Spanking, Dr Who and fan-fiction

Sophie Aldred

Former Dr Who actress Sophie Aldred and her in a cat suit (left)

Wendy Padbury in a catsuit

Another catsuit, this time on Wendy padbury from the 1960s version of the show

fan art Peri

Fan art depicting Dr Who actress Nicola Bryant as Peri a comapnion from the early 1980s

A very popular approach for spanking stories is the employment of fan fiction. This is a vehicle that has only been employed once on A Voice in the Corner, when some time ago a post lampooning the BBC sitcom Love Soup appeared, entitled Another Spanking Nightmare.

Sit-coms are an unusual source for fan-fiction in the spanking genre; indeed spanking fan-fiction is often based upon sci-fi shows.

For those of you not familiar with this genre of writing, there are two basic types. One is where the author re-writes a scene where he or she thinks there should have been a spanking. The other is where whole spanking adventures are constructed around favourite characters, often with elaborate romantic affairs thrown in between their favourite characters that never appeared in the show.

This type of spanking story can be based upon almost any TV show, although the most common appear to be; Star Trek, Xena Warrior Princess, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight and Dr Who.

Dr Who, along with its adult spin-off show Torchwood, is generally the only UK show to get the fan-fiction treatment.

Maybe this is because it is one of the few UK sci-fi shows that has stood the test of time or more likely it is because of the male-mentor/young female companion dynamic that has been a central feature of the show since it was first aired in 1963.

Certainly the BBC has often played close to the edge with the format considering its pre-watershed youth audience target, with a long series of young pretty girls, sometimes dressed in racy garb (see above). Or is that just adolescent memory playing tricks?

In the early days, there were even a few spanking threats to nubile companion bottoms back in the 1960s and even one whipping scene actually included in the show.

There are even legends about the ‘lost shows’ and the scenes allegedly cut for crossing the line.

There used to be a whole website dedicated to the alleged spanking adventures Dr Who actresses and whole published scripts from ‘lost’ shows or proposals that never aired. Sadly this site, self-deprecatingly known as Sad Wankers, appears to be no longer in business.

The favourite targets for these wishful spankings include, Wendy Padbury, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Mary Tamm, Nicola Bryant and of course Sophie Aldred. Two of which yours truly has actually met and one, knew quite well for a time. But that was a long time ago and in another country.

These days it is Billie Piper and Karen Gillan who seem to be the subject of spanking fantasies, but it is not the same somehow. Maybe someone is getting old.

14 Responses to “Spanking, Dr Who and fan-fiction”

  1. 1 S

    All of us are getting old, but the fire within has nothing to do with age. Desire and pleasure are timeless. One could actually say that they only get better over time with experience and confidence. I truly enjoy reading your stories, Sir.

  2. At the risk of being being both contrary and self promoting, I would note that CJ West has published extensive collections of “lost scenes” from sitcoms among his works for CF Publications. He is currently interpolating spanking scenes in radio classics such as The Aldrich Family and Our Miss Brooks


    • 4 DJ

      Not sure why this comment should be considered contrary, I think there is a tendancy for fan-fiction to be based on sci-fi – but I am sure there are others – such as my effort and yours.

      Although to be honest I have never heard of either The Aldrich Family or Our Miss Brooks.

      But the CF Publications has manymany different books. 😉

      Thanks for the heads up.

  3. 5 JP

    Thanks for this post. It makes me feel young. 🙂

  4. 7 Emily

    Actualy on by far the most popular subject of spanking stories is the crime drama NCIS!

    • 8 DJ

      Thanks Emily.

      The link for those who are interested is:

      NCIS does indeed have over 30,000 entries – The Archers and World of Sport must also be on their somewhere. 😉

      Another blog has 20,000 stories about Xena, and there are also a lot of western TV shows like Bonanza out there.

      It’s amazing how much there is.

      I am sure there are many others – that are not sci-fi.

      This takes me back to the 1990s – maybe my experince isn’t that I tend to associate fan-fiction with sci-fi and maybe I should have done a post about cop shows instead.

      Now that is a thought.

  5. Writing and reading fan fiction seems to require quite the immersion into a show and its characters. Lovely that a show or movie or book can engender so many creative surges…i guess that’s been how it’s been with Jane Austen and her fans for quite a long time. But Bonanza? The mind boggles. Truly, there is something for everyone!

    “oh, Hoss,” I shrieked, “Why, leave me the dignity of my pantaloons!”.

    Perhaps I have been inspired…:)

  6. 10 tiptopper


    There were actually several spankings shown on the Bananza TV show. Here is just one:

  7. tiptopper, thank you for that! I used to be sent to bed at 9:30 and Bonanza wasn’t over until 10, so that must have been how I missed it. 🙂

  8. 12 DJ


    I knew about Bonanza (although I only have dim memories of it from the time)

    Like Scarlett – I think I had to go to bed, although my mum was a fan.

    I think TV had moved on to the High Chaperell (spelling?) by the time I was alowed to stay up late.

    Xena was around much later and from what little of it I saw (I didn’t have Channel 5 in those days) it always seemed ripe for a spanking scene or two.

    I foccused my post on the good Doctor as it was such a big part of my TV life from dot to 20+ I must barely have missed it from 1966 as a toddler hiding behind the sofa up to college when it paused production in 1986.

    As I said in my post – the plot revolved around an older male mentor to an invariable young and attractive girl who usually got herself into trouble.

  9. 13 Tony

    theres a site on yahoo group called dwspank (dr who spank)link is this has some fanfiction and more. keep up the good work and thanks

  10. although i really love spanking,its not really ‘dr who’-i concede that there have been some references-the dalek invasion of earth,the wheel in space and dinosaurs on a spaceship,its just as well that there has never been a ‘spanking’ scene in the series-the series has got itself into enough hot water over the years for being ‘too violent’ or ‘too scary’-most of the time however it has managed to avoid being ‘too sexy’-save for that controversy a few years ago with Amy Pond trying to have sex with the doctor in the episode ‘flesh and stone'[2010]and her ‘kissogram’ outfit in ‘the eleventh hour’-britain unfortunately is still a deeply repressed country-and in the current climate a ‘spanking’ scene would be completely unaceptable-look at the fuss over the recent very mild spanking on ‘britains got talent’-shown in the same timeslot as dr who on itv1.occasionally a spanking scene is shown that doesn’t cause that much fuss-remember the one on ‘my family’-a bbc one sitcom from a few years ago?perhaps because it was a ‘comedy’ they managed to get away with it?[or perhaps it was because that particular sitcom had very low audience figures at the time-so there was less people to offend!]dr who is a massive success for the bbc-and that is why the right-wing british press absolutely hate it![they have ‘form’ for hating dr who going back to at least the 70’s-and michael grade-now a tory peer-tried to cancel the programme when he was controller of bbc one in 1985]then a few weeks ago the bbc discracefully pandered to its critics by ‘censoring’ a scene in the robin hood based episode-showing just such a stranglehold ‘moralists’ now exert over the increasingly fragile bbc![shaken to its core by the ‘savillegate’ scandal]dr who’s greatest enemy is not the daleks-its the likes of papers like the daily mail!

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