Whip Sisters


whip sistersMichael sat in the white-painted wrought-iron garden chair revelling in the spring sunshine. England and a newspaper on a Sunday morning, what could be better, he sighed stretching out his long legs as he scratched at the day old growth on his chin. Somewhere in the trees at the end of his manicured lawn a bird sang with gusto and he turned down the corner of his newspaper to listen.

“Peep, peep, a-pillow peep,” it sang.

It was answered by another, “weep, weep, weep, weep,” which ended in a long drawn out trill.

“What’s up?” Teri said, bending over to put his coffee on the table.

Michael looked at her firm tanned legs ascending to lower curve of her buttocks that peeked below the framed hem of her cut-off denims.

“Not a thing in the world,” he smiled, “I was just admiring the birds. What time are we due at your sister’s?”

She shook her head dismissively, they had ages yet.

“I didn’t know you were interested in birds,” she snorted as she sauntered away, carelessly letting one tanned leg dance in front of the other.

Michael followed her return into the house with a lazy grin and admired the way her ponytail swished back at him.

“I have always had an eye for the birds,” he leered, “especially one in particular.”

She flashed him back a cheeky smile that cutely crinkled her freckle-touched nose and poked out her tongue. Looking back at her man she wondered how she could ever doubt the world and on the whole she didn’t. It was just that sometimes in the dead of night she felt a longing for something; something that left her sweat-sheened and breathless. It didn’t matter, she told herself in the warm morning light, but it didn’t stop her looking at those things online. She looked again at Michael and smiled.

They held each other’s gaze for a long moment and then he broke eye contact to return to his newspaper. Despite the clement day, when the sun skipped behind a cloud it was still a little too cold for her, so she opted to drop into her favourite chair inside with her tea and peruse her i-pad.

Then feeling a hot flush that took her beyond the warmth of the morning she opened her current favourite: Marital Spanking Bliss.

The antics of John and Margaret described on the blog always seemed larger than life. She especially liked the accounts of young women and other couples that they had mentored into their lifestyle. She had often dreamed of emailing them.

Suppose I am gave them my real name, she giggled. Teri Whip. They would think it was a joke.

At school Teri and her elder sister Jane were known as the Whip Sisters; ironic considering her sister’s proclivities and her own if she were honest. She blushed and threw a look towards the garden in case Michael came in.


“Teri and Michael will be here soon,” Peter growled; ignoring the fact that his wife was draping herself around the door post in a black and red basque.

Jane’s face dropped. “There is always an excuse,” she accused.

“We have had all morning to play,” he said in exasperation, “You have been locked away doing God knows what.”

Jane drew her lips into a pout and fixed her eyes on a point on the carpet. True, she thought, but that wouldn’t stop a real man. Sometimes Peter was absolutely hopeless. Teri and Michael wouldn’t be leaving until nine or so, by then the weekend would be over. It was always like this. She tried again.

“We have at least half an hour,” she sounded angry. She didn’t mean to, but she did.

Peter let out a slow breath and got to his feet.

“Come here then,” he ordered.

“I thought you said we didn’t have time,” Jane snapped.

“I thought you said we did,” he countered.

She weighed this up. What was better rushed sex or having another excuse to put Peter down? Did she just think that? She bit her lip. It wasn’t fair. Why was it always like this?

Peter looked his wife up and down. At 30 she was looking very good, long may that last, he mused. Nevertheless he felt a sense of desperation. They were so clumsy with each other these days.

“I said come here,” he tried again. This time he put an edge on his voice.

Jane melted a little and offered him her best cutesy smile. “Are you going to spank me for hiding in my room?”


Peter’s hand rose and fell across Jane’s magnificent bare bottom. Although, the firm splats were satisfying and the zing on his palm felt like a good chilli, there was something lacklustre about the spanking. Jane’s little squeaks were routine and he felt like an actor in a play.

“A little harder Peter and more to the right,” Jane instructed as if she were the director.

More like a wet Saturday afternoon matinee than a first night of a glorious run, he thought.

“Peter, that hurts,” Jane said in a nagging tone.

He hit harder and she made a hissing sound and tried to guard her bottom with her hand.

In fact, that had been more like it, she thought. She loved it when he pushed back. A spanking when she seemed to be in charge seemed pointless.

The day before she had bawled him out for not fixing her hairdryer and he had responded by scurrying away to get his tools; in that moment she hated herself. Why didn’t he…? She didn’t know. Nothing felt right anymore.

They didn’t hear the car.

