Real life and a razor cut

unexpectedly delayed

Unexpectedly delayed

The observant among you may have noticed that there was no blog of the week on Friday. It is doubtful that anyone was waiting with baited breath to see if their blog had been nominated, so why mention it?

Well it was just one of those examples of real life getting in the way. Like a razor cut, it is quick, out of the blue and ultimately trivial, but you still have to find a tissue to staunch the blood and get a new shirt from the draw or hanger (if you have one). Then before you know it you are late for work and you haven’t done half of what you wanted to do.

Now let’s look on the bright side. If there had been time for a Blog of the Week then who knows what it would have been. Looking around yesterday to make amends, this cropped up over at Poppy’s blog.

It is not exactly what we are talking about, well nothing like it really. But is a good example of how real life does not always follow the plot and our ideals (in this spanking life anyway) do not always match up to reality.

Since we are talking about the blog, now is a good opportunity to thank some people who have recently been in touch. Among them two sorority girls, one with a contribution that cannot (yet) be used and another with an anecdote that followed her home, so to speak.

Hopefully there will also be time for a short article about youth delinquency and related matters from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In the spirit of magazine trailers, watch this space.

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