I’m ready for my spanking now George


I am ready for my spanking now George ClooneyHere is an amusing little anecdotal snippet.

Recently 21-year-old Fiona moved out of home and in with some other young people.

In the guise of helping move house, father, mother and an aunt made themselves available with cars and humping boxes etc, just so that they could check things out and meet the new housemates and such.

Fiona stayed at her new house to unpack and get to know her knew friends while the folks shuttled stuff back and forth with boxes. If you have ever moved, then you get the general idea.

The new house in question was adorned with movie posters from the past, such as Charlie Chaplin and Humphrey Bogart, which got the girls talking about movie favourites and related matters.

Fiona told her friends she preferred new stars and in particular George Clooney. She even confided that she had often fantasised about being spanked by him. All in a jokey way, of course, like girls do.

In the ensuing banter, one of the girls quoted, “I am ready for my close-up now Mr Demille.”

To which Fiona replied, “I am ready for spanking now Mr Clooney.”

Clunk went a box onto the floor and the girls turned to see mother, father and the aunt had returned just in time to catch the last of the exchange.

Courtsey of My Most Embarassing Moments, London Radio.

9 Responses to “I’m ready for my spanking now George”

  1. Funny, I could see me saying that. 🙂

  2. 2 paul1510

    oops. 😉

  3. 3 DJ

    I gather GC spanked someone in his latest film.

    A popular fantasy me thinks. 😉

  4. 4 quinn664

    It wasn’t really a spank so much as a smack and it was his daughter so it doens’t count.

    • 5 DJ

      That’s enough for some people, but I am with you – a one whacker is not really a spanking.


      • Yeah, and it was half hearted at best. You could tell he was really uncomfortable doing it. As he should have been!

  5. 7 DJ

    Maybe Cindy and Scarlett are thinking ‘it should have been me.’ No – well.


  6. funny
    I can imagine a number of women fantasizing those thoughts
    bottoms up

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