Michael stumbled from the vehicle over-laden with wine and some books for Peter, while Teri fetched the flowers from the hatch-back. The bouquet was a riot of colour by contrast with Peter and Jane’s yet-to-bloom garden, although Michael couldn’t help admiring the house, with its clipped Cotswold stone. Then from somewhere came a sound like applause and Michael frowned.

“What’s that?” He said idly, still more attentive to juggling the wine and books.

Teri knew at once and blushed. She and her sister had few secrets, but she had always been too embarrassed to tell Michael. In part that was because she had always been intrigued by her sister’s relationship and wanted to avoid what might lead to awkward questions.

“Oh Michael, can you… eh…,” think of something, Teri cursed herself, “…lock the boot door,” she hastily settled on.

“Who is going to…?” Michael pulled that face he did whenever Teri made an unnecessary fuss, but Teri wasn’t waiting to see it.

She hastily rang the doorbell before heading to the back door.

Upstairs, Peter and Jane scrambled for their clothes and the rest of the afternoon was a study in English stiffness, with only Michael oblivious to its cause.


It had taken weeks to pluck up the courage to tell Michael and several weeks more to persuade him to go along with her plan. Her plan, she thought miserably. This was insane. Why hadn’t he just said something like, “so you are a little perv are you? Well if this is what you want then you’ll get it.”

She had fantasised about him spanking her then, but he hadn’t.

“Are you serious about this,” was all he had said at first.

“Oh forget it,” she had raged feeling totally humiliated. It had taken him all afternoon to coax her out of their room.

Now here she was with strangers draped across Michael’s knee.

“You are not feeling it, are you Michael,” Margaret suggested.

The woman was beginning to irritate him so he spanked Teri’s bottom again hard.

“I think I see the problem,” John said kindly from his place at the wall on the other side of the room.

Michael found himself less irritated with the urbane John, but he still didn’t like the idea of another man seeing his girlfriend half naked, but John had insisted that it was the only way.

“It’s alright,” Teri had said with a blush.

In the end they had compromised by having Teri wear a thong.

“Why don’t you talk things over with Michael here while I take Teri for a little walk?” John asserted himself and took charge now.

Michael realised that he was actually relieved that John had taken a lead. He had no idea what he was doing.

John was well into his forties, and although not a big man, he had the type of stylish poise that Michael had always admired. The only galling thing was that he had more hair than the 32-year-old Michael, even if it was a little grey at the temples.

Teri hesitated for a moment, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave Michael with the beautiful older woman, especially as the 34-year-old Jane looked like a she-wolf at the prospect of being alone with her man.

“Look I am not sure…” She began.

“You do not need to be sure, I will be sure for all of us,” John said firmly.

Michael appeared to consider this for a moment and then nodded.

Teri felt self-conscious dressed in just a thin short top and a thong, but John made no sign that he noticed. He certainly didn’t allow her to dress as he pointedly indicated the door.

Things became even more difficult when she was led, not to another part of the house, but to the garden door and outside.

“I can’t go like this,” she wailed.

John paused and appeared to consider something and then he said, “No of course not, take that pointless underwear off please.”

Teri gaped, but there was something in John’s hard stare that brooked no argument. So not for the first time that day Teri was overwhelmed by a sense of unreality as she stepped out of the thong and then hovered by the back door of the house clutching at her front side.

“It’s a lovely day, let’s go to the summer house,” John said brightly as he ushered Teri outside.

Teri felt utterly foolish in just a top and trainers, but also she was a little aroused as she tottered in front of John knowing her could see her bare bottom.

John hung back for a moment to admire the high tight curves of Teri’s small round bottom, noting the fast fading redness from her earlier ineffectual spanking with a growing sense of resolve.

It felt strange to Teri to be half naked outside, but as she walked through the trees to the summer house, it was also strangely liberating.

“Tell me Teri, are you serious about exploring this life?” John asked from somewhere behind her.

She still felt vulnerable knowing he was in control and watching her, but now if anything the sense of arousal was growing.

“Yes,” she managed to say after a pause. Her voice was thick and her tone heavy with promise.

“Then perhaps you had better get ready for not being able to sit down for a day or two,” John said crisply.

Teri felt a little light-headed at these words, but nevertheless something tightened within her.

The summer house was small but airy. Against one wall in side leant something like a folding chair and next to it was a seaman’s style trunk.

“I want you to kneel on the rug facing forwards,” John instructed, “on all fours if you will. It is time to teach you something important.”

