How embarrassing is that?


actual sorority hazing in progressThe picture discussed below has been removed since it was begining to generate more heat than light. The removed picture was almost certainly a fake.

The picture above is an alleged sorority hazing in progress. It was sent in for publication and looks like camera phone picture. You can ponder it instead.


This 18-year-old got a spanking in a public picnic ground, which just goes to show that it still happens.

After some serious consideration, and because this picture was evidentially published (so it was claimed) in the girl’s local newspapers and no actually nudity is displayed, it seemed harmless enough to republish what was already in the public domain. Interestingly the child’s face (her brother?) was also publish and has been obscured here by yours truly.

What caused her to get a public bare bottom spanking is not clear and the date of the event is not evident. Maybe it’s an old picture.

Was she caught drinking in public or had she had been caught smoking ajoint?. The actual published story was not available (it came anon via Tumblr), so maybe it is a hoax. But the picture looks real enough. Note the smug look on grandma’s face in the background and the embarrassment of the bystander.

It is also possible that it is an extreme family birthday spanking (note the present on the table) and everyone is family; but the girl’s face does not excatly support that.

Very mixed feelings, but schadenfreude will out one supposes.

25 Responses to “How embarrassing is that?”

  1. 1 Tiptopper

    I doubt that it was a birthday spanking or a playful spanking based, as you said, on the girl’s expression. Girls who get birthday or playful spankings are usually laughing. The object on the table looks to me to be a decorative fabric carrying bag rather than a birthday present. I have seen soft sided luggage that looks similar. It definitely looks like a family. If we could see the expression on the man’s face that would be a good clue as to what is going on.

    Anyway it is great picture!

  2. 2 Rob

    It’s the parents who should get their butt whipped. No excuse to do this in a public venue like this. If this really was in the papers, This is just pure humiliation. Any consent is clearly absent here. I find nothing erotic or funny about it.

  3. 3 Delurker Kate

    It is impossible to say what’s going on. I wonder who took the picture – it doesn’t look like a camera phone picture does it?

    I used to get my butt whipped for real – worst that happened to me though was a family barbecue. Man that was embarrassing – it was the same gig as this girl (I mean panties down – the works). 😦

    A friend of mine got paddled good when she was 17 at a church social – I wish I had seen it. 🙂

    I love this blog and have always meant to delurk sometime – this picture prompted me to.

    Love it. 🙂

  4. 4 Tina

    Cool pic – I wonder how public this really was – it might just be a family party.

  5. I think she is photoshopped on. Which I am glad about

    • 6 DJ

      I think you may be right 😉

      OHM suggested as much as well and I did put that as an option. Since then I have blown it up in pic viewer and there does appear to be a bit of a join.

  6. 7 Paul Little

    Dont mind if its real or not! just like the idea of a public spanking thats real humilation! wish it would come socaily acceptable! may be not! but i can dream!!!!

  7. 8 bodack

    I am going to say photoshopped for two reasons.
    1) The shadows don’t look right. The girls blouse if very brightly illuminated but they are obviously under a shade tree.

    2) It is not all over the news. I am sure that people who read these posts heard about the Texas Judge who took a belt to his then 16 year old daughter. It made international news.

    Any link to OHM or where you found it would be appreciated. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I don’t think I would enjoy it if I thought it was real. Love the look on Granny’s face in the background.

  8. 9 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    i think we want it to be real because it’s such a sensational scene. And that desire plays tricks with the objectivity of our seeing.

    But the blown out highlights on the back of the spanked girl’s sweater contrasted with the soft lighting on the people next to her argue that this is a composite image, probably put together skillfully in Photoshop.

    Thanks for posting it though. Definitely a provocative scene.

  9. 10 bodack

    Ok a lot of us believe it is a composite image. So what are they looking at and who is really there and who isn’t?

    If it is real and at a family reunion, it would imply that every one in that family is used to scenes like that. I don’t think I would like to live in a family like that, but I would like to live next door!

    For those people who like to see real scenes check out Most of the videos are poor quality made with older cell phones but they are pretty interesting. Mostly school type. Some are Jocular,as the site owner says, and some are brutal.

    Also a lot of history of CP.

  10. 11 tiptopper

    I have looked closely at the image and it doesn’t appear to be Photoshopped. It looks like a picnic area under trees with dabbled sunlight coming through at an angle.

    There appears to be sunlight coming from the upper right and the pattern is consistent throughout the photo. The back of the girls shirt is illuminated by light and the back of the woman’s shirt is also illuminated the same way. Also if you look at the man’s left pants leg you can see the light on the right side (his left) and the shadow on the opposite side. Grandma’s face is lit from the same direction as is the table that she is sitting at. There is a spot of light on the floor to the bottom right of the boy and a similar spot of light on the girl’s leg. The background greenery is lit the same as is the women in the upper left. There are various other spots of light in the photo that show the same pattern as the light on the girl.

