Letter to a friend


Female Nude circa 1883Mrs George Herman Hayes (Mildred) to Mrs John William Denbigh (Edith) dated this day 7th October 1883

Dear Edith,

I was both surprised and amused by your letter of the fourth. My previous letter had been intended only to congratulate you on your new home and I had not thought that you would expect any advice from me as I wont to give in previous years.

Your naïveté with regard to John’s displeasure with you considering that by your own account you stayed in bed past noon sounds very like you of old. Why on Earth were you so shocked when he took it upon himself to spank you? Did you think you were beyond such things? I might have spanked you myself for such goings on. Did you really appear at the table in your nightdress demanding breakfast so late?

Had you tried such a thing during our time at Pembroke Hall, you would have undoubtedly birched upon your bare bottom as you richly deserved. Indeed, I am sure that you remember we were both birched in such a manner for far lesser offences.

Do you remember that time you tore your draws climbing over the far wall behind the pavilion and Thomas the gardener had to help you down? We had both been quite certain that our escapade had been unreported, only to find ourselves summoned to Mrs Farley’s study the very next day.

Your face was so comical when you saw your soiled draws upon her desk, she having fetched them from your room. I have to say; even then I was astounded at your temerity in denying any wrong doing. You were so angry at me for owning up on both of our accounts, but you have to admit our fates would have been far worse if I had not.

Even so I almost had cause to regret my honesty when Mrs Farley ordered us both to remove our draws and bend in such an undignified manner side by side across her desk. I wish I could say I had never been so embarrassed, but that honour goes to the time that Papa soundly thrashed me in front Mr temple and that awful ward of his. I did not tell you at the time, but then also I was denuded below the waist, a quite dreadful experience for a young woman about to attend finishing school.

However, I digress, the incident in Mrs Farley’s study was quite disagreeable enough and as I recall you were already in tears even before the first sweep of the birch twigs across your exposed posterior.

I was most vexed with you, having led us to such a pass and quite enjoyed your carrying-on. That is until it was my turn to feel the heavy burn of her rods. I do believe it was a full week before either of us could sit at all and I swear I was still smarting from it two weeks later during our half holiday. I certainly made a fuss when father ordered me spanked by Mama with a hairbrush on account of my school punishment.

I am ashamed to say that I took on so much that Papa was obliged to send for a rod and thrash my bared bottom in his study for my rebellion. Happily there was no one to see on that occasion and I cannot say I did not deserve it.

Now, back to the matter in hand. You say that John has threatened you with the cane if you do not buck up your ideas, but despite such threats has held back on account of the bruises you suffered that time he spanked you with a hall brush.

I agree with your determination that the bruises were caused not by excessive use on his part, but by your wilful habit of clenching during your spanking.

The cane is such a brutal implement for a woman and I cannot think why he does not send you out in your shift to cut a birch rod as my George does with me. It is humiliating to be sure, especially when one returns with the makings in full view of the servants, but one cannot deny that it is salutatory.

Following the episode with that hat back in August, I could not sit down for a fortnight and the marks took until mid September to quite abate. It certainly made me mindful of my wifely duties.

Leaving that aside to address the matter in hand. If John will not birch you then that is his prerogative. If chooses to cane you, then it speaks well of you that you accept this, even if you are more heavily bruised. After all the fault of clenching is entirely your own.

However, I do see your dilemma. How does one clear the air between you when he will not cane for fear of bruising and will not birch for reasons of his own.

Might I suggest that you acquire some ginger root and have your maid fig you in preparation for the cane? It is shameful I know, and I, from personal experience know that sometimes such an operation is worse than the chastisement. However, that is the price we pay for our sins. And I can assure you that if you accept figging you will not clench so and much of the bruising will be avoided.

Please let me know how you get on and do not hesitate to ask my advice in future.

Your friend,


9 Responses to “Letter to a friend”

  1. 1 Ayla

    You made up this whole letter yourself, right? Although it almost sounds real……

  2. 2 paul1510

    this reminds me of something that I read in The Pearl, many years ago, written by the notorious A N Other. 😉

  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Gee Ayla, And I thought it was real. Wishful thinking perhaps. Do tell, Damien.

  4. Figging by the maid? Oh, my. I am afraid I may have to revise my fantasy of being a Victorian lady…

  5. I would say that even though a ginger root figging makes it harder to clench during the actual spanking, it is the dreadful pain and humiliation that keeps you from clenching in the future. Try it once and you’ll do all in your power to avoid it from that moment. I promise 😛

  6. 6 DJ

    I have letters like this that are real if not so densely interesting.

    But this one is tagged ‘DJB Stories’ maybe it was auto-writing 😉

  7. 7 kaki

    If one of my friends suggested I ask the maid to do that then I would be looking for a new friend real quick. 😯

    • 8 DJ

      Or maybe a new maid.

      I have had to get rid of lots of staff on similar grounds. 😉

      • 9 kaki

        😯 Glad I am not your girlfriend, she must be either very brave or very good. My guess is the former.

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