Darling Clementine


cowgirl in the woodshedCaroline Humble was down to her last 20 dollars with nowhere left to go. The teaching position at the school here in Bixby Montana had fallen through. It seems they hadn’t expected a youthful 26-year-old to teach school and they had “wanted someone older.”

Any other woman might have looked at the distant mountains and the empty railroad tracks out of town and wept. But in Caroline’s short life, she had already seen so much disappointment that instead of despair, she now only felt a certain resignation.

Four years before she had been engaged to be married, but then war had come and her beloved had been lost somewhere on the plains of France; killed in the last days of General Pershing’s attempt to prove that the American soldier was as good as any European.

“You looking for work ma’am?” The voice interrupted her reverie.

“What was that?” Caroline asked pleasantly, her big blue eyes blinking fast as she shook herself back to reality.

The woman who had spoken was fat, but with a friendly demeanour. She seemed to wait for Caroline to compose herself before asking her question again. “Are you looking for work?”

Caroline pulled a stray blonde hair from her face and attempted to hook it behind her ear, but the breeze blowing from the snow-caps that dominated the valley seized it again and draped it back across her pert freckled nose.

“Why… eh… yes,” Caroline said abandoning the wayward hair and giving the woman her full attention.

“Clementine Darling is usually looking for pretty girls out at the Big Muddy”

Caroline frowned.

“Oh, it ain’t nothing like that, leastways I don’t think,” the woman chuckled, “It’s a horse ranch.”

“And she’s looking for girls you say?” Caroline asked suspiciously.

“She keeps a few men about the place, but old Clementine has always been a might peculiar. Some say she is one of them suffrage girls or some such.”

Caroline nodded. What did she have to lose? She certainly had nowhere else to go.


Clementine Darling eyed the worksheets for the week. Both Betsy and Tilly were vying for last place and Jenny Sullivan was not out of the woods yet. Secretly she hoped it would be Betsy again, but both Tilly and Jenny held some interest too. She always loved the weekly tally.

Moving to the window she placed her hands on each of her hips and stretched. Too much damn paperwork, she thought, when was the last time I just set out on a horse to look the spread over?

She ambled onto the porch and gave the ranch the once over with her eyes.

The girls already busying themselves around the ranch attempted to look even busier, but in truth all eyes were on the fiery 32-year-old redhead. With varying degrees of dread, all the girls had one thing on their minds, who would it be this week?

Clementine did not watch them for long, there was no need. They were all good girls on the whole and none of them bore her much of a grudge for unorthodox ways. Instead she glanced over at the road to town as if expecting the Doc or Jim Ballantine to come over the hill. But she knew that the Doc was over at Bixby delivering a baby and that Jim would not be back for months. Damn the man, she cursed inwardly. It was Jim that she missed most, not that the Doc didn’t have a cure for what ailed her when the need arose.

She was just about to go back into her office when she saw the buckboard clanking down the dirt track. Old man Weaver was at the reigns, but it was the girl next to him that got Clementine’s attention. A small elegantly turned-out blonde woman sat perched on the buckboard seat with only a faint air of disgust to mar her pretty face. She looked more like a bluestocking or a teacher than a ranch hand, but that could change, Clementine thought.


“I am really not sure I would be much use in an enterprise such as this,” Caroline said as she looked about her. The hint of bitter disdain never quite leaving her face.

Clementine had shown her new prospective worker around the Big Muddy and with almost every step, the girl had not endeared herself to her.

“Oh there is plenty you can do if you ain’t afraid of hard work,” Clementine assured her.

“Well if you’re game then… well I don’t suppose I have a whole lot of choice,” Caroline sighed, almost disappointed to have been saved from destitution, which at that moment she wondered if might not be better.

“There is just one thing,” Clementine said leading Caroline into her office, “You might not want to stay when you hear my terms.”


“The money is good and a clever young woman like you might even learn the business side of things. But we do run a tight ship…”

As Clementine laid out her own personal philosophy, Caroline baulked and at one point considered running for the hills. Surely the woman was mad, this was the 20th century and Queen Victoria, God bless her, was dead.

“Let me get this straight…” Caroline could hardly get the words out.

