Repression versus Liberation


marital spankingmarital spankingmarital spankingmarital spankingCompare and contrast these images.

The first is a vaguely suggestive engraving from an early 20th century gentlemen’s magazine. Notice the suggestion that the nudity is accidental and that the husband and wife have happened to settle something in the bedroom. It is an almost respectable depiction of a marital dispute being settled.

The same theme is carried over in the second image. This time the presumed married couple is fully clothed; her with a faint look of astonishment, as her husband prepares to rightfully chastise her.

Image number three is another kettle of fish. The man is out and proud and this couple are almost certainly pursuing a sexual encounter. The framing of it reminds one of the movie A Dangerous Method. The man even looks like Freud.

This leads us to the last image from the late 50s or possibly early 1960s. We have no idea if this is sexual or not. The witness, again with the faint air of a psychologist, looks on in a definite intellectual pose.

You can almost hear him saying, “Ah yes and here were have a more traditional method of settling marital disputes. Not one that is approved of in polite societies, but nonetheless does have a kind of brutal, one could almost say primeval effectiveness.”

What do these images tell us of the age in which they were penned, what do they say about us? Are you looking on with a proverbial pipe in hand and a knowing look?

These images were brought to you by Tiptopper.

4 Responses to “Repression versus Liberation”

  1. I find the last drawing more fierce and the ones above, more gentle and sensual. See for example how the naked “Freud” holds her wrist. It does not look like a tight grasp. And how the man seems to tap the hollow of her knees, lecturing her before the spanking. And the first one, almost in bed. Well, you get the picture 😀

  2. The last one looks the best if we think to fathers who showed to their next sons-in-law the way his precious daughter needed together with the family tender love.

    Wise fathers, happy husbands|

  3. You’ve had me thinking about srveee punishments all day, ever since I first read your posting, and one more thing needs sharing. The more I’m marked across the bottom, the more mesmerized I am with looking at the evidence of the strict lesson, and the greater the sexual turn-on for me, for some strange reason. The first time I was caned I HATED the experience, but found myself staring at my bared butt for long intervals in the full length mirror for days afterward, and I was so randy until the tram-lines faded about five days later. Hard hairbrush paddlings can leave me bruised, and I think I detest that implement more than any other, but that doesn’t keep me from dropping my drawers to have a frequent peek at the black & blue (and purple & green &…), and from needing to satisfy that itch, either by myself or by jumping on Kyle repeatedly. Do other subs share my feelings?Jean Marie

  4. 4 suzanne

    Jean Mare ~ oh yes, other subs share your feelings.

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