Darling Clementine (2)


cowboy spanking girl OTK(Part one)

Jim saw Caroline watching him and tipped his hat. The new girl was pretty even by Big Muddy standards, but there was only one girl he wanted to see today.

Clementine hung back from the window of her front parlour, even though there was no chance Jim could see her watching through the heavy lace curtains that hung in great folds behind the half open drapes.

Her heart kicked-up a beat as she watched him, the man was infuriating, staying away for months on end and every time he came back he asked the same darn question. “You ready to marry me yet?” He would drawl.

Clementine’s mouth went dry at the thought of what would follow her answer. Not that she would have had it any other way.

Jim rode the horse to within three yards of the house before he dropped to the road in one long-legged elegant sweep. He didn’t believe in leaving his horse to others and so he led his steed to the stable himself, stripping off the saddle and reins before he would even think of himself.

By the time he was stripped of his shirt and washing at the trough, most every girl on the Big Muddy had found something to do in the area of the barn.

“You gonna paddle Clementine’s hiney again if she won’t marry you?” One of the girls teased.

Caroline was surprised by the remark as it came from one of the girls who usually took no part in the general gloating over ranch spankings.

“You can spank me any time,” said another girl.

Caroline blushed at the nature of the ranch banter, but she could not deny that she had harboured similar thoughts ever since Jim had ridden over the hill.

Jim looked up and grinned at the last remark; returning a wink as he scrubbed at his square jaw and promptly dried himself off.

All the while Clementine was seething behind the curtain, cursing the man for his coolness and dallying.

Finally Jim was ready to re-don his shirt and with one final comb of his stubble-short hair with his hand, he tucked in the last of his shirttails and began to stride back towards the nearby house.

Clementine saw his approach and considered pretending she was out. But such a stunt would not hold a man like Jim Ballantine, so she opted for waiting in the love seat with a book as if she didn’t know he had arrived.

That’s where Jim found her.

“Did you miss me?” He drawled as he stepped into the middle of the room like he owned it.

Clementine ignored him and stared blindly at the pages of her book, oblivious to the fact that she was holding it upside down.

Jim chuckled and ambling over to where she sat, he took the book from her hands and turned it right side up before returning it to her.

“Oh you…” Clementine spat, throwing the book at him.

He neatly caught it and put it down on the table by her chair.

“I said, did you miss me?”

She pulled a hard sideways pout and fixed him with her second best glare.

“Maybe,” she whispered.

He needed no further encouragement and scooped her up into his arms, twirling her about until her face cracked and they were both chuckling like children.

“Jim Ballantine I swear one day…” But Clementine was too happy to finish the threat.

“You ready to marry me yet?” Jim asked seriously once there greeting dance was over.

Clementine took a deep breath and smoothed the front of her skirt as if composing herself.

“You know I want to but…”

Jim nodded. He had heard it before. There was an understanding between them, not to mention a standing promise. He had promised her that unless she told him she didn’t love him, he would spank her and worse every time she put him off.

“So you saying no?” Jim cut her off.

Clementine took a deep breath before launching into a re-tread of all her previous reservations. She knew he wouldn’t like it, but at least they would spoon for an hour or two after he had spanked her. Maybe if he was real mad he would take his belt to her and give her the kind of workout she so often needed.

“And that’s your last word is it?” Jim growled.

Here it comes, she thought and felt her buttocks clench. She nodded and awaited the storm.

“Then I guess there is nothing else to say,” he said thoughtfully.

Then to her surprise he turned round and went out the door.

“I’ll sleep in the bunkhouse with the other men,” he called back at her.

Clementine was left alone on her ‘back east’ carpet utterly dumbfounded.


The word that Jim had not taken up his usual space in the spare room up at the house went around the ranch like brush fire. Prompting Caroline to pump Jenny for everything she knew. Sensing Caroline’s interest, Jenny saw that she might steered the new girl’s affections away from Doc’s and set about giving her the full lowdown with no stinting on the encouragement.

By the time Jenny was done talking, Caroline was looking at the hat-tipping she got from the apollonian cowboy on his arrival in an entirely new light. So when she later saw Jim on the side porch to the men’s house she decided to amble over.

“So you’re big Jim Ballantine?” Caroline said casually.

Jim turned slowly to take in the approach of the pretty new girl, his mouth pulled into a tight line. For a moment he might have said ‘no I’m the tooth fairy,’ but what the heck, he could use the company. So instead he grinned.