“It is very simple Miss Humble. Once a week, the girl who has done the least work is required to come to my office to be soundly spanked. In addition, any girl who crosses me or breaks one of the rules, well she can expect to be hauled off to the barn in full view of everyone and feel the foreman’s leather across her bare behind,” Clementine explained, enjoying the girl’s consternation.

“But that’s… barbaric,” Caroline gasped, although something about the notion caused quite a stir somewhere deep within her.

“Hardly that,” Clementine scoffed, “But it is rather fun.”

“Fun? You wouldn’t like it,” Caroline said indignantly.

“Like it? Why no, one is not supposed to like it. But it is rather… invigorating and I am not immune, I do assure you.”

Clementine watched Caroline for any signs of open distress, but despite the woman’s proclaimed outrage; she was far less agitated than some had been in the past.

“Very well, it seems I have very little choice.” It was a lie and both knew it.

“Good. Now let’s see what you are made of,” Clementine said, moving to the desk and taking up a clothes brush.

“Eh… wh-what?” Caroline gaped.

“Think of it as an initiation,” Clementine said breezily. “I don’t want you agreeing to things and then backing out when it came to it. And it will come to it. That would be a waste of our both our time.”

Caroline eyed the brush and swallowed. She hadn’t been spanked since she had been 17, although she had felt a stick once or twice whilst training after that. How bad could it be?

“Slip your draws down and come across my lap. I can arrange your skirts and petticoats from there,” Clementine said, sitting in an armless chair.

“My…” Caroline gulped, “…draws?”

“All spankings at the Big Muddy are given on the bare bottom,” Clementine said with a smile.

“Oh my gosh,” Caroline said standing wide-eyed like a lamb ready for the slaughter.

Clementine knew she had won.


At first all Caroline could think of was ‘would anyone hear,’ although to be lain across Clementine’s lap half-folded wither toes barely touching floor one side and her arms and nose draping over on the other was most undignified. Although her new employer was proficient enough it took some time to draw up the narrow ankle-length skirt into the small of Caroline’s back and slip her draws the rest of the way down so that they hung from her booted ankles.

Caroline blushed as her bottom was finally bared to the slight chill of the room.

“Look I really think…” Caroline didn’t finish her sentence as the flat side of the brush impacted across her tight smooth bottom and her eyes went wide. “Ah, that hurt.”

“Naturally,” Clementine chuckled as she struck the girl again.

Caroline rocked and kicked her bloomer-hobbled legs impotently as the brush was plied again and again across her bottom. The sharp pistol crack impacts quickly began intolerable and soon the hapless blonde was yelling regardless of who outside might hear.

The girls working outside exchanged smirks and began to edge closer. It was something of a Big Muddy sport to take a peek whenever a girl was getting it over Clementine’s knee, but it was a risky one. Most of the girls just laughed openly for a moment or two before getting on with their work, but Betsy, Tilly and Jenny could not resist and after a brief attempt at nonchalance, scuttled over to the office window and snuck a look inside.

The new girl had long straight legs all topped off with a neat shapely bottom, which by now was a deep apple red. Not that Clementine should any signs of slowing. The spanking looked set to continue for a might longer and there was not one of them who didn’t know what that felt like.

“With a prissy new girl like that… well I reckon that she’ll be making lots of mistakes for the next month or two,” Tilly observed.

“I reckon,” Betsy giggled. “Looks like our behinds are out of the heat for a while.”

“Not yours Betsy Kingdom. You’ll always find a way into trouble,” Jenny scoffed.

Betsy punched her arm and then turned back to watch the show.


Caroline took slow painful steps towards the bunk house. She just knew that everyone was laughing at her and it was all she could do not to break down crying.

Then one of the girls pretending not watch broke away from the sniggering group and came over.

“Pretty rough for a first time,” Jenny said sympathetically. “Oh, I am Jenny Sullivan by the way. Here let me help you with your bags.”

Jenny grabbed Caroline’s valise and carpetbag and fell in beside the new recruit.

“Is it always like this here?” Caroline winced.

“Pretty much, but it ain’t so bad. It’s just that Clementine has her little ways. Spanking is something of a tradition around her you might say.”

“Do you ever…?”

“Oh heck yes,” Jenny giggled. “There is no getting away from it, but it don’t happen too often. Well not once you’re settled in anyway. Not unless your name is Betsy anyways.”