    I don’t know what is happening here, I wish that I did, but close inspection seems to indicate that it is a real photgraph of a girl getting spanked and not a composite.

    “Elementary my dear Watson”. (I couldn’t resist saying that)

  11. The spot of light on the girl’s leg is an indication it might be real. When photos get compressed, sometimes there is an artificial look to certain elements. I’m trying to use my artistic experience to pick out inconsistencies, but the most telling thing is that when I adjusted this in photoshop, the pixels all seemed to blend at the same level, with none of the telltale selection areas standing out enough to call this a fake. In daylight under trees, you have light bouncing all over the place, so there is always going to be some weirdness in that respect.

    I think this is real, or as others have said, an excellent job. I will say this: if it’s not real, then those are spanking models, and we should be able to find their original image from somewhere.

  12. On my iPad I can really clearly see the line around the girl and her spanker.
    I call fake which I am glad about.

  13. Thanks for this feedback. I knew it was going to be controversial.

    Sorry to those who were squicked – but no one knows for sure if it is genuine it seems. I thought maybe someone would be able to confirm the source. Someone over at Sometimes a Girl says its genuine and that the girl renuined someones birthday party.

    As I said else where – you pay your money and you makes a choice.


  14. 15 tiptopper

    The debate about this photo could go on forever but I still think that it is real. Notice that the light on the back of the grandmother’s shirt is the same as on the girl’s shirt. Also after I read what Patron wrote I opened it in Photoshop and I can’t see any inconsistencies at any magnification.

    Another telling sign is that all the people are wearing the same type of casual clothing. The main four have well worn jeans and some type of t-shirts; they look as if they have been shopping in the same stores. Everybody matches and nobody looks out of place. There are too many consistencies for it to be a fake.

    My best guess, and this is a guess, is that it is a family picnic with the extended family and the girl was acting like a brat. Teen girls do that sometimes you know and not all parents will put up with it.

  15. 16 Kez

    Hey DJ

    Sorry guys but poppy is right 🙂
    You can clearly see where the guys leg has been photoshopped off!
    Unless he doesn’t have a left leg but then surely he would have a crutch?

    Kez x

  16. Kez, superbly spotted!
    I like you style 🙂

  17. 18 tiptopper

    Kez may be correct but it is also possible that the man’s left leg is hidden behind her right arm which the girl is using to support herself on the bench. Her arm, being closer to the camera, would obscure larger objects behind it.
    If we could only find the original picture we would know the answer.

    I have seen lots of spanking videos and pictures and the girl doesn’t look like any spanking model that I have ever seen. If people keep digging we might eventually find the answer. Does DJ have any info about the photo, even info that may not seem relevant, that he hasn’t shared?

    • 19 Kez

      Ok ok you’re not convinced by the disappearing leg then no? Which I can’t see how that girl’s skinny arm could hide the guys leg considering the close proximity of them both but… 

      How about the strange wooden thing that kinda looks like a table or chair leg that’s below the girls head? 
      At first it just looks like her hair but her hair is a lot shorter and it’s a different colour 
      Oh and btw I’m always right 


  18. 20 bodack

    I so love a mystery. I am having more fun with this than any movie I have seen in the past few months.

    I also would like to see the original and any other information DJ might have.

  19. 21 tiptopper

    Bodack, This is an interesting mystery.

    Kez, It is hard to tell about coloration in the photo because of the effect of shadows. You have a point that it could be some other object but if you examine the photo closely you can see individual strands of her hair overlapping objects on the table. You can see through the strands and see the objects behind them. That would be extremely hard to do with Photoshop. Also if a person were clever enough to accomplish that why would they leave a simpler to remove object elsewhere in the photo?

    You are right, that obect is suspicious but it also could be something that is sitting on the bench. There are a number of miscellaneous items on those picnic tables.

  20. I don’t have any more info.

    I checked back with the original photo before I obscured the boys face. It was a bit more murky and I did sharpen it up a little to adjust the exposure. Her face is redder now and her back whiter. Maybe the exposure was deliberately off to obscure the ‘adjustments’ made.

    There are is some discussion of this image over at Sometimes a Girl and two people have conflicted claims about this image, One that it is real and one that it is a fake by a know artist. ?

    Not sure how wthat helps.

    I was in two minds when I published this picture I know which way I lean now.

    DJ 😉

    • 23 Kez

      So…. Mr Black are you not gonna tell us which way your leaning?
      I still say it’s a photoshop fail
      I would even go as far as to say I bet my bottom on it


  21. 25 tiptopper

    Your replacement picture of a sorority initiation is interesting also. The position that the girls are being forced to hold is called the “lunge position.” It stretches the muscles and is extremely uncomfortable to hold for more than a minute or two. Try it yourself. I doubt if you can hold it for even 5 minutes. Also the girls are on a rough tar and gravel roof and their weight on the palms of their hands would be very painful. Sorority girls can be very mean when they want to.

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