How many times must I tell you, freshman don’t date seniors


Bill Ward sorority spankingsorority paddlesorority spanking for Blondiesorority 19401990s sorority hazing pictureFirst picture is a period cartoon from Bill Ward harkens back to a former era when sorority girls were spanked in earnest. The handwritten legend underneath shows where he was still working on the caption before settling on the one used in the title of this post.

The paddle bellow it is a working paddle, described as ‘worn’ when it was sold on E-bay. One of the lines on the poem adorning its striking face refers to ‘a glowing pearl.’ Well that is one way to put it.

The next cartoon below is a WonderWoman cartoon of an even earlier era,although it depicts a reasonably authentic initiation of the time, although here it is played for laughs.

The last two have been published here before. Both are authentic sorority spanking pictures. The first is a punishment spanking from Life magazine from the 1940s. The girls in the picture were accused of wearing their skirts too short in order to attract one of the dwindling numbers of men on campus.

The second is an authentic sorority hazing picture, probably from the 1990s.

4 Responses to “How many times must I tell you, freshman don’t date seniors”

  1. Hey DJ, I think that comic panel is from Wonder Woman, not Blondie. Etta Candy, referred to in the caption is a Wonder Woman character, and the art style and character design is consistent with her era of comics.

    I could be wrong, but I think Blondie is just a reference to the paddled woman’s hair color, not her actual name.

    Looking forward to more Magic and Ad Astra. Love what you’re doing with those series.

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks Patron,

      You re right – I checked my notes – I just got confused when I was writing it up 😦

      I corrected it.


    • Patron,
      Where have you been. You don’t even have all your own drawings on your blogspot. What can we do to post all of your stuff on your site and draw some new stuff

  1. 1

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