“She’s the wild ginger girl over there; the one with hips like a barrel. If she ain’t paddle wacked for slacking, then she’s running afoul of the foreman and gets it good in the barn. It’s a great show.”

Caroline gaped at Jenny and her apparent jocular approach to the madhouse discipline.

“Oh just one thing. If Clementine calls you in for a spanking. Just take it. No matter what. She wields a mean switch and she usually has you cut it. It stings something fierce on top of a lengthy spanking.”

Caroline filed that snippet away for future reference and hoped against hope that it would never come up.

“Here’s the bunkhouse, nothing fancy, but we keep it nice,” Jenny said enthusiastically.

The door to the single-storey long house swung open to reveal a long room with a dozen beds in it. Most of these were screened-off and had pieces of furniture arranged around the bed on a rug; just like a regular room. There were also flowers in vases and pictures on the wall.

“There’s a shed out back with bits of stuff in it. Help yourself to anything you want. You can even change the picture above your bed if you like,” Jenny said, leading the pigeon-stepping blonde over to a bed at the far end. “This one’s yours.”

Jenny dropped the bags next to the bed and nodded.

“Thank you,” Caroline managed as she eased herself onto the bed a moment before launching herself upright again with a gasp.

“You’re welcome. I be letting you get on with it,” Jenny said with a shy grin and turning to go.

Caroline smiled back sheepishly and tried sitting while turning her hip this time. It helped a little.


Two days later it was Betsy’s turn to go to the office for the end of week reckoning. Despite her better judgement, Caroline caught up with the others to sidle over to the window to watch.

Betsy was sanguine about the whole affair and even got right out of her dress before she went across Clementine’s knee.

Her bottom was bigger and rounder than Caroline’s own neat offering and was white as the girls had ever seen on account of pale complexion. Although that was soon to change once Clementine started in on the spanking.

“Heavens above,” Caroline gasped as she was caught up in the other girls’ excitement. She was blushing redder than Betsy’s bottom and wondered if that was how she had looked.

The show lasted quite some time and Clementine was in no hurry. Once Betsy began to struggle with her spanking Clementine let up and sent her to the corner, where she stood well-displayed for half an hour while Clementine pressed on with some work.

“I am not done with you,” Clementine said absently as Betsy took her place.

“No Ma’am.”

“Sometimes she has us in and out of the corner three or four times,” Tilly whispered eagerly. She made it sound like a prize.

Caroline started at this and her throat tightened. She had never felt so giddy. Why was she not horrified by all of this, she wondered.

The days passed and the work was hard. But all-in-all Caroline managed most tasks she was set.

Nevertheless at the end of her first full week she was summoned to see Clementine.

“It’s not fair I…” Caroline wailed, but stopped short on seeing her whining just drew smirks and very little sympathy.

“You take twice as long to do anything,” Jenny shrugged. “You’ll speed up, but until you do…”

“It was like that for the first few weeks for all of us,” Tilly chipped in.

“Weeks,” Caroline gaped.

“It’s not so bad, you know it’s not,” Jenny urged.

Caroline nodded. Since the week before when she had arrived out of desperation, she had taken to ranch work more than she had anything in her life before. Furthermore, each night in bed she had played over her spanking and try as she might, she hadn’t summoned up much resentment.

Now that she had to make a return trip, she was torn between apprehension and something else. What was it that Clementine had said? It was fun. She had also said, that it wasn’t supposed to be enjoyed. Surely the two positions were contradictory?

Caroline was still mulling it over when she reached the office.

“Come in Miss Humble,” Clementine said from somewhere inside.

Meekly Caroline did as she was bid and stepped inside. Clementine was already holding the brush. The formerly haughty blonde glanced at the corner where she had seen Betsy ensconced a week before.

“You’ll be standing there soon enough,” Clementine smiled, “More than once before we are through, I’ll be bound.”

Caroline gulped and her face became pure peony.


A few weeks went by and despite some sore and sorry moments, Caroline found that she liked it on the Big Muddy and had begun to settle down. Things had got especially easy after the first month when she finally got a handle on the work and stopped being hauled into the office at the end of every week.

