A ghost in the machine


spanking machineThe picture above poses several questions. Firstly when is a spanking a spanking? Specifically, can one really self-spank in the true sense of that word? In other words is self-spanking really spanking?

The presumption here is that a spanking is an activity between two or more people, which brings us back to the question, when is a spanking a spanking?

If we accept for a moment this definition, then we have to ask does this picture depict a spanking or not? Before you answer, consider this. Did the girl start this machine herself or did someone else?

If she started it herself, then that would be a form of self-spanking.

What if someone else started it? Is that person there or have they gone somewhere? If no one else is present, then does that still count as a spanking?

The answer lies not in logic, not in the letter of the law so to speak, but in its spirit.

If the spankee is engaged on some spiritual level with the act as with a person or in this case a machine, then as far as they are concerned they are being spanked; as her bottom certainly is.

Why pose this question at all?

Well, maybe it’s because spanking machines have always held a fascination and recently someone suggested that in the stories Drax and Ad Astra, where androids do some spanking, and that on some level the spankings didn’t really count.

Maybe they are right. Is there really a ghost in the machine?

5 Responses to “A ghost in the machine”

  1. 1 Mark

    Perhaps her spanker is just out of the frame, put her in the machine and started it. Perhaps he was away, and told her to have it done when he returned. Perhaps she knows he would have required it and feels better doing it as he would have wanted. Those would all be spankings, like phone sex is sex.

    Entirely on her own would be like masturbation. Is that sex? I think it is some half way point, sexual but not sex, and entirely dependent on what is in the mind for meaning.

  2. No, thanks.
    A real spanking needs interaction between the spanker and the spankee, no sore bottom is enough to avoid human relation.

  3. I think doing it to yourself would be worse than not having it done at all- it would feel very lonely and him setting a machine to do it would feel terrible too.
    It would be a bit like he did not want to spank you or did not think you worth the effort, in which case, he doesn’t have the right to spank.

  4. 4 tiptopper

    If anybody would like to see an in-between version look on the internet for the video “Amy vs. the Spankng Machine”. In that video the machine is doing the spanking but it is being computer controlled by a person.

  5. 5 gary

    If she started the machine then it is definitely a self spanking as she can end it when she wants, if someone else started the machine then she has no control on when it ends which would be considered a spanking . A true spanking is when the spankie knows they deserve it and the spanker when it’s done ..

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