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Mrs George Herman Hayes (Mildred) to Mrs John William Denbigh (Edith) dated this day 7th October 1883 Dear Edith, I was both surprised and amused by your letter of the fourth. My previous letter had been intended only to congratulate you on your new home and I had not thought that you would expect any […]

Yesterday’s post was intended to link two arguably amusing anecdotes and pose the question is spanking within a relationship a political act on any level? It was a post that drew upon a very particular experience from the 1980s where one felt personal assailed for all the evils of the world by one or two […]

Years ago while in a college bar at a Northern England university, a woman got up and left and soon as yours truly sat at the same table where a friend was sitting. “What’s her problem? She doesn’t seem to like you.” The friend said. “I have no idea,” was the only possible reply. Having […]

The Victorians, it seems were very concerned about bruises on women. Welts and redness were to be expected in certain situations, but black, blue or purple marks were seen as a mark of brutality. One eminent physician even went as far as to advocate the use of the slipper over almost any other implement when […]

What is a guy to do? This week’s post about spiritual brats and insatiatable need was magical. The post about alternatives to spanking seems to have struck a chord with many, so check it out over at Poppy’s Submission’s this week’s blog of the week.

Wild West Hero


Becky was fuming, who the hell did he think he was? She thought as she watched the crowd outside the saloon who normally gave her all the attention clapping Brad Coleman on the back; all because the dumb cowboy had pulled a kid out of a well. At that moment the dumb cowboy was grinning […]

You know the problem, the holiday is over and everyone has overindulged. Maybe everyone is a bit more relaxed than usual and eyes have been taken off balls. It is inevitable that she will play up and make a huge mistake; it goes with the territory. To get things back on track you need to […]

By the Book


Most of the pictures above are from mainstream pulp fiction cover illustrations. Only one set, the black and white Benson drawings, are actually from spanking books. The rest have either picked out a brief spanking scene from the book to carry on the cover illustration or as far as is known, have no spankings in […]



Ēostre or Ostara is an old Nordic and North English pagan tradition associated with the goddess of fertility and also an ancient name for the month of April before being hijacked by the early Christians who subverted the message and traditions of renewal with that of resurrection of Christ. Symbols of the hare and the […]

Cartoon Digest


Comics from a more innocent age courtsey of TipTopper. Nuff said.