Blog of the Week


raiding the fridgeHere is a blog that may not have been BotW before; can’t think why.

Every so often Bonnie publishes an invaluable list of new spanking blogs to enjoy.

There are also a series of thoughtful discussion on spanking and… well just about every topic you can name.

This week’s blog is My Bottom Smarts.

4 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1

    Very Strict Mistress your bare ass needs a good hard spanking right now

    • 2 DJ

      who is Very Strict Mistress and what has she done to offend you?

      • I think you should listen, DJ.
        It sounds like a job for ‘SuperTop’. Do you have a cape?
        I bet you do. Put it in and go and sort out VSM right away.

  2. 4 DJ

    Thanks Poppy – I am on the case – or will be as soon as my tights come out of the laundry. 😉

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