Appropriate behaviour


John Wayne spanking Maureen O'Hara in McLintock!A young woman once apologised after a spanking and you may ask, what is so unusual about that.

“That’s all right, you are forgiven,” one might have smiled.

“No I mean for making a fuss about the shoe,” she explained, “I mean, you do have the right to spank me with anything you think is right, but…”

It was a deck shoe to be precise, but it seems that the young lady in question thought it an inappropriate implement with which to be spanked.

This is nothing new, many people have very definite ideas about what does and does not make a good piece of equipment for corporal admonishment. The most famous example, and one which has got many a hackle to rise, is the spanking in McLintock!

The small flat metal coal shovel employed on both Miss O’Hara and Miss Powers’ bottoms, seemed appropriate enough at the time. After all, in the latter’s case there were several layers of crinoline to be dealt with. That did not stop many being down-right offended by what they thought was all wrong.

On one spanking forum it even led to a flame war that lasted days.

Back in the 1980s a young woman contributed to a Forum magazine debate on spanking. She wrote that her aunt had spanked her since she was 16 and once she reached 18 had taken to employing a cane, which in her words, “left me unable to sit down for days afterwards.”

She went on to say that she did not resent these punishments until one particular day. She reported that returning home following an unannounced three-day absence, her aunt had thrown her to the floor and belaboured her behind with an umbrella.

The young woman explained that even though she deserved her punishment, she thought she should have been scolded and sent to her room to disrobe and await a measured thrashing with a cane or the hairbrush. Instead she thought the unseemly display of anger and the ridiculous implement of her correction undermined her and showed her active disrespect.

Another young woman of former acquaintance (she was on the same night course back in 1984 in fact) explained that she had been beaten with a feather duster when she had been at school; the year before in fact.

It wasn’t the fact that she had been caned that bothered her, but that her teacher couldn’t be bothered to acquire an appropriate stick, but insisted on using the bamboo end of a cleaning implement.

In another example, some teenage girls talked of how they all got the belt from their fathers whenever they needed it. One girl said she had to get her own belt as her Dad used braces. Whereupon another confided that she too had to fetch her own belt and she hated it.

Why? Did it hurt more? No. Apparently she objected that the belt had cartoon ducks on it. She thought it was ridiculous.

The moral of this tale is that even disciplinarians can be wrong and as unlikely as it seems, they sometimes use the wrong implement for a spanking. Or as Sir Sean Connery might have said, “Only a top could bring a plimsoll to a caning.”

Oh the humanity.

15 Responses to “Appropriate behaviour”

  1. Well, I must say Mr Black, I cannot believe that anyone would be so oafish as to spank a girl with a deck shoe.
    I agree whole heartedly with your final point. 🙂

  2. 2 Mindy

    The bamboo end of a feather duster was a very common implement in some cultures – in schools and at home. So was a wire hanger. Shocking, eh? 😉

  3. 3 Ehlane

    I have been spanked with a leek. That felt rather silly…

  4. We were doing a remodel of the living room, installing hardwood flooring and I got a little lippy. My husband picked up a short piece of flooring and swatted me. More than just a little offended, I was furious that he would spank me with a piece of floor! So he took it out to the garage and cut it down into a proper paddle shape, then came back and did it again. THAT was okay. Go figure.

  5. I think Ehlane wins silliest spanking, unless someone has been spanked with a carrot.

  6. 6 tiptopper

    Since when do the spankees get to chose what they are going to be spanked with? Is that not “topping from the bottom”?

    • 7 Ehlane

      We do not get to choose our implements – we can only have opinions after the spanking which, of course, might lead to another spanking…

  7. What the hell is a deck shoe?
    As for the duster with duckies on it, a childish punishment with a childish looking implement for childish behavior seems appropriate.
    And speaking of remodeling, I once discovered a strip of molding and a few strips of carpet samples with hard rubber backing. They certainly packed a whollop and if a lesson were what I had intended (which it was not at the time) the lesson would have been learned.
    I recently found a thick rubber strap used to bind heavy industrial gates or use as a lift for heavy items such as a battery. I haven’t been fortunate enough to use it yet (maybe never, but I have memories).

    P.S.: a coal shovel was also used in “Little Women” but only to put the fire out of the girls dress.

    • 9 DJ

      I deck shoe is like a tennis shoe only a little heavier – but not like a street shoe. It is for wearing on the deck of a boat.

      Your other suggestions sound… imaginative. 😉


  8. 10 Wizard Birchwand

    “I have been spanked with a leek. That felt rather silly…”

    not to mention smelly, I might suggest…..

  9. 11 Ayla

    Always nice to come back to Voice in the Corner & find you all still here. I have popped in from time to time over the last busy months without leaving a note & just wanted to say Hi. One the subject of umbrellas, well– that happened 2 days ago. My ultra orthodox Biblical Hebrew studies instructor, who apparently has very inflexible views on gender roles & behavior and the correctness of his position (as he believes he speaks God’s Word with God’s voice, which must be taught to rabbinical students in Haisidic Yeshivas), decided he was tired of arguing with a demonic University of California feminist. Apparently all “feminism” and feminist attitude or behavior of any sort is considered demonic by the ultra orthodox & “lashes” the appropriate method for driving demons out of women. There is some tradtion or law that the rabbi administering the lashes be very old & wise (not young & strong of arm) and that this rabbi has to stand with his feet on a rolling stick while lashing to require concentration.

  10. 12 Ayla

    That said, he didn’t ask me for a whip or a belt. He asked me for a cane. I said I didn’t own one, not mentioning that most Tops bring their own toys. He began hunting around my apt & rumaging in drawers until he saw my umbrella hanging on the kitchen closet door. It is a long, wide umbrella that collapses to about the length of a short cane. It appealed to him. He bent me over the side of the bed (modest clothing intact, of course) & proceeded to umbrella the demons to good effect that has provided a persistent reminder of his displeasure for several days. The umbrella unfurls properly and is undamaged, except it no longer telescopes closed. Given my financial situation, I continue to use it, although people in the New York City subway now move out of my way. Since it was drizzling Friday night, I took my unusual umbrella to Sabbath services. I am sure my Hebrew teacher saw it, although no comment was made. Shabbat Shalom everybody!

  11. 13 Ayla


  12. 14 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Ayla, thank you for sharing this incident. Religion meets feminism is such a pregnant theme for spankings and discipline. Would love to hear more of your spanking adventures sometime. I bet this won’t be the last time this particular Rabbi has occasion to correct you.

    Perhaps you should acquire a cane in preparation for your next tutoring session. You could even mention it. Say “My umbrella doesn’t work right anymore since you spanked me with it last time. Sorry I didn’t have a cane for you to use.”. Then smile brightly and announce, “but now I do”. I bet that’ll get his attention and show him there are no hard feelings and that you submit willingly to that sort of “instruction”.

  13. 15 DJ

    Hi Ayla, a comment and a half -from your phone I guess – I love the full stop just to be thorough Lol

    I have never actually used an umbrella – and this is only the second instance I have ever heard of one being sued for such purposes (see post)

    Karl while we are on the subject of canes and umbrella’s -why is it that a piece of relatively complex engineering like an umbrella can be had for £3.50 and even an expensive one for £30 – when a decent cane (essentially a stick) can cost as much as £100?

    Avid I have to say improv floor boards are cheaper and almost as effective and I have employed such.

    Ehlane – a leek? did it hurt? as TT says its not up to you 🙂

    Mindy I had to say I laughed at the story at the time – a bad move as the young woamn then shut up. 😦

    Poppy see the comment above

    thanks one and all sorry for the sluggish reply


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