He didn’t wait to see if he was obeyed, although he was acutely conscious that Teri could rebel at any time. But from what he had seen in the bedroom with Michael, it was make or break time with her. He would either make her or she would break and ask to leave.

Teri watched him for a moment, following him with her eyes as he extracted a large long-handled paddle from the trunk. She swallowed hard and then examined the rug. It was a heavy one and thick. As she knelt she could barely feel the hard wooden floor beneath it.

“That’s it,” John said, he was now behind her. “Put your elbows flat to the rug and push your knees as far forward as they will go.”

“But…” Teri looked back at him from her knees. His eyes were firm.

If she obeyed him then her bottom would be sticking right up. He would not only see her bottom, but… the blood flooded her face.

“At once,” John said firmly.

Teri reluctantly obeyed, blushing more fiercely as she did so.

“A little more forward, that’s it,” he said.

He judged her aptitude by the stiffening of his penis and as he watched, she was fast becoming a fast learner from where they both stood.

“Please I…” She didn’t know, this was the most excited she had ever been.

“No talking. Just keep your bottom pushed right up for me.”

“Yes Sir.” The S word had been involuntary, but apt.

“I am going to spank you soundly now. It will take quite a while and it will hurt.” His words sounded like holy writ; a promise or prophesy, devoid of threat.

“Yes Sir,” she said again. Could she how aroused she was? Strangely it was her only concern.

He brought the paddle down hard. Not as hard as he might, but with enough force for her to feel it. She did.

Teri grunted and fluttered a little, clawing at the rug. But she didn’t look back at him. She dared not.

The second swat was swift and crisp. John revelled in the firm splat. He watched as the girl trembled so, as if about to flee at any moment. The red patch on her bottom was stark and already more vivid than any she had gained from half an hour over Michael’s knee.

“Does that hurt?”

Before she could answer he spanked her again and she yelped.

“I see that it does.” He spanked her again and then once more. From time to time he spoke, but mostly he let the paddle do the talking. Sometimes letting it communicate hard a fast and at others just allowing it to impart a soft sting.

John took no account of the time as he spanked and for Teri, there was none. Nothing existed for her now but her burning bottom and the bite of the paddle. By now her bottom was stained dark pink and had begun to look decidedly raw.

“Do you know when this will end?” John whispered.

“No Sir,” she said in a faint groan. She looked back at him in wonder; her eyes were rimmed in red and wet.

“When I decide,” he said spanking her again.

“Yes Sir.” This time it was a yelp and a tear broke from her eye and rolled down her cheek.


Margret had used to psychology to provoke Michael. She had suggested, oh so subtly, that the reason he hadn’t been able to spank Teri was that he wasn’t quite man enough for her.

It had taken a while but by the time John returned with a very meek and respectful Teri, they found Margaret over Michael’s knee getting a spanking with a heavy hairbrush that even he appreciated.

“I see my wife has been giving you some trouble, I am glad you are able to handle her,” John said in some amusement.

Teri stood wide-eyed at Michael’s prowess and for a moment she even forgot the persistent tang that blazed in her own bottom.

“Now that we are all on the same page, let us get these women into the corner while we discuss how to proceed,” John said.

“But John, I…” Margaret had some ideas of her own, but one look at her husband’s face silenced her.

Margaret felt genuinely embarrassed to be sent to the corner in front of the two newbies and rare blush suffused her face as she went reluctantly to the corner and put her hands on her head.

“Go and stand beside her and do as she does,” John ordered Teri, “You will both be there for some time I think.”


It was some months later and Teri shifted uneasily in the corner. Both sides of a hairbrush had been applied with some considerable vigour and halfway through, about 20 minutes in, the spanking had been paused so that a liberal amount of rubbing alcohol could be applied. The added sting had taken her over the top and she had bawled like a five-year-old throughout most of the rest of her spanking and for some minutes afterwards.

Not that in general she was complaining. All-in-all things were going well. It had been over four months since John and Margaret had taken Michael and Teri in hand and Teri’s life had changed for good; in all senses of that word. Although for Teri, that meant life had become something of a challenge.

For one thing she never knew when Michael would decided that she had failed in some household chore and under the new regime there was simply no scope for Teri to argue. All too often Teri found herself put in the corner, over Michael’s knee or occasionally having to bend over for a difficult spanking.

Then there were the spot checks by Margaret.

A week after their first training session Margaret had turned up unannounced while Michael was out.

“Any second thoughts about pursuing this life,” she had asked.

“I…” Teri’s bottom still bore some slight spore from John and Michael’s ministrations and there were still some tender spots, but after a slight hesitation she answered with an emphatic “No.”