In fact once her own bottom was out of the immediate firing line she joined the other girls in taking small wagers as to whether or not it would be Betsy or Tilly that had to eat standing up come Friday nights.

There were also a few bonus lickings, as Jenny called them, when one of the girls had to report to the foreman in the barn for a taste of leather.

There was no privacy for these workouts, with the girl up for licks having to drop her bloomers and go over a rail or saddle rack with her bare behind facing the open barn doors.

Unlike the sneak-peeks of the end of week spankings, all the girls and many of the men were encouraged to gather round the yard to watch. A mortifying experience for the girl on the receiving end, but one that left the chastised girl more concerned for her rear-end than her dignity long before the stropping was over.

Caroline viewed these adventures with mixed feelings. Seeing another girl get it was certainly a thrill and a break from the routine, but it did tend to focus the mind and consider the risk to one’s own bare bottom. Although strangely it was not only the cheeks of her face that got hot when she relived these scene later and many a night she was left restless and thrashing in her bed beset with strange desires.

Even when the girl on the receiving end of the foreman’s strop was invariably left bawling and unseated for days afterwards, Caroline could not help but wonder what it would be like to be treated like that.

A few days after watching Tilly take a lengthy whaling at the foreman’s hands the Big Muddy had a visitor.

The Doc rode in on a slick black buggy complete with two black mares at the traces. His well-cut black suit and string-tie gave him a prosperous look and despite his advanced years, Caroline adjudged him near 40, he cut a certain dash that drew her eye.

“Good day ladies,” he called out. He had a firm confident baritone voice and a twinkle in his eye.

As he spoke he took of his hat and waved it ostentatiously and Caroline could see that he had thick salt and pepper curls that he wore a little long, which gave him both an air of authority and youth.

“Howdy Doc,” Jenny said shyly.

Caroline noted a glint of interest in her eyes and felt a pang of jealousy. However, she saw that not all the girls looked upon his arrival with enthusiasm. Although Betsy and Tilly exchanged glances and smirked, several of the other girls looked uncomfortable and made to move away.

“You here to see Clementine,” Edith Clark suggested hopefully.

Caroline noticed Jenny scowl at her at the mention of Clementine’s name.

“Among others,” the Doc said getting down form the buggy with his bag. “But don’t worry Miss Clark, I saw you last time, don’t you remember?”

Edith blushed and looked at her feet and Caroline could see that she did.

The Doc grinned broadly and doffed his hat to Edith. “You are welcome,” he said.

Then his eye fell on Caroline. “Oh we have a new girl do we?”

“Caroline. Caroline Humble,” Caroline said, dropping a curtsy.

“Miss Humble, how… delightful,” he said, inclining his head a little. “Then as well as Jenny, Tilly and Betsy, I shall be seeing you too.”

Caroline looked back him blankly and then glanced at Jenny.

“Hello Doc,” Clementine said silkily, strolling up behind them. “I see you met our Miss Humble, she will be requiring a check-up today.”

“And yourself?” Doc asked mischievously.

Clementine actually blushed and averted her eyes. “You know I will,” she mumbled.

“Then I will come to the house presently,” Doc said with a bow.

Clementine swallowed nervously and returned a curt nod.

“Betsy, I shall see you first,” Doc said, suddenly sounding business like. “Then Tilly, Jenny and then…” his eye fell on Caroline and dwelt there for a long moment, “Miss Humble.”

Jenny threw a dagger with her eyes in Caroline’s direction and then started forward, “I can wait Doc… surely…”

“Telling me how to do my job?” Doc said sharply, “You can always go first and… last.”

Jenny blanched for a moment before a sea of crimson flooded her face. She knew what ‘first and last’ meant.

The Doc didn’t wait for her answer, but threw another look at Caroline and then entered the bunkhouse.

“What is going on?” Caroline asked.

“You’ll find out,” Betsy said, licking her lips before sauntering after the Doc like dance hall girl on a promise.

“Trollop,” Jenny spat.

“You are aren’t you… when it comes to Doc,” Tilly said dryly.

Jenny glared at her before putting her nose in the air and haughtily walking off.


Caroline sensed that there was something more than just a medical examination going on and didn’t wander far from the bunkhouse door, even at the risk that Clementine might see her and call her to account for slacking at the end of the week.