“That’s what they tell me,” he said lazily. “You must be…” He had heard the girl’s name mentioned but it escaped him for a moment.

“Caroline Humble,” Caroline finished for him, extending her hand.

“Well say Miss Humble,” Jim said expansively and shook her hand. “You seem like regular folks. That’s a rare commodity around these parts. What brings you to the Big Muddy?”

“I came from back east to teach,” Caroline shrugged, “But you know how it is?”

“I can’t say that I do. Excepting the part about leaving the east behind,” Jim drawled, suddenly sad.

“You from the east?” Caroline asked, although his accent denied it.

“Nope,” Jim said simply. Then seeing her frown he added. “Spent some time there before France. Can’t say I liked it much.”

“You were in France, for the war?” Caroline gushed. It warmed her heart to know that someone had come back whole.

Well it weren’t for the barn dancing, he thought. But again he thought better of putting a woman down so he said, “I was with Bullard and the First at Cantigny.”

Since the war, Caroline had made a point of knowing nothing about it. For reasons, so it seemed, that she shared with Jim Ballantine. So she nodded and said nothing.

Somewhere a bird called out in the night. Or perhaps it was something else? Caroline did not know, but she welcomed the creature’s intervention in the silence that know fell between them.

Looking up at the big Montana sky, Caroline sighed. It was the same sky that hung above the fields of France, but how could anything so beautiful have witnessed such pain?

Jim followed her gaze to the star-laden night and then as if reading her mind he said, “The sky in France was a dull grey-blue by day and black and orange by night. I thought it would never stop raining.”

“A vision of hell,” Caroline murmured.

Jim frowned. He didn’t like ladies cussing and he couldn’t decide if this counted. If she had of been his girl, he would have spanked her anyway, just to make certain.

Unseen by both, other eyes were watching. Clementine had been left crushed and uncertain by the recent turn of events with Jim. Her overwhelming feelings were of sadness and self-recrimination. Now she saw that Jim was happy to make cow eyes at Caroline Humble just hours after his confrontation with her. Then in the dim lamplight under the stars, she saw Caroline laugh heartedly at something Jim said and she felt a pang of pain. That bastard had a lop-sided grin; he was so damn pleased with himself. How dare she laugh at his jokes? How dare he make them… with her?


“It looks like Betsy ifs for it again,” Jenny giggled.

Caroline nodded and smiled knowing. The little brat had been caught skylarking twice, she had all but volunteered for a shellacking that evening at the weekly reckoning.

“How are you getting on with Jim?” Jenny asked suddenly lowering her voice.

Caroline shrugged. “Not sure I know what you mean. He is nice enough but… we just talked for a spell… well once or twice. You know how it is? I don’t think he’s done with Clementine yet.”

“You are a kidder,” Jenny gasped. “He is sweet on you.”

Caroline frowned and stared back doubtfully.

“For sure,” Jenny insisted.

“No,” Caroline said scornfully, but a small smile crept into her denial.

“I heard him whistling yesterday and one of the men asked him, ‘you back with Clem then?’ and he goes, ‘nope, I got my sights on a new girl.’” Jenny lied. “I ain’t seen him with anyone but you.”

Caroline blushed. Could it be true?

Just then Clementine walked onto the ranch office porch and folded her arms in that determined manner of hers. Everyone turned to look at Betsy who blushed and looked down at her shoes.

“Miss Humble, can I see you for a moment,” Clementine called out.

Caroline frowned, but all eyes were still on Betsy.

“Surely Miss Darling,” Caroline said aping Clementine’s formal tone.

Unconcerned and vaguely wondering what it was all about, Caroline entered the office.

“Your work has been unsatisfactory this week,” Clementine accused.

“What?” Caroline gaped, “But that is…”

“You arguing with me?” Clementine stood up and glared.

“No but… Betsy… she…” Caroline pointed back out the door still dumbfounded.

“You are arguing with me,” Clementine snapped.

“No Clementine, but… this is unfair, I…”

“Don’t you ‘no Clementine’ me,” Clementine was genuinely angry now; more so than Caroline had ever seen.

“Look no… please Clem… I mean Miss Darling, I…”

Clementine turned and snatched up the brush off the desk.

“I want you down to your stockings and blouse at once,” she ordered.

“This is so unfair… I…”

“You will do so at once and then after I have spanked you… the first time, you can go cut a switch, I will not have you sassing me,” Clementine pronounced angrily.

“Please Clementine…”

“You can cut two switches,” Clementine glared at the outraged blonde, daring her to speak again.