Margaret had nodded.

“It is curious about your name. Do you know what a whip sister actually is?” She had continued.

Several answers occurred to her but instead of making a flip remark Teri just shook her head.

“It is when a woman is twinned with another and they are made to share mutual punishments.”

“You mean…?” Teri thought back to that afternoon when she and Margaret had been set to kneel side-by-side while John and Michael had thrashed their bare bottoms for most of the afternoon with just about anything that came to hand.

Perhaps in the knowledge of what Teri was thinking, Margaret explained, “It is when two women are held mutually accountable; a profound and simple procedure that has the curious effect of both making women behave and doubling the opportunities to spank her.”

Teri’s jaw dropped and she blushed.

“I was a whip sister with a friend of mine for over two years,” Margaret explained. “I never knew when my friend’s partner would ring and report some shortcoming or other of which I was wholly innocent. It made no difference; John punished me for her crimes, just as she was punished for mine. Sometimes together, but usually separately.”

Teri nodded. It was a terrifying, yet thrilling idea.

“You spoke of your sister?”

Teri frowned.

“Do you think she might be interested in our services?”

Teri hadn’t been given time to think about that. After a series of quick-fire questions and cursory inspection of the house, Margaret decided that Teri needed to be punished. She had still been in the corner displaying a polished red bottom when Michael came home.

That was then. All these weeks later, she was still finding herself in the corner after one of Margaret’s spot checks and the spanking she received beforehand was nothing to the one she could expect once Michael came home.

“What is it this time?” Michael sighed when he finally came home. He was getting a little tired of Margaret’s personal intervention in their lives. Not that he didn’t appreciate some pointers from John once in a while, but he was confident that he now knew how to handle Teri.

“I am afraid when I approached Teri’s sister about our planned meeting, your girl here had omitted to give some of the details,” Margaret said from her place at the kitchen table where she sat patiently drinking some tea.

“It was too embarrassing,” Teri wailed.

“Be quiet,” Michael snapped. “I see, well leave her with me. After next week it will be all out in the open anyway.”

“Then I will leave you to it,” Margaret said and made ready to leave. “Oh, John has sent you one of his old canes, he says it is… quite effective. I can attest to that.”


Jane could hardly admit that she was happy with the arrangements; that would have been just too much. So the row that had ensued when the four of them had first discussed it had led to Jane’s first genuinely spontaneous spanking in years. Peter had taken her over his knee right there and then in front of Michael and Teri and spanked her bare bottom.

After that things had moved fast. However it was not until almost four months later that Teri and Jane found themselves kneeling next to each other on the low bed at Peter’s house. Both were bending forward so that their heads were down and their bottoms were elevated.

Jane wore her red and black basque with stockings and Teri a simple black bra with a suspender belt. Much to their shame neither woman wore knickers, which was especially difficult given the audience.

“I suggest that I apply six to each of them and then you do the same,” Peter said sternly, as he addressed Michael.

Jane looked up and began to protest, but Peter silenced her with a glare as he menaced his palm with the riding crop.

“Do you think that will be enough?” Michael asked. Although today he was clean shaven he still rubbed at his jaw as if massaging unseen stubble.

Peter frowned, “Then of course you will hand me back the whip and I will apply another six to each of them.”

Michael smiled and nodded. “Slow sets of six, I like it. What do you say to six sets apiece?”

“Sure, that works and then we can up it to 12 for each set,” Peter said.

“Peter you can’t…” Jane gasped.

“Oh be quiet Jane,” Teri spat, “This is all your fault.”

“And don’t you love it,” Jane accused.

“Shut up both of you,” Peter growled slicing both their bottoms with two strokes each.

Jane wailed and shook her bottom back at him as she hissed in distress.

Being better trained by now, Teri just whispered, “Yes Sir.”

“Good, now we will begin,” Peter said bringing the first true stroke down in earnest across Jane’s bottom to extract an angry yelp.

It was the first of many as Jane and then Teri gasped and groaned through a dozen biting strokes wondering how long it would be for the first tears and just who would start.


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  1. 1 paul1510

    Nice one, practice makes perfect, and you are getting there. 😉
    I wonder who is inspiring you. 🙂

  2. Can’t think. Mind went all foggy. Will be back later with a proper comment if it clears up.

  3. 5 Poppy

    I think, for reasons too complex to type on my iPhone that this is one of the best things you have ever written. You touch on the subtle difficulties of this lifestyle. I love this.

  4. 6 Scarlet

    Here’s my clearer comment: what Poppy said.

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