Sure enough, after about 20 minutes there was the unmistakeable sound of a spanking on bare flesh.

“Likes nice docile patients, does Doc,” Tilly grinned sideling up beside her, “And there ain’t nothing docile about Betsy.”

After a while a rather sheepish but smirking Betsy emerged rubbing her bottom and without meeting anyone’s eye, she ambled away.

Tilly rubbed the front of her skirts down nervously and then with a quick shrug walked towards the bunkhouse door like a man going to his own hanging.

It wasn’t long before the sound of Tilly’s anguished cries came from within and after several more minutes the sound of another spanking.

“Do you want me to go next?” Caroline whispered to Jenny. She wanted to get it other with and the apprehension was killing her.

Jenny shot her a look and for a moment she looked like she was considering the idea. Then she shuddered and reluctantly shook her head.

“He’d get mad and two-team us for sure. I’d just die,” Jenny whispered.

Caroline had no idea what that meant and she was too afraid to ask, but it didn’t sound good. So she nodded and hung back to wait for the Doc to finish with Jenny.

When Jenny finally emerged she was chewing her lip and kept her eyes fixed firmly on her boots.

“You can go in now,” she whispered as she passed.

Caroline gulped and took last one wide-eyed look around for before entering the lion’s den…


Doc was waiting for her by the bed at the far end nearest the bunkhouse’s shared bathroom. He had removed his jacket and was standing there now in his shirtsleeves and waistcoat, which made him look younger. In lieu of rolling up his shirtsleeves, he wore sleeve garters on both arms. This drew the cotton tight to reveal his surprisingly muscular biceps and a build more associated with a cowboy than a prairie-doctor.

“That’s it come in Miss Humble,” he said in a business-like manner.

Caroline took short paces towards him so that it seemed to take an age to cross the room.

“Come along, I don’t have all day. I still have Miss Darling to see.” He looked stern as he spoke and even reached into his waistcoat pocket to retrieve a pocket watch, which he glanced at before replacing.

“Doctor I…” Caroline sensed this was to be no ordinary medical examination.

“Doc, everyone just calls me Doc,” he said, relaxing a little.

“Doc,” Caroline said as she finally reached him. Her voice was thick.

“Slip your things off and then lie on the bed,” Doc said turning his back and pretending to be engrossed in the contents of his black bag.

“Please I…” Caroline took a step backwards.

“Now, now Miss Humble. If you don’t cooperate at once then I will just have to spank you,” Doc said glancing back at her over his shoulder.

Caroline blushed and inclined her head a little. Then nervously at first she began to tug at the buttons on her blouse. The idea of being naked before a man, even a doctor was suddenly exciting. Even his threat to spank her was a thrill. For a moment she even contemplated testing his threat.

“Hurry up now or I will spank you,” Doc scolded.

Caroline bit her lip and hastened a little, still reluctant to undress. Eventually though she was down to her vest and bloomers and stood hugging her breast self-consciously.

“And the rest,” he growled as he turned to see her dressed thus.


Doc shrugged and took her arm. She tumbled over his lap easily, her eyes wide in surprise. The tug at the elastic at her waist was accompanied by a kiss of cloth as the cotton slid over her bottom. Then in a moment of unreality her bloomers slid like silk down her legs and her lower limbs and bottom was exposed to him.

“It is often this way the first time, it speaks well of your spirit and your modesty,” Doc said. Caroline fancied there was a hush reverence to his voice.

Nothing more was said and his hand cracked sharply cross both her buttocks extracting a surprised squeal.

“Alright doctor I’ll…” Her words carried agitation, but were ignored as he spanked her again hard.

“Doc, I said to call me Doc, it seems that you do not listen Miss Humble,” Doc said, amusement creeping into his tone.

“Please I…”

Doc spanked again, his sharp swat the first in a long tight volley that left her bottom a sharp pink all over.

“Please, Sir oh please,” she squeaked, her legs kicking in tight circles, hobbled as they were by the bloomers that hung at her ankles. That was until she managed to kick free of them and send them across the room.

“Must I take my belt to you,” he sighed. “I said to call me Doc. There really is no reason we cannot be friends your know.”

“Oh no please… Doc. I…”

“Good,” he sighed again letting her feel the weight of his arm. “Are we friends then?”