Caroline swallowed hard and glared back and considered her options. Then with one last angry flounce she stamped her foot and began to unbutton her work coat.

Once Caroline was naked from waist to stocking tops, Clementine wasted no time in folding the reluctant girl over her lap with her bare bottom uppermost. Any city softness was gone from Caroline’s behind now and her hind cheeks were firm and well defined even bent in half.

I’ll teach you to mess with my man, Clementine thought angrily. Then she brought the flat side of the brush down hard, extracting a gasp from her helpless ranch hand.

“I am really going to enjoy this,” Clementine said as she spanked again and watched the red patch develop slowly on the girl’s flesh.

“Please Clementine…” Caroline wailed.

But it was to no avail. The spanking that followed was Caroline’s worst yet. Clementine did not just sting the rapidly reddening bottom, she welted it until there were two dark purple stains standing out angrily on both buttocks.

Caroline panted hard and rocked back and forth throughout the operation, praying all the while that Clementine was nearly done. The former teacher had yet to actually cry during one of Clementine’s spankings and had no reason to presume she ever would.

However, Clementine had other ideas. She remembered a spanking she had once got from Jim and how he had taken her to this point before beginning in earnest. You like Jim so much, see how you like this, Clementine thought bitterly.

The first sob took Caroline completely by surprise. Then wet wails tumbled from her throat and she howled.

“You’ll be barking at the moon before I am done,” Clementine growled. “If you can sit before Sunday-month then I don’t know how to spank.”

“Please Clementine, what have I done?” Caroline hiccoughed in a string of sobs.

“Now go cut me two switches from the far stand of trees behind the house,” Clementine said at last, allowing Caroline to fall to the floor.

Caroline sprawled on all fours with one hand on her blazing bottom and the other reaching for her skirt. Her sobbing was yet to come under control and it was all she could do to grasp the cloth between her unsteady fingers.

“You can leave that,” Clementine said sharply, “You can go as you are.”

“But Clementine, the men,” Caroline replied, horrified.

“You should have thought of that before…” Clementine bit her tongue. She wouldn’t give the girl the satisfaction. “Just get, before I have you cut three switches. Hell, make it three anyway.”

Caroline got unsteadily to her feet and hobbled to the door.

“Please Clementine,” she pleaded, “Let me at least…”

Clementine made a grab for the brush and stepped forward menacingly. Caroline baulked at this and with one last poisonous look at the door she scuttled through it.

Once outside Caroline clutched at her exposed front and began a slow painful journey towards the back of the house. She winced and bit back tears as a little catcalling began among the girls, but most of the men shuffled their feet uncomfortably and turned away as if unseeing to find other tasks elsewhere.

Following their cue, the jeering died away until only Jenny was smiling. That’s cooked your goose, she thought, you won’t look at any man for a while, let alone my Doc.

It was hard to look dignified with a puce bare bottom exposed to the world and somehow the muted muttering that now accompanied her slow trudge to the stand of trees was worse. To make matters worse, it was hard to tear off the lengths of switch so she was left exposed for far longer than she had hoped. It might have been far longer, but in the end Tilly came over with a penknife, which she nervously offered Caroline.

“What did I do?” Caroline wailed miserably.

“Is it true? Have you been sparking with Jim?” Tilly whispered.

“Jim? But…” Then the penny dropped and Caroline cursed inwardly.

You stupid fool, she accused herself. You almost deserve this.

Even with Tilly’s knife it took a while to cut the right kind of switches, by which time, Caroline felt completely cowed.

The walk back to the office with the switches was quicker in time, but seemed to take forever. Here and there two or three of the girls huddled together to whisper, but most had gone to wash up for supper. A supper that if Caroline were allowed it, would most definitely be taken standing up.

“Right you, go stand in the corner with the switches pressed against your behind,” Clementine said by way of greeting as Caroline shuffled into the office. “I want you to feel them before you… well you feel them.”

As Caroline did as she was told, Clementine pretended to address her paperwork, but in fact she drank in the scene before her. Such a pretty tableau, she thought as Caroline began to cry again.


The switching that followed was slow and harsh. Each slice of fire felt like a length of razor wire had been scored across her bottom and Caroline could not help but yell out at each touch of the thin wand on her already well-spanked bottom.

Any hope that Clementine would be merciful had been dashed after she had been treated to a second sound spanking as a prelude to another bout of corner time.

