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It is surprising what you can find at the US Library of Congress. This was taken from a special edition of the New York Sun-Syracuse Herald from 5 March 1911. Apparently earlier that month in Evansville, Indiana, the Kueblers hit upon an alternative to divorce. “I don’t kneed a lawyer to fight a divorce case,” […]

This week’s BotW is just the kind of varied and regularly updated blog that we like. If you get the chance wander over to Ronnie Soul.

There are people who own great houses with ‘slaves’ running about. The nearest neighbours are hundreds if not thousands of meters away and nobody cares what you do. No really there are people with that kind of lifestyle. However for most of us, especially those living in the city or just about anywhere in a […]

Got a bit behind with the next chapter of Ad Astra, but talking of behinds and following yesterday’s post here is another possible vanilla picture that leans heavily upon spanking imagery to convey eroticism. In this case a classic and atmospheric corner time picture.

The top picture above pushes all the right buttons. At first glance it looks like an ordinary vanilla picture, so much so in fact that it might actually be. You can almost believe that bath brush might actually be for washing purposes. But then notice its fellow lying nonchalantly on the discarded towel. The photographer […]

Most of the illustrations above depict the more typical judicial flogging of Russia during the 18th and 19th centuries, but the first two illustrate a rather more unusual procedure. Picture this, if you will, a group of men and sometimes women milling around in a large room, perhaps having paid a small coin. On one […]

It is all good


She’s sorry. She is always sorry. “It’s going to be alright,” you tell her. “I know,” she says in that small girlish voice she has sometimes, “It is just that…” She doesn’t know. She never knows. “No just that’s, ifs, buts or only,” you say in your best warning voice, “Are we clear?” “Yes,” she […]

Toasty warm here at last and it’s bed time. Before then there is just time to say that there have been a couple of good posts over at Devlin’s blog this week so check it out.

Angel watched the perfect creature cross the quad. Her gothic hair cut with an angled fringe in a shock of black that matched her heavy eye shadow. Her fierce dark brown eyes defied the world to challenge her and drew a picture of a girl that Angel wanted to be. Like Angel, Domino was 18 […]

Now you might have heard but Europe and quite a bit of the Northern Hemisphere is under ice at the moment. Someone on the radio said it was something to do with global warming? The rest of us just thought it was winter. Anyway, why is this relevant you ask? Well the boiler here has […]