and switch to Stephen Fry mode) nobody knows!


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