Still it was only a spanking, Caroline thought as she sobbed uncontrollably for Clementine’s amusement. It was the switching that was hard to take, even though her bottom would recover soon enough.

“Next time I want to spank you, you say yes ma’am and bare your behind for me,” Clementine said as she put the last of the third switch across Caroline’s feather-sore bottom.

“Yes ma’am,” Caroline sniffed.

“I think I’ll spank you next week again anyway,” Clementine said as she tossed away the last switch. “Polishing your behind is my new best hobby and I want nothing but gratitude from you about it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Caroline said miserably.

As she returned to the bunkhouse and a cold supper, the switch spore flared in her now covered bottom with every step. Now that it was over the mocking would be as merciless as the switch; a teasing that would be redoubled when Caroline had to take her plate to the mantle for the next three or four nights to eat standing up.

Still that was the least of her troubles. Just then her bottom felt like she had be hauled tail down behind a fast horse to Bixby and back. I may never sit down again, she thought miserably as she looked up at the scatter of jewel-like stars that had got her into the predicament in the first place.


Caroline viewed the coming of the end of the week with trepidation. To make matters worse, when in private Jenny insisted that it was between Clementine and Jim and that the cowboy was definitely interested.

Caroline just nodded at these times and pushed on with her work. Betsy, Tilly and Jenny were visibly slackening, but she knew it wouldn’t save her behind with Clementine.

She was so wrapped up in her problems that she didn’t notice Doc ride in.

“Miss Humble. Caroline,” Doc said with a broad smile.

“Oh… eh, hello Doc,” Caroline blushed. It wasn’t that she really minded what this man did to her, but it didn’t make it any easier to look him in the eye. “I am not sure… I mean, surely it’s not time for another examination yet.”

“Well young lady, I think that I should be the judge of that, but as it happens, I was not here for that,” Doc said sternly.

“Oh,” Caroline grunted. She almost felt disappointed.

“I was going to ask you out to a dance on Saturday night.”

Caroline stopped and looked at him as if for the first time. He wasn’t as handsome as Jim and he was certainly a little older, but there was something, she thought. Then she remembered her inevitable meeting with Clementine come Friday. If the previous week had been anything to go by, she would still be eating off the mantle on Saturday night and walking bow-legged across the yard. The thought of sitting on a buckboard or dancing filled her with dread.

“What’s the matter?” Doc’s eyes narrowed.

Caroline shook her head sadly.

“I think I am going to take a look at you anyway,” he said firmly, “And then you can tell me all about it.”

“It’s alright Doc I…” Caroline protested.

“In that bunkhouse now,” Doc barked, emphatically pointing the way.

After a brief attempt at a protest, Caroline was all but marched over to the bunkhouse and through the door.

“I can see from here that something ails you,” Doc said brusquely, “Something in the region of your… behind.”

Caroline blushed.

“I think you had better get undressed,” Doc said as he removed his own jacket.

It took Doc half an hour to extract Caroline’s story, in short stuttering bursts, although her tail had a tale of its own, once he had unveiled it.

“So you mean to tell me that Clementine thinks you are after Jim?” Doc said sagely.

Caroline blushed. She was naked and kneeling up on all fours on the bed with her bare bottom in the air. It was decidedly undignified, but Doc has insisted he wanted a good look at the switch spore and fading bruises from her recent spanking. In answer to Doc’s question she could only nod slowly.

“And are you?” Doc said carefully.

“I… I,” Caroline swallowed.

“A simple no would suffice,” Doc growled.

“Jenny said…”

“Oh ‘Jenny said,’” Doc sighed, “That does it explain it. Jenny set her cap for me a long time ago, but the only wife I need is one more suited to be a doctor’s wife, a woman with refinement and education; one that trained as a… teacher say.”

“Oh…” Caroline pursed her lips in wonder.

“Unless you point blank refuse, I am going to take you to the dance come Saturday,” Doc chuckled.

“No… I mean yes, I mean…” Caroline smiled and nodded.

“Good,” Doc said in a business-like tone, slapping her bottom, “Now get dressed. I have to talk to Jim.”


Two days later, Clementine crossed the yard to her office, contemplating a nice long late afternoon ‘discussion’ with Caroline, although strangely she hadn’t seen the girl for an hour or two. She couldn’t possibly think that hiding would save her. Looking around she saw Tilly hurrying to the barn.

“Hey Tilly, have you seen Caroline this afternoon?”

Tilly stopped and eyed her boss nervously. She had been slacking all week; it crossed her mind that she might now have to pay the piper.

