Billie Piper spanked


Billie Piper spankedBillie Piper spankedIn light of the Dr Who post of the other day and some minor discussion of old companions versus the new, here is a little snippet that was news at least here.

Billie Piper was apparently spanked in her show Secret Life of a Call Girl, the UK ITV show that was based upon the sex blog of Belle Jour.

So for those of you who prefer naughties Dr Who ‘babes’ (sorry companions) over the 1980s variety discussed the other day, here is a picture.

Billy Hartnell must be turning in his grave.

Oh for US readers, Billie Piper was the Dr Who companion from 2005 and William Hartnell was the first ever Dr Who in 1963. You may have seen him in his earlier days in all of those Ealing Comedies.

Everyone else in the world already knew that. Do try and keep up America.

11 Responses to “Billie Piper spanked”

  1. Billie Piper was one of the best Dr Who companions and certainly very good in “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, the “fetish” story lines were particularly funny

  2. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

    It was something in her eyes.

    I knew it.


  3. 6 Loki_Darksong

    I am not surprised. I knew about the series and had guessed that there must be at least one spanking scene somewhere in the episodes.

    Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler was an excellent companion to The Doctor. But please do not forget. That both Martha Jones and Amy Pond have high spankfanfiction potential. Now Donna Noble? She would be more of a spanker than spankee, but the spankee role should not be ruled out.

    • 7 DJ

      I never really got into it – it was all a bit too much style over substance.

      As for Jones, Pond et al – do you see Matt Smith as a spanker?

  4. 8 Ollie

    I always thought Louise Jameson as leela was a very spankable Dr Who companion

    • 9 DJ

      Oh yes – all leather and mini dresses – but was shy about her bottom as I remember. Didn’t she end up on a UK soap?

  5. 10 scunge

    I am an AMERICAN and knew both of those Dr Who facts. I’ve been watching Dr Who since the 1970s first on PBS and now on BBC America. 😉

    • 11 DJ

      Good on you – I know Dr Who had some impact there – I saw once that it was listed as one of the top 100 TV shows of all time on US TV – although I get the impression it is considered a quirky cult show. 😉

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