“Yes,” she hissed as he spanked her again and yet again. “Please stop.”

“No I don’t think so. This will do you good and I mean to enjoy it. Now say thank you.”

“Oh you… ouch, oh thank you… ooh,” she gasped and yelped in consternation.

Doc did not stop the spanking until Caroline was panting hard and close to tears.

“Girls that are too precious with their dignity should be put in the corner to curb their pride a little,” Doc chuckled, but after a few more heavy swats, he brought the spanking to an end. “You remind me of my late wife. I had to spank at least once a week for the first few years of our marriage. She used to look so cute standing in the corner.”

Caroline had no answer for this, but noted that he said ‘late wife.’

After the spanking it was easy to do as she was told and she felt a sense of quiet liberation lying on the bed as she prodded at her naked body.

“Alright,” he said at last. The tone of finality prompted some disappointment on her part. Then he added, “Turn over and elevate your tummy with a pillow. It’s time for your enema.”

“My what?” She gasped.

He flipped her over and slapped her bottom.

“You heard.”


Afterwards Caroline realised that she had never felt so at peace and had never been so liberated with a man. She was in no hurry to dress and Doc washed up and she did not fail to notice the hint of promise in the way he said, “I’ll see you next time.”

Acutely aware of her still smarting bottom she followed him to the bunkhouse door and watched him wistfully as he walked up the hill to see Clementine.

A short while later the unmistakeable sounds of a good lacing were heard from the main house and Clementine was heard bellowing like a heifer in labour.

“She’ll not sit a horse for a week or more,” Betsy chuckled and the other girls joined.

“Is he… she? Are they? Is it… always like this?” Caroline’s words tumbled over themselves as she stood wide-eyed on the bunkhouse porch watching the house.

“Oh yes. Doc treats Clementine every few weeks.” Jenny said bitterly.

“What about… us?” Caroline asked hopefully.

“It varies. Some girls get examined just once a year. Others, well a little more often,” Jenny said pointedly looking Caroline up and down appraisingly. “I would say by the look on your face when you came out, and his come to that, that you will be seeing a lot of Doc.”

And so it proved. In the weeks that followed Doc came about once a month and no matter who else he saw, he always wanted to examine Caroline before is inevitable meeting with Clementine.

Caroline was always on edge for days before his visit, her heart leaping like a march hare when she finally saw his buckboard topping the ridge.

Yet she never threw herself at him as Jenny was wont to do. She always complained bitterly that she he had examined her on his last visit. Sometimes she even attempted to hide and had to be summoned and all but dragged to the bunkhouse.

Her feigned reluctance only ever won her a prolonged spanking and sometimes even a spell in the corner between extra enemas award as a punishment.

And so a regular pattern was set.

Things might have remained the same for Caroline, but then a tall broad man rode in astride a black stallion; Apollo on a horse.

“Things are about to get mighty interesting around here,” Jenny said with a hint of awe touching her voice.

“Who… is… he?” Caroline said breathlessly.

“Jim Ballantine,” Jenny replied.

To be concluded!

8 Responses to “Darling Clementine”

  1. 1 paul1510

    great cowgirl spanking story. 😀
    How well do you know Devlin O’neill, I think that you have caught the E bug from him. 😉

  2. What delicious peril. How sweet the sorry straits of our heroine.
    The *E* word and all the magical jangling it brings…
    Wonderful story.

  3. What delicious peril. How sweet the sorry straits of our herione.
    And yet the *E* word whets our appetite…such magical jangling.
    Wonderful story Damian.

  4. 4 JP

    I think I love your wild west stories the most. And the E word **blush**
    Can’t wait until part two.

  5. 5 DJ

    Thanks for the interest. It is not the first time I have touched upon such ‘accessories’ and other ‘adjacent’ issues.

    Always happy to be inspired by the great Devlin O’Neil – although as it happens – not in this instance.

    DJ 😉

  6. Great job, DJ. This is a fantastic beginning to what looks to be a great series.


  7. Oh, I’m so far behind! Loved this one, DJ! Great fun.

    • 8 DJ

      It is just a two-parter for now. But thanks – it was rather intense and had to be done and out of my head so I can get on with other stories.

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