“Eh… yes ma’am, I saw her with Jenny talking to Jim and the Doc about half an hour ago. I thought…”

“Jim? The Doc? They in the bunkhouse?”

“Not exactly. They’re… that is… well I thought they were with you. I mean they all went up to the house.” Tilly blanched. Something was wrong and her behind wasn’t out of danger yet.

“The house. My house?” Clementine gaped.

“Yes ma’am.”

Clementine frowned and scratched her head. Then shrugging, she turned for the house, leaving a relieved Tilly to hurry off in the opposite direction.

It took her less than a minute to reach her own front door and she was surprised to find it open.

“Doc. Jim?” She hollered

“Up here Clementine.” It was the Doc’s voice. It had a professional edge to it she thought and carried some authority.

“What in… what are you doing up there? I ain’t got time for an examination just yet, besides…” Clementine never usually consorted with Doc when Jim was around, but that had been before. Jim? She thought suddenly. “Is Jim with you?”

She stood uncertainly at the foot of her stairs looking up the well. The black and gold paper was peeling a little at the walls. The thought came unbidden, as if to distract her. As if she sensed something.

“Clementine,” Doc called again, this time more insistently, “Come up here.”

Clementine smoothed her dress down, she was suddenly a little nervous. Then remembering it was her house, drew herself up and walked purposefully up the stairs.

“In here,” Doc called from the master bedroom. Her bedroom.

Stepping into the room, her heart lurched a little at the tableau before her.

For some reason it was Jim who drew her eye first. He was lolling against the wall with his arms folded and studying something on the bed with that lop-sided grin of his.

Her head tracked right to what she had already seen, but had not yet taken in. Fully nude on the bed, were Caroline and Jenny. They were kneeling up with their bare bottoms facing her and their heads down and buried in a single pillow each.

To complete the almost obscene display, both girls held a small brass funnel jutting out of the bottoms. Clementine’s own buttock’s clenched, but she felt rush of warm blood to her head nonetheless.

“What… what have they done?” Clementine asked nervously.

She couldn’t help notice that both girls were set slightly left, leaving what might be construed as a third place beside them. The extra pillow by Caroline’s head reinforced that impression.

“Well it happens that Jenny here has been sowing some mischief between you and Caroline here,” Doc said casually.

Jenny shifted uncomfortably on the bed at mention of her name.

“Oh I…” Clementine knew at once what he was talking about and blushed. Maybe she had been a little harsh with the little blonde school teacher.

“Caroline here has been guilty of not only falling for it, but for flirting with another guy when I fully intend to make her my girl.” As Doc spoke he slipped his jacket off and hung it over the back of the bedroom chair.

“And you,” Jim put in, his smile suddenly vanishing, “Have been playing with my affections far too long.”

“Not to mention your treatment of Caroline last week,” Doc added.

“Listen I…”

“No. You listen,” Doc growled. “I want you in jaybird rig right there next to Caroline. And never you fear, I have a nice little funnel for you as well.”

“Doc. Jim. I… please, not like this…”

Jim thumbed his belt and just glared back at her.

Five minutes later, following an epic attempt at stalling on her part, Clementine crawled naked onto the bed.

“Head down and bottom up,” Doc said firmly as if he was instructing any other patient.


“Do it,” Jim ordered.

Clementine swallowed and did as she was told.

“A little grease…” Doc said under his breath addressing the funnel in his hand.

Clementine felt the cold nozzle pressed to her anus and the Doc gently twisted it. Her eyes went wide in shock and a moment later she bit hard into the pillow provided as the brass tube overcame her natural tightness.

Finally there were three brass cups jutting at the ceiling, each held by three tight round feminine bottoms.

“Now for some nice hot soapy water to start with I think,” Doc said as if addressing a seminar.

Jim folded his arms and grinned.


Doc hadn’t rushed the triple cleansing and when finally the girls had been released to make a dash for the outhouse, not one of them had paused to consider their dignity.

“Back here in five,” Doc barked, “Noses facing that wall.”

“Yes Sir,” the three of them had chorused; their voices a little too high.

They returned one by one, each scurrying to the bedroom wall and pressing their noses to it.

“What do you think?” Doc asked. “Are we ready to begin?”

As he spoke, Doc picked up a smooth-backed black lacquer hairbrush off the dressing table.

“Begin but…” Clementine began.

“I suggest you be quiet,” Jim drawled. Then to Doc he said, “I reckon so.”

Doc nodded and pulled Jenny from the wall. Hauling across his lap he patted her bare bottom and said, “I wish I could say this won’t hurt a bit, but that would be a lie.”

The flat side of the brush blasted down harder than Doc had ever spanked her and Jenny knew she was in for quite a session. Her eyes flew open and she yelled so that she could be heard all the way to bunkhouse.

“Ow, please Doc, can’t we talk about this,” Jenny spluttered as Doc landed another quick volley.

“You have done quite enough talking and I prefer to discuss this with a brush in my hand,” Doc said grimly.

“Ooh, please,” Jenny yelped as another swat or two made their mark.

All three spankings took quite some time and by the time he was done the girls were sobbing hard and wishing they hadn’t been so self-obsessed.

“I reckon Miss Humble is the most blameless of the bunch and I don’t much cotton to Miss Sullivan. You want me to take over now?” Jim said.

“I think they all deserve the same fate,” Doc replied. “We can call it a bonding experience, if you like, for the sake of peace here at the Big Muddy.”

“I’m at peace, I’m at peace, I swear,” Clementine wailed.

“You deserve this and you know it,” Caroline accused. “We all do.”

“I guess,” Jenny said reluctantly. “I’m sorry, truly I am.”

“Well I think if you’re not, you soon will be,” Caroline said ruefully.

“Now ladies, if you have quite finished making up,” Doc said addressing the row of red polished bottoms facing the wall. “I want you back in your original position.”

Caroline gulped, but did as she was told, followed by Jenny. Clementine had crossed Jim often enough to know what was coming and glanced at the door. She didn’t fancy her chances at making a break for it.

So in short order, all three red bare bottoms were back side-by-side on the bed; behinds all turned up to face Jim’s belt.

Caroline fixed her eyes on a spec on the linen as she heard the shush of leather being pulled through the hoops on Jim’s pants.

“I’ll begin and end with Clementine,” Jim growled. “I ain’t in no mood to be fair. The least trouble from any of you and you’ll all go and fetch switches from the yard bare naked as you are. And then I’ll begin over.”

“Yes Sir,” the three girls chirped.

Then the belt landed blazing a band of fire across Clementine’s exposed bottom.

“Oh God Jim, I’m sorry,” Clementine wailed.

“Will you marry me?” He growled, blasting his belt down again and again, repeating his question with every tang of leather.

“Yes, oh yes,” she sobbed.

Caroline and Jenny exchanged glances and even smiled.

“At last,” Jim sighed. “Just for making me wait you can cut a switch afterwards as well.”

“Yes Jim,” Clementine said as she wept in surrender.

As promised, for the next half hour Jim strapped all three bottoms well and when he was done with Clementine’s second dose, Doc led Caroline and Jenny away to leave Clementine sobbing in Jim’s arms.


The following night Clementine, Caroline and Jenny stood at the rail in the Bixby livery stable where the Saturday night dance was being held. Each stood uneasily balancing food on a plate and staring enviously at the other women sitting at the bench tables. Each of their bottoms’ throbbed and sang to them in interesting ways.

“I don’t think I could sit a horse for a month,” Jenny said ruefully.

“My hind-end feels like it has been threaded with hot wires after that extra switching yesterday, so I don’t think I’ll ever ride a horse again,” Clementine replied and then adding proudly, “Jim sure wields a mean switch.”

“Not to mention a mean belt, my behind is raw,” Jenny said wincing as she surreptitiously rubbing her bottom.

“I think that Doc made his point well enough with that hairbrush,” Caroline said somewhat dreamily glancing across the room. “I’ll feel those bruises for a while yet.”

“You had better get used to it,” Jenny said, “I know Doc of old. I guess the best girl won.”

“I wonder what it will be like being a doctor’s wife,” Caroline said wistfully.

“He hasn’t…?” Clementine’s face lit-up.

“Not yet,” Caroline said enigmatically. “Not exactly, anyway.”

“I’ll miss Doc,” Jenny said sadly.

“Oh I don’t suppose he’ll give up his… examinations at the Big Muddy,” Caroline giggled.

“You don’t mind,” Jenny gaped.

Caroline shrugged.

“I think my little check-ups with Doc are over,” Clementine said, “Jim won’t allow it.”

Jenny grinned and nodded before a sharp twinge reasserted itself and she gasped and grabbed at her bottom again. Then she said, “Has Doc ever done his trick with the chillies and molasses with